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[2014 May] Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Deck of the MHRA (UK FDA) By Martin Walker

[2011 Aug] Organising and Fighting Back by Martin Walker

Merck's Medical Media Empire by Martin J Walker

[2009 June] Compulsory Vaccination or Low Grade Authoritarianism By Martin J. Walker

[2009 May] Review of Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC By Martin J Walker

[2009 April] Who is the UK's Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick? By Martin J. Walker

[pdf 2009 march] The Urabe Farrago. A Recent Historical Example of Corporations and Governments Hiding Vaccine Damage for the Greater Good by Martin J Walker MA

[2009 March] From the UK: The Betrayal of a Nation's Children By Martin Walker In two weeks time, in April of this year, vaccination policy in Britain will change radically when it is handed over to a committee appointed by a quango that consists almost entirely of drug company insiders......So powerful is Big Pharma in little Britain, that there has never been a single successful court action against a pharmaceutical company; that all British Vioxx and MMR claimants were denied legal aid; for two years now, Dr Andrew Wakefield and two other doctors have been on trial before the General Medical Council, for suggesting that MMR might cause inflammatory bowel disease and Autistic Spectrum Disorders; and as 1,340 adverse reactions are announced following the Cervarix mass vaccination, ongoing for six months, the drug company-funded regulators have told the British people, that they can live with these minor events.

[2009 Jan pdf] To Encourage the Others by Martin J Walker MA  [See: MMR death (George Fisher)]
[2009 Jan] To Encourage the Others by Martin J Walker MA


The Company Director: Dr Vincent Marks by Martin Walker MA

Professor Michael Baum: The Trials of a Cancer Doctor by Martin Walker

[Jan 2008] Shaking Hands With Monsanto and Big Pharma: The Guardian and Observerís ongoing war against alternative medicine. A review of Suckers by Rose Shapiro By Martin J Walker

[22 January 2008 ] Guardian of What? The Guardian, the Science Lobby, and the Rise of Scientific Corporatism by Martin J Walker
22 January 2008 ] Guardian of What? The Guardian, the Science Lobby, and the Rise of Scientific Corporatism by Martin J Walker
The essay is further addition to Walker's recent free book, Cultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism Ben Goldacre, Quackbusting and Corporate Science by Martin J Walker The essay is a continuation of Walker's analysis of the links between the New Labour government some Liberal 'Democrat' peers and the lobby that represents corporate science. This lobby recently began a full scale assault on CAM or alternative medicine, with particular emphasis on homoeopathy and those who claim to have been adversely affected by pharmaceuticals, particularly the MMR vaccine.

Loic Le Ribault's Resistance by Martin J Walker

Sir Richard Doll: Death, Dioxin and PVC by Martin Walker MA  [pdf)]

[pdf] SCOOP! A Strange Tale of Plagiarism, Journalists and Damage Limitation But Not Necessarily in That Order by Martin J Walker MA

A Bibliographic History of the Health Freedom Movement by Martin J Walker

Realpolitik and ME by Martin J. Walker

THE GHOST LOBBY New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry by Martin Walker MA

[1997 Word doc] HIV, AZT, big science & clinical failure By MARTIN J. WALKER

The Campaign Against Health Fraud by Martin Walker MA