As above, so below

See: Dragon symbol of the Cosmos

"To the Illuminati, the eagle is a symbol of overriding importance and, in its double headed form, the eagle represents the Illuminati's principal doctrine of As Above, So Below."--Tex Marrs

Remember that the first idol which use the "as above, as below" hands signs was the sumerian
demon Pazuzu, who also have the torch in his head, goat horns and sneake-shaped penis

P Diddy  Jupiter finger

Dionysius the Areopagite, an Athenian "convert" to Christianity, gives the double "V" sign-"as above, so below" with left hand toward hell. Dionysius was a mystical Christian, a gnostic heretic who is thought to have been the author of an occultic treatise entitled The Mystical Divinity. (From the book, Mystics and Mysteries of Alexandria, by Manly P. Hall, 33)

Kayne West  XX sign

Jason Alexander, who played the loveable loser "George Costanza" on the show, posed for TV Guide magazine in a blatantly cabalistic body pose. Plus, his left and right hands gave the "El Diablo" horned devil sign in an "As Above, So Below" gesture.


Killah Priest

Black, Jack

Banks, Tyra  

Tarantino, Quentin