Birkenau kitchen
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Inmates and workers from outside camp constructing a brick building in front of a kitchen (photo: 1942) 

One of the 11 kitchens in camp where inmates enjoyed healthy low-fat, low-sugar, high-fiber meals. (photo: 1997)  

Women in front of one of the kitchens appear to have been new arrivals who have just returned from the Central Sauna. They have had their heads shaved to prevent lice, which carried the disease typhus. They all have on light dresses, indicating the weather was warm.

Behind the 25 newly arrived women and a fence, are 10 men inmates relaxing in front of sleeping buildings, with clothing hanging on the lines. Unlike other camps, many of the Birkenau inmates did not work because they were too old, had children, were physically incapable, or were criminals. These people just relaxed in the yards. Neither the women or men show the apprehension or fear that would be expected if daily mass murder was occurring in the camp.