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Atheism, Forbidden Archeology & The Darwinian Evolution Hoax

[The dumber you can make people think they are the easier they are to control, and it makes the idea of aliens less likely1.  Atheism & Darwinism is spread throughout the Corporate media, and the Corporate scientific community, by the likes of Richard Dawkins their High Priest, while the Illuminati reinforce the idea that Creator doesn't exist by their creation of wars and crime.  Organised religion is controlled  and made impotent, as they don't encourage or practice direct contact with God through Shamanic, Yogic or other Mystical disciplines or knowledge.  It is all beliefs that are easy to control over experience which is where the power is.  Anyone who has had direct contact with the source is never seen in the media.  An interview with a Shaman or Mystic, might make an interesting change to the wall to wall celebrity profile, but that would be too revealing.  Darwinism is one belief they encourage for obvious reasons. Also atheism promotes fear and cynicism, and kills hope and faith.  Cynicism is encouraged and promoted as they know thoughts are self fulfilling prophesies.]

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Evolution does not exist. This is really important to under­stand. Evolution is an interesting idea, period. But from what I've seen, it doesn't exist anywhere. It doesn't exist here, either. It's an interesting idea, because it's easy to see, looking back in your own thoughts, how you've evolved from being perhaps a more simple person to being a more complex, intelligent person. So it's very easy to assume, if we say something has evolved, that evolution on the physical level may also exist, too. But I can assure you, I have never seen anything to suggest that evolution according to the theory of evolution is in any way true.
"--Zoosh (Shamanic Secrets for Material Mastery p.225)

Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism (Evolution), Marxism (Communism), Nietzsche-ism (Socialism). To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the GOYIM. PROTOCOL No. 2: ECONOMIC WARS  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 

We helped the ape man theory along, because we don't want you knowing about aliens because we are more believable then aren't we , maybe you'll put two and two together if other aliens are here then perhaps we are the ones fucking you up — Scientists we hush them up - genetic scientists know blonds can't come from apes, course they do - we ridicule them if we can — All alien encounters we cover up if we can, so you don't know we are around, otherwise you might put two and two together. The Body Snatchers by Susan Reed BSC

Evolutionism is certainly more a faith than a science. There is still no fossil evidence. Recent advances in molecular science have shown the incredible and irreducible complexity of cell structure and programmed information that rules out any evolutionary progression. Evolutionists now cite cell mutations as a possible means of evolution — yet in all mutations studied genetic information is always observed to be lost, ie what we observe taking place is actually the opposite of evolution. [Letter Private Eye 26 Nov, 2004] Dawkins doubts

Seek out " the leaders in the country's future, and educate them into the belief of the animalistic nature of Man. This must be made fashionable. They must be taught to frown upon ideas, upon individual endeavour. They must be taught, above all things that the salvation of Man is to be found only by his adjusting thoroughly to this environment. ...Nations, which have high ethical tone, are difficult to conquer. ("The Soviet Art of Brainwashing,"II-8) John Kerry and the Art of Brainwashing By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"The White man goes into his churches to talk about Jesus, the Indian into his Tepee to talk to Jesus (with Peyote etc)."--Native American Shaman.

"To be afraid is to have more faith in evil than in God."---Emmet Fox

To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn't know what she was doing when she made the human body. Hans Ruesch

"Evolution of the species (man from monkey myth) is a well known widely believed unproven theory, which still to this day simply cannot be supported by the scientific record.  Continuing fossil finds over the last 100 years or so strongly contradict evolution.  There is quite strong evidence that intelligent man lived during earliest times, many millions of years ago........the new World Order to become successful must first of all vigorously support the idea that man must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction."--John West PhD.

"Ahriman is the teacher of the lie that the Man is an animal: neo-Darwinism and similar theories.....Ahriman is the inspirer of the most extreme kind of "scientific" materialism: the doctrine that there is no spirit or soul in the world; that life itself is not in fact alive, but is only a complex of mechanical processes; that reality is at base only quantitative, that there is no reality in the qualitative -- color, sound, etc.; even that the human's inner being is a confluence of material forces. On the emotional level, he works in the human subconscious instincts, inspiring fear, hatred, lust for power, and destructive sex impulses. On the mental level, he inspires rigid, automatic thinking: (in Steiner's phrase) thinking almost entirely without thoughts, but thinking tremendously strongly in the language, in the literal words, which easily become empty words, which in turn easily become lies. -- This "abstract" thinking is devoid of any conscious, inner activity and devoid of any real connection to living experience, and creates a darkened consciousness without light, color, or images."  ---The Advent of Ahriman

The Monarch victims of today are the tail end of centuries of efforts by the Kaballists, Freemasons, and the Illuminati adepts to completely control other human beings. The following quote comes from a communist manual on how to brainwash a nation. It could just have well been written by Monarch Mind-Control Programmers.  "The first thing to be degraded in any nation is the state of Man, himself. Nations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. Their loyalties are hard to shake, their allegiance to their leaders is fanatical, and what they usually call their spiritual integrity cannot be violated by duress. It is not efficient to attack a nation in such a frame of mind. It is the basic purpose of [mind-control] to reduce that state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and enslaved. Thus, the first target is Man, himself. He must be degraded from a spiritual being to an animalistic reaction pattern. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions. He must no longer think of himself, or of his fellows, as capable of ‘spiritual endurance,’ or nobility... " As it seems in foreign nations that the church is the most ennobling influence, each and every branch and activity of each and every church, must, one way, or another, be discredited. Religion must become unfashionable by demonstrating broadly, through pyschopolitical indoctrination, that the soul is non-existent, and that Man is an animal." The Illuminati Formula 10. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc. A. Using spiritual principles against a person