Abraham Bomba
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[Abraham Bomba is the main Treblinka witness.  He cut hair inside the gas chamber that was 12ft by 12ft and contained over 150 people. And he did this day after day.  He cut hair 'to make them believe they were getting a nice haircut....they needed the hair to be transported to Germany'!  This was when the Germans occupied most of Europe, hardly in need a wool substitutes.]

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The featured witness for Treblinka at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum says something very odd: that the Germans disguised the gas chambers as a kind of hair salon, complete with professional barbers. As he says: "...make to believe that they're getting a nice haircut."  ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST

[2009 Oct] Treblinka More Bumblings from Bomba By Thomas Kues

Abraham Bomba, Barber of Treblinka by Bradley R. Smith

Quotes by Bomba
People went in through the gate. Now we know what the gate was, it was the way to the gas chamber and we have never see them again. That was the first hour we came in. After that, we, the people, 18 or 16 people...more people came in from the...working people, they worked already before, in the gas chamber, we had a order to clean up the place. Clean up the place--is not something you can take and clean. It was horrible. But in five, ten minutes this place had to look spotless. And it looked spotless. Like there was never nobody on the place, so the next transport when it comes in, they shouldn't see what's going on. We were cleaning up in the outside. Tell you what mean cleaning up: taking away all the clothes, to those places where the clothes were. Now, not only the clothes, all the papers, all the money, all the, the...whatever somebody had with him. And they had a lot of things with them. Pots and pans they had with them. Other things they had with them. We cleaned that up."----Abraham Bomba