Belsen photographs
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[Typhus victims were stripped after death in order to burn the clothing and destroy the typhus-bearing lice.]

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Sign erected by the British liberators outside Bergen-Belsen. They burned the camp down in May 1945 while still combating a raging typhus epidemic.   Photo circa 1945: Unrestricted access.

SS Doctor Fritz Klein was assigned to Bergen-Belsen for only a few weeks. Tortured and forced to “confess”, he was sentenced to death and hanged. In really, it was the British conduct of the war and the subsequent quarantine which were responsible for the death of thousands of inmates in Bergen-Belsen.


One of the mass graves of Belsen. Typhus victims of all nationalities in this camp are exploited as “proof” of the “mass grassing of Jews” at Auschwitz.


Photo of typhus victims, taken following the British occupation of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and published as 'victims of Auschwitz' in various periodicals, eg. Quick in 1979. Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?












Bergen-Belsen camp personnel in the dock at Lüneburg, Germany

Three-tiered bunk beds in the barracks of Bergen-Belsen, after liberation

Commandant Josef Kramer arrested by the British at Belsen.  Catch the kid with the rifle.

Typhus barracks at Bergen-Belsen had no bunks

Women guards at Bergen-Belsen. Irene Haschke in the center, and Herta Bothe on the right

Herta Bothe

Bothe described how she was terrified of contracting typhus because the guards were not allowed to wear gloves or masks. She described how the arms and legs of the decomposed bodies came off in her hands when she tried to pick them up, and how lifting the emaciated bodies caused her back pain. Although the British brought in bulldozers and shoved some of the bodies into the mass graves, they forced the former guards to do most of the work manually as their just punishment for the horrible conditions found in the camp.1

Irene Haschke

Sign put up by the British after Bergen-Belsen was liberated

Bergen-Belsen inmates drag diseased body using a blanket

Young German boy walking down dirt road lined w. corpses of hundreds of prisoners who died of starvation nr. Bergen Belsen extermination camp.


Some of the 60 tables, each staffed by two German doctors and two German nurses, at which the sick were washed and deloused. 1-4 May 1945

Overseers at Bergen-Belsen