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Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?

Germans forced to visit Buchenwald: Exhibits after Liberation as part of Human skin lampshades PsyOps

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Piles of dead bodies of carectic humans, according to the "Americans" these are dead Jews, but according to new research these are dead German soldiers 1945 (orig. German: Die ganze Wahrheit über die grosse Lüge): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmIXTmt7kP4 , 1min. 35sec. [2013] The Rhine meadow camps in Germany in summer 1945 (part 3) German bodies from the Rhine meadow camps presented as Jewish bodies

Auschwitz fake: photo with "American" soldiers and German dead bodies on a lorry in a Rhine meadow camp in summer 1945. Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army [2013] The Rhine meadow camps in Germany in summer 1945 (part 3) German bodies from the Rhine meadow camps presented as Jewish bodies


 (245) Tables at Auschwitz, engraved in 19 languages, stating that 4 million victims had died. This falsification of history was to stand unquestioned for 45 years. http://www.cwporter.com/bild5.htm


This type of photograph is usually presented as “proof” of an alleged extermination of the Jews. The bodies are those of concentration camp inmates who died of disease; they were not murdered. They came from all Europe, and were not exclusively Jewish. http://www.cwporter.com/bild1.htm

The infamous faked display table at Buchenwald. See: BUCHENWALD A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil  Nazi Shrunken Heads

After World War II, no expense was spared to educate the American public about the evil perpetrated by Hitler's Third Reich and the horror of the concentration camps. The photograph above shows a travelling exhibit of photographs, enlarged to twice the size of life. This photo in the exhibit, entitled "The living dead" was taken at Buchenwald. The Trial of Ilse Koch

Buchenwald The New York Times Magazine, Sunday, May 6th, 1945, p.42. http://winstonsmithministryoftruth.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-most-famous-holocaust-photo-fraud.html  http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?p=56871

His left arm, doesn't look at all natural against the wooden post

Which is why it's been cropped on this display photo at the Buchenwald museum. This photo was taken on 29th January, 2012, and uploaded onto the web by philFlickrID. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t932098-2/



A slight contrast to these Buchenwald Buchenwald children.


LEFT: Original photo published in The Auschwitz Album (New York: Random House, 1981), p. 126 (photo 183). It shows Hungarian Jews shortly after their arrival at Auschwitz.


RIGHT: In 1997 the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) posted the same photo on its Website captioned: "As these prisoners were being processed for slave labor, many of their friends and families were being gassed and burned in the ovens in the crematoria. The smoke can be seen in the background." It is dated "June 0, [sic] 1944." 

The smoke is faked. It's been airbrushed in. There is no smoke to be seen in any Allied photo taken of Auschwitz -Birkenau during 1944. It is well known that crematoria do not emit such smoke. In this ludicrous and fraudulent artwork the "smoke" appears to be coming from a fence post.

After this fakery was exposed on the Web, the SWC cut the ONE LINE in its caption referring to "smoke," and the altered photo was replaced with the original.


The little Jewish boy in this photo is supposed to have been sent to Treblinka and gassed there. According to the Jewish Chronicle of 11 August 1978, this little “gassing victim” is supposed to have grown up into a wealthy businessman who now lives in London. His name is Tsvi Nussbaum. He was deported to Bergen-Belsen with his family. After the war, he emigrated to Israel and in 1953 to the USA.
Little Ghetto Boy Reports He is Alive After 37 Years http://www.cwporter.com/bild1.htm

Original picture: prisoners undressing to go for a swim

Fake: picture cropped to conceal bathing suit

Another fake: bathing suit blacked out

Multi-millionaire Jan Philipp Reemstra and agitator Hannes Heer together organized and the anti-German Army exhibition which travelled all over Germany in 1997, with the praise and support of the media and public authorities. The exhibition featured a mixture of complete lies and half-truths, as well as the depiction of events taken out of context or lacking all substantiation. The photographic material, most of it retouched, is of Soviet origin, taken by unknown persons, undated and without any indication as to where they were taken.

(The Magazine) Focus number 16/17 succeeded in showing the manner in which a photo from the book ‘Deutsches Vorfeld im Osten’, 1941, showing Jews bathing, was misused by German journalists and historians in 1988 to prove mass executions of Jews. In 1997, the Reemstra-Heer duo included this photo in their anti-German Army exhibition against better knowledge.


(The propaganda book ‘Deutsches Vorfeld im Osten’, calls this picture, Jewish work crews, allegedly going bathing.)
1988: The journalists Ernst Klee published this extract in his book ‘Schöne Zeiten’ (The Good Old Days). The caption ‘Jews being forced to undress prior to execution’ was simply invented by him.

(Translation of book title: The Good Old Days: The Genocide of the Jews as Seen by the Murderers and On Lookers.)
‘Yes, I made those lines up, you can count that against me as a MINUS.’-

ERNST KLEE, journalists and author, defending his exposition against the accusation of demagoguery: the Hamburg multi-millionaire Jan Philipp Reemstra. [?]

‘This photo is one of the best-known images of the Holocaust outside the concentration camps.’
Hannes Heer, Director of the Wehrmacht exposition.

1997: The Wehrmacht exposition shows this extract with the caption: ‘Jews being executed’, as proof in the section of the exposition entitled ‘Wehrmacht and Holocaust.

(Note: in the original photograph, the man to the left of the man covering his genitals is very clearly wearing a bathing suit, as is the man with his back to the camera at the left. This has all been blacked out, apparently with a paint brush, in the extract shown in the exposition.) http://www.cwporter.com/bild5.htm


(279) The US weekly magazine Life (21/05/1945, page 36), comments: ‘The bodies of almost 3,000 slave laborers being buried by US soldiers. These dead worked in underground factories in the manufacture of V1 and V2 rockets.
In actual fact, these dead were the victims of the US terror attack on Nordhausen on 4 April 1945. Although the war was almost over, German cities continued to be bombed. Thus, the city of Nordhausen was bombed and almost totally destroyed on 4 April (2 days before the evacuation of the camp to Bergen-Belsen), also destroying the Boelke barracks in which the inmates were being housed. (From the series of publications from the Vierteljahreshefte für Zeitgeschichte, number 21, Stuttgart page 194, Prof. Martin Broszat).


(280) (281) Photos from the National Archives of the October Revolution and the National Photographic and Film Archives in Krasnogorsk. The photos are supposed to have been found on German soldiers and are said to illustrate the mass execution of Russians.

It is hardly conceivable that German soldiers could be stupid as to run around the front line carrying proof of their crimes.
‘The staff of the Supreme Commander hereby issues the following order:

  1. All settlements in which German troops are located are to be destroyed and burnt to a depth of 40 – 60 kilometers from the main front line and 20 – 30 kilometers to the right and the left of all roads. The destruction of the settlements to the above indicated radius is to be carried out by the air force and artillery using grenade launchers, over large surface areas, as well as by political education squads, ski troops and partisan divisions, equipped with bottles of inflammable liquids.
  2. For this purpose, fighter defense squads are to be formed within every regiment, to a strength of 20 to 30 men, responsible for causing explosions and setting fire to the settlements. Courageous fighters must be selected for these actions to destroy the settlements.

 (National Archives, Washington, Archive Series 429, roll 461, General Staff of the Army, Division Foreign Army East II H 3/70 Fr 6439568) http://www.cwporter.com/bild5.htm


(282) Same origin as in photos 280 and 281. The commentary of the Dutch weekly Vim Nederlands (29/06/1991) reads: ‘The crematoria of Majdanek camp. Zyklon B containers lie around nearby.’ In reality, these containers appear to be funereal urns for the ashes of cremated persons.


(283) This photo is typical of the difference in mentality between ‘exterminationists’ (defenders of the genocide myth) and revisionists.

Jean-Claude Pressac describes this photos as ‘a very important photograph’, (correctly) placing the scene between Krema IV and V. According to Pressac, 3 Hungarian Jews are gently forcing an elderly woman towards the entrance to Krema V, where they will all be gassed and cremated together. Pressac says: ‘As for the woman’s attitude, it could simply be that she, with no illusion about what is to happen and having seen the SS photographer, suddenly turned away, saying in effect, ‘I don’t want that bastard of an SS to photograph me’.

Robert Faurisson sarcastically answers that Pressac must be under the influence of drugs from his own pharmacy.
The photos shows 3 men and 1 woman in distress, while a few German soldiers walk uninterestedly past in the background (without truncheons or dogs). In actual fact, the photo shows nothing remarkable and proves nothing. None of them is wearing a camp uniform; it could have been photographed in a public park for all we know. Perhaps she is ill; perhaps she has just received news of the death of a loved one; or, more likely, perhaps she has just been caught stealing, picking pockets, or swindling on the black market. http://www.cwporter.com/bild5.htm

Illustration 5a: Retouched photograph, captioned "transports into ghettos and extermination camps", in H. Eschwege, Kennzeichen J, Berlin: Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1981.

Illustration 5b: The original photo of the Federal Railway Administration. Its caption: "Freight trains full of refugees, 1946. Crowded freight train bound for the Ruhr region. Background, double-decker train to Lübeck. "

Photo 5a has been repeatedly presented as proof of inhumane deportations of Jews into ghettos and extermination camps, and has also been broadcast as such on German television. The photo archives of the Federal Railway Administration in Hamburg, however, reveal what this picture really shows. It is a freight train crowded with German refugees bound for the Ruhr region, standing in the Hamburg train station in 1946. The unretouched original photo, illustration 5b, hangs in the Hamburg Main Station. This photo shows, on the left, double decker passenger carriages on their way to Lübeck, and on the right, parts of the Main Station buildings. Both of these elements would have allowed for the photo location to be identified as the Hamburg Main Station, and both were retouched or cut out in the doctored version. This is by no means to say that there were no deportations of Jews into ghettos or concentration camps, and it is also not meant to suggest that these transports took place only in comfortable passenger trains, although this certainly was the case particularly in the early stage of the deportations and especially as transports from western Europe are concerned.The exposure of this forgery is only meant to urge a more skeptical approach to alleged documentary photographs. Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?

3: The photo reproduced in the American magazine Life of May 21, 1945, showing the "bodies of almost 3,000 slave laborers in Nordhausen".

Illustration 3 shows a similar example, which was reprinted in the May 21, 1945 issue of the American magazine Life, among others. The photo allegedly shows dead slave laborers from the concentration camp Nordhausen. In its commentary the magazine suggested that these inmates died of starvation, overwork, and beatings. In fact, however, M. Broszat and others have determined that these dead concentration camp inmates were victims of an Allied air raid.13

4: Photo of typhus victims, taken following the British occupation of the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and published as 'victims of Auschwitz' in various periodicals, eg. Quick in 1979. Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?

Illustration 4 allegedly shows victims of mass murder in Auschwitz. The bodies are actually those of inmates who had succumbed to typhus in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. To date no similar photos have been found of Auschwitz or other sites of alleged mass exterminations.

Not exactly that dead looking.  Captioned just Communist prisoners below:

Communist prisoners at Buchenwald, April 15, 1945