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[2009 Nov] An Engineer Meets the Sylphs

[2009 July EW] The Recent Return Of The 'Ground Sylphs'

[EW July 2008] Sylph In Action

[Ew July 2008] Sylphs and 18s

[EW 2008] The Recent Return of the 'Ground Sylphs'

A few words By Don Bradley

Discussion of the Sylphs

Sylphs are a class of highly evolved Etheric beings who work with the "spirit of the air" a very great deva who manages the world's air, clouds, weather.....If it happens that one day, you find a total whiteout in progress, would you mind so very much if you would do a favor? Call on the Sylphs or whatever label you are comfortable with to blow it out, dissipate it......For underground bases, hot-spots, they will appear and create an inverted triangle of cloud material, pointing to the exact spot that needs healing. This is how they, at these early stages, will communicate precise needs to us.....Well, technically they've a number of labels: Sylphs, Air Sprites, Rods, Elementals-of-the-air, Lower_devas, Spirits of the Air (my personal preference, no special reason) - some people react to whatever label someone might choose, ignoring historic precendence of this time and space. The boys call them Sylphs, the parental units call them angels, openly. Discussion of the Sylphs

Most people don't know, by now, that the world odor had tried their best to co-opt the subject of Sylphs by training and assigning a 'spokeseman for the Sylphs' on a popular disinformation site. DB is the guy who exposed this ringer, several years ago. It was done in a delicious way: by then, there were enough Sylphs showing up in gifters' skies that photos were being circulated and sometimes posted. The faker was unable to tell the Sylphs from what DB was calling 'wraiths,' which are manufactured cloudforms that were apparently meant to fool people. Compelled by a sort of peer pressure, the faker started posting photos of what he thought were Sylphs but they were all 'wraiths.' Cool I've rarely heard this schmuck's alleged name since then but, before, whenever anyone mentioned 'Sylphs' his name usually came up. It's the same way that Theosophists managed to corral all metaphysical and spiritual public discussions and insert their terminology with the able assistance of countless thousands of mind-controlled, parroting zealous proselytes, pretending to be pioneers.
The way the would-be Sylph Pontiff simply went away (or is waiting in the wings Wink ) is is probably how the parasitiic world order itself is going to go away--with a tired sigh rather than with a chorus of nuclear detonations. --Don Croft

Dan Daum A huge Sylph that visited our garden this afternoon.