An Engineer Meets the Sylphs

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New post An Engineer Meets the Sylphs 
  Nov 2009
I think you'll enjoy the following account, especially if the Sylphs have also introduced themselves to you.  Those of us who have experienced this know that the Sylphs are working with us and are probably guiding/inspiring our efforts to some extent.

Gene lives in a part of New Jersey that's had some sporadic gifting and there are several orgonite cloudbusters in his area but his introduction to the Sylphs looks, to me, like an encouragement; an acknowledgement of his commitment to get busy healing the land, sea and sky with orgonite.

The nearby Bell Labs facility he mentioned is probably over a big underground base--perhaps the sort of nasty base that provides clear confirmations in the sky after it gets sufficiently earthpiped.  Lots of weather warfare is now conducted from underground, on the seabed and under the seabed.  

In this silent war against humanity that includes an attempt to desertify the entire planet, the bad guys are obviouslyt losing, finally, and it's clear enough to many of us that the Sylphs are fighting beside (above) us, as are dolphins, whales and other sentient species.  Even our pets seem to get into the action sometimes.  Everything has consciousness, after all--especially the ether/orgone.  Learning this is probably the next step for scientists who want to actually make a positivre difference in the world.

An aspect of the vitality of this unorganized movement is that some of the most prolific gifters are oblivious to all of the above and simply get fueled by how good it feels to get out there and toss orgonite.  Vast areas have been done this way.  This is another proof that the movement is not a cult.   A lof of folks who do this personally dislike me and refuse to say the name, 'Croft,' except when spitting Wink so the very folks who influence the more suggestible gifters against me are disproving their own insistent claim that this is a mere cult.

Manfred's science forum, , is having a slow start, just like Etheric Warriors did, five years ago, but I still think that it's going to eventually eclipse this forum in terms of substantive content and recorded evidence.  The way Gene and other university-trained engineers and scientists have been attracted to this unorganized effort may represent a positive trend.  It's fun to be among the first to see these new trends and I won't grieve after my enemies stop calling the gifting movement a cult.

I answer all my email, by the way, except for diatribes from a few proven personal enemies, whom I don't mention in posts.  If you send me an email and you don't get a response within three days, it means I didn't receive it, or else an agency hacker stopped you from getting my response, so please be pesistent and if a second try fails, we'll set up a little 'email tree' which is the practice of CCing to one or two other people and asking them to forward the email to me.  This almost always breaks through that 'surgical hacking' barrier and we get a couple of points for exposing the tactic, too.

I used to spend ten to twelve hours per day with email, back in the days before the poisonmongers were frightening away the fainthearted from me and gathering them in their go-nowhere forums. Now, I get through my daily email in a couple of hours, generally, and it's a lot more enjoyable, as the following message indicates.

Having corresponded with many thousands of people over the years, I think it's a nice confirmation of the vitality of this global effort that there are only a handful of agency-sponsored poisonmongers, out there, pretending to represent us all. Mere sociopaths lack the will or focus to systematically spread large scale confusion and discouragement, the way these pros and their staff do.  Also, one person can't possibly monitor all the posts on a busy forum, the way the fakers claim to do. They also read all the stuff on this forum, of course Cool , since we're all setting the standards, here.

An advantage for me is that these sleepless poisonmongers, the search engines' darlings, frighten away a lot of the potential timewasters (the folks with integrity deficits; potential sycophants) so that what I generally get in my mailbox are fruitful emails like Gene's.  Persistence is its own reward, I think.



    Hi Don,
    I swore I would not bother you again till after I got my crystal bits and made some organite and started gifting where I then perhaps experienced something I couldn't figure out on my own.
    Well, the only part of the statement above which is currently true is the last part - something happened that I'm having issues figuring out - maybe I'm just totally nuts (wink).  That would be the simplest explanation. So if you'd bear with me and take the time to read this, I'd really value your thoughts on the event.  Its been 3 days already and I can't help but continue thinking about it.  My gut is telling me it was something good but your thoughts/comments are appreciated.
    Apologies for this longer email but I somehow think its a bit important to explain the sequence of events so you get the right picture.  As I'd said, maybe I've just gone off the deep end but I don't think so.  I also need mention before I start my story that to date I've only made one mini-TB with a pebble from the field next to my home that I believe to be quartz which I made with titanium alloy lathe turnings.  Beyond this the only other organite I have in the house or on my property is what's in the zapper and what's in my harmonic protector which I was wearing at the time (it really makes me feel good inside - don't want to take it off). That's it.  Not very much at all.
    OK, here goes.
    Saturday, around 7PM, probably 30 minutes or so till dusk.  Took some stuff out to the garbage can which is on the right side of my house when looking at it from the street.  I noticed (heard actually) pretty strong wind but felt hardly a breeze over my property which I thought a bit odd given how loud the wind was.  From the vantage point of the garbage can I can see towards where I'd mentioned the Bell Labs Telstar tracking station is that was rumored to have hosted an underground Nike nuclear missile base during the cold war era.  This is the direction the wind was coming from and it was so dark on the horizon it was blue-black.  Nasty storm must be coming, again!  I look overhead where I'm standing and see thick cloud cover moving VERY fast - had to be 5-10MPH coming from that direction.  Since it wasn't dusk yet, enough light filtered through the clouds that they took on that kind of light mauve/dirt color which made the whole neighborhood darker but not looking like night yet.  I panned around and saw clouds everywhere - all around my property too.  No big deal.  Bad weather seems to be the norm around here this year. So I headed back to the front door to reenter the house.  No big deal.  I was hungry and it was time for supper anyway.
    Well, before I got there something dawned on me.  Given how overcast and dark the rest of the neighborhood was, it was simply WAY too light around my property.  I thought "What the hell...?".  So I stepped out about 10 feet onto the front lawn to try and figure out why. It was about that time that I realized there were some bats flying around over my house hunting for dinner and when I panned around, they were not leaving the area over my property which I also thought was pretty weird as they normally fly all over the neighborhood.   Looked around again and yup, clouds all around my property.  So now I'm even more confused as to why its so light over my home.  That is till I looked straight up - got an instant chill down my spine.  You're probably not going to believe this and the first thing that popped into my head was to grab my digital camera and record  some video but I quickly realized I hadn't charged the battery in a long time and it was most likely dead.  Figures!
    Well, when I looked straight up, what I saw centered over my house was a big HOLE  (had to be about 60 feet in diameter at least) in the thick cloud-cover and blue skies!  Well almost.  That hole was so full of slyphs it was like they were having a mosh party or something - bumping into each other.  It was awesome!  So what'd I do?  What anyone would.  Stood in the middle of my front lawn motionless looking straight up and enjoying the show (hehe).
    Soon after I started to watch, I saw some smaller but yet thick clouds heading straight towards the open area.  Um?  Every time that happened a slyph moved to deflect them and keep the hole open, sometimes actually moving in an opposing direction to the wind.  One time a small cloud actually managed to avoid the slyphs and make its way across the hole over my home so I do know for sure there was wind in that hole heading the same direction it was everywhere else in the neighborhood.  That time a slyph got behind the cloud and hastened it along its journey.  Clouds as most people would refer to them (slyphs) can't move opposing the wind!  I even looked around my neighborhood again to see if there was simply a wind shear or cross-wind or something that could explain the motion.  Nope!  All the trees (not the ones on my property as it was quite calm over that hole) were moving the same direction which was sort of from the back right corner of my home towards the front left corner.
    I watched in awe for a good 15 minutes.  The whole time I was looking at blue skies only slightly clouded by the over-abundance of slyphs.  The other thing that I noticed was that very few of the slyphs were leaving the hole in the clouds I'm sure they created.  They seemed to be able to resist the strong winds and stay put.  Um?  Clouds can't do that (hehe - wink).  I think this was my first real bit of data that indicates Slyphs are much more than just wispy clouds.  If I wasn't a believer before, I am now!  Funny thing too was that I got a deep feeling that the slyphs were very happy - not sure how I knew - just did and I'm not sure why they were.  I am really trying to embrace and let my psychic abilities develop as fully as they can as quickly as they can so perhaps this is where that feeling came from. Nonetheless the feeling was real.
    The hole wasn't exactly round but it was pretty close.
    Well, I could have stayed there looking at the show till it got dark but after about 15 minutes I started to realize that I was standing in the middle of the front yard motionless looking straight up and that if one of my neighbors looked out their window and saw me, it wouldn't be long before the guys in the rubber truck showed up to cart me away so  I ended my observation of the event and went back inside, sigh. It kills me I couldn't get a video of this.  It was so cool!  Funny thing was, as I was about to retreat into the house, I got this deep feeling of gratitude for what the slyphs did and call me crazy, I felt obligated to give them a "telepathic" thank you.
    I tried every which way to explain this away with any of a number of different atmospheric phenomenon but I'm still coming up empty (that's the scientist in me).
    OK, so just tell me I'm nuts and I'll go away happy (hehe)  but if you don't think I am, PLEASE tell me what just happened? (hehe)
    I came away from this incident with a pretty warm fuzzy feeling inside, feel even more empowered to start gifting as soon as I can get the necessary supplies together and still feel good every time the thought pops into my head so I'm thinking it was something good but you tell me.  Who knows?  Maybe it was the slyphs way of telling me this area really needs my help?
    I have to say though that I've been feeling a little strange lately.  My whole life I've lived in merely 3 dimensions holding a very Earthly electrical engineering job.  Yeah, I've always known I've had psychic abilities but I'm beginning to realize that its not that I don't know how to use them but more so that the engineer in me kept telling me that I don't perhaps because its not logical that I could and that it was simply "convenient" to listen to reason.  That was the old me and though I haven't killed it dead yet, its on the ground twitching as I speak (hehe).  For the first time in my life I'm feeling like I'm starting to live life on my own terms!  Its a good feeling! With the advent of my consciously realizing I am somewhat energy sensitive too, I'm beginning to really feel I'm WAY outside the box on this one.  My future seems unclear and I really don't know what's coming down the pike.  It is a bit unsettling to someone having been so based in logic my whole life. Its both exciting and a bit frightening at the same time. But then, I've never felt like I've "fit in".  Maybe this was because I wasn't living the life I was supposed to have been.  I guess only time will tell.  In the mean time, finances permitting, I intend to start gifting as soon as my crystals arrive and we'll see where this leads me.