HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim

The unheard voices of women damaged by HRT

Martin J Walker


Slingshot Publications

ISBN: 0-9519646-7-4

385 pages with photographs and full index.

Type set by Viviana D. Guinarte

Cover Design and photo lay out: Andy Dark

Photographs: Bob Schweizer

Editing Rose Shepherd

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HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim, will be launched on the 21st June 2006

 at a press conference 10am-5pm held at the Rose View Hotel, 2 Queens Avenue, Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3NR





In 1996 Maggie Tuttle managed to come off  HRT. Coping with adverse reactions, she placed an ad in a newspaper asking if anyone else was having a similar experience. Six years later when Maggie folded the Menopausal Helpline, she had received over 10,000 letters. Licensed to Kill and Maim, gives a voice to the women who wrote to her, while investigating the history and marketing of  HRT. The book asks questions about a health care system in which pharmaceutical companies first create illnesses, then create drugs to ‘cure’ them.


I have never been a fan of HRT for various reasons. Reading through Martin Walker's well researched, clearly documented and quite terrifying book has confirmed to me that HRT is one of the great mistakes of the 20th and 21st centuries and should be consigned to the history books as soon as possible! Jenny Seagrove actress and campaigner


A Japanese proverb says “The truth is always disturbing.” Martin Walker is one of those rare individuals who is willing to dig deeply into the illusion, insult and inhumanity that is done under the name of science and medicine. Motives usually have more to do with money, power and control than the relief of suffering. His books are always shocking but far closer to the truth than you are likely to find elsewhere. Patrick Holford, founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.




Maggie Tuttle is a life time campaigner, speaking out for women in difficulties. For ten years she has helped women suffering adverse reactions to HRT, standing up to pharmaceutical companies, company loyal doctors and sometimes an indifferent media. Her tireless support for women affected by HRT has been at considerable cost to her self, both financially and emotionally.


Martin Walker is a campaigner and writer. HRT, Licensed to Kill and Maim is his ninth book. His other books include, with Geoff Coggan, Frightened for My Life: An account of deaths in British Prisons (1982), With Extreme Prejudice: An Investigation in Police Vigilantism in Manchester (1986) and Dirty Medicine: Science, Big Business and the assault on Natural Health Care (1993).


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