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The Big Secret by Don Croft

Devices using Big Secret coil
Dolphin Balls

[April 2006] Heaven and Earth Device (HED) by Paddy

Don Croft's orginal Big secret.  Don suggests 13 ft of wire.

The picture you're showing is of my first Big Secret, made 3 1/2 years ago. I made my second one a lot smaller now (the first crystal shattered one night--overworked, I guess) and Carol makes tiny ones for research. Any gauge of wire works fine as long as it will keep the shape. The first time I made one I was sweating bullets from performance anxiety but when it was done I knew it was right because I saw violet energy coming off the wire and I very rarely see energy at all. It's pretty simple to make, really. We keep returning to the realization that real power lies in simplicity, not in proprietary secrets. The dolphins and whales are living testimony that we ultimately won't need any tools once we've reached our full potential as a specie. Cesco uses AWG 14 or 16 and strips the insulation off. It takes a lot more skill to make his coil form, by the way. --Don 



Below is Big secret for Dolphin Ball  (26 inches of 15-18 AWG]

Easy to make with Christy Murphy's Trick Coil Winding Forms!

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