Reptilians  Shapeshifting

Reptilian video evidence

By Don Bradley, 9-10-09

There’s a great deal of well-poisoning going on out there on the internet regarding the whole annunaki/nephillim/reptoid/lizard thing, especially regarding videos. Detractors will demonstrate how pulling a cord in or out of your console will cause temporary line feed distortion; their examples are nothing like the videos on reptoids, so that debunking falls flat. Another technique is using movies or rock videos as examples. The problem with this is, these videos are squeaky clean, are washed digitally to make sure the stars look “great;” or if the anomaly is too bizarre, the scene is reshot, usually on the set, as shifting shows up on the set monitor immediately and is also visible to the crew.

 Movies are usually shot in film, whose snap frame rate and media are not capable of catching a shift. Again, if it does occur, the scene is usually reshot later or touched up digitally to make things come out as desired.

 Live video feed is another situation entirely. Even with their seven second delay, they simply cannot edit in real-time fast enough to stop shifting.

 What captures the shifting is one of two things. In a video camera, an advanced CCD receptor chip that can capture light wavelengths at high speed will do it. In people, same thing applies. Advanced rod and cone receptors that are capable of perceiving etheric realities faster than visible light spectrum then become information that presents itself to the brain. The brain then sorts out what it sees.

 In people, brainwashing, ignorance, or lack of understanding can act as a “wash” of the information presented and in the coming years, this will decidedly be the case. The mind—not understanding what it sees—will simply wash the image clean. Unless divine intervention causes the human soul to notice the differing images. Of course, such a soul will also see the other aspects of the etheric dimension: tree spirits, etheric entities in the air, water, ground, shadow walkers, etc. Many people are already seeing things and they simply just close their eyes, shake their heads, and then things are right again. This is a kind of self-imposed brain-washing. A personal unwillingness to face the new information being presented to the mind.

 In my experience, I simply explained away the green I was seeing around people’s heads as weird lighting of the moment or whatever. It was only until around 2001 that I began to take serious notice of what was becoming more and more visible to me.

 Another debunking technique is presenting false evidence of shifting when it’s really just poor lighting, or a bad hair day, or some such similar. You’ll know when you are seeing the real deal or just nonsense.

 All the above is called well-poisoning. This is done to so confuse the information pool being presented these days so that anyone who stumbles upon this reality will become so befuddled that they will deny it as some kind of hoax and dismiss it. This is what is wanted by the reptilian Cain bloodlines of earth.

 They know, as I know, that the time is coming for their being made visible and they are not quite ready for the world to see them until they have their boot squarely upon the neck of humanity. That means disarmament, concentration camps for those able to see or who are an obstacle to their plans (you and me), and martial law. Until that time, they fear a general panic followed by an all out war by the sons of Adam against the sons of Cain.

 For the record, when a lizard or kinsmen starts to shift, it’s usually the eyes that go first. Either into interior slits or exterior slits, depending upon the purity of the bloodline, level of demonic possession, and environmental factors. This is always stage one. And every time. Ever notice people who wear sunglasses indoors or at night? Guess who…

 If the eyes go black, this indicates that very often the inhabiting soul is demonically possessed by several demons or the soul itself is completely black, usually conceived in a demonic ritual, so designed to attract black souls to the family. Lot of that around.

 Sometimes, it’s combinations. Sometimes, the white part of the eyes turn yellow or red, both of which I’ve seen, depending upon the degree of rage flowing through the reptoid. I’ve also seen the center of the eye go red, usually when blind rage is flowing through them. This explains the long-standing gag about seeing red when one is angry. For lizards maybe…

Anger, lust, hate, and the like generally make for the shifting more likely. I’ve observed this closely and have found that if they let their minds wander into orgiastic sex, doing an act of cruelty, or sink into total contempt, this forces a general shift of the eyes to slits. To combat this, they use time-tested forms of self-hypnosis and mind control to keep things in control. Sometimes, they just can’t help themselves.

 Stage two is a slight green haze around the jaw-line just below the ears. This indicates that they are about to morph into their reptilian aspects. If they are indoors, so what. If they are in public, and they are having problems getting control, they usually make some quick excuse to leave to wherever. Also during stage two, you’ll notice that their tongue gets extremely snake-like, able to extend far beyond the lips and moving quickly. That is quite a sight to behold.

 After this point, comes stage three. This one is a mind-blower at first. But after the first few dozen sightings, it becomes very common. The skin on their face, hands, etc, starts to develop lines, like they are aging extremely fast right before your eyes. Smooth skin starts to wrinkle, sage and change shape around the original bone structure. This happens very fast. In a blink of an eye and you’ll be hard-pressed to see it in public. At this point, they full well know they are in shift mode. If they are among kindred spirits, they don’t care. Think “private parties” and you get the idea.

 Stage four is going completely lizard. They no longer look human by any measure of accepted reality. Their speech slurs and hisses. Their eyes flash. Like that. I’ve seen this a few times, when they were unaware of my presence.

 What can also force a shift is by thinking sublime spiritual thoughts in their presence, usually thinking of Christ or higher will do it. Filling your heart with the presence of spirit. This energy flows from you like light from a candle, also radiating spiritual heat, as does a candle. If they are close by, this causes them to cough at first, then the stages of shifting starts.

 The cough, then the shift. But not always. It depends upon the lizard I guess.

 There is also another stage, but it doesn’t involved them shifting. Your sight develops to a degree where you see them in BOTH their realities at the same time. This they have no control over. You’ll see them as they present themselves and how they are in their “other” self. After awhile, you’ll know where they are and how many, even if your back is turned. It gets that good. At this point, you’ll also be able to see the levels of demonic possession working through the soul: in short, how many demons are attached to their various chakras or centers. Some carry a whole caravan of “fellow travellers” with them.

 Once you get to this stage, you feel compassion for them. For what a mess they are, as a group. Talk about a fouled nest of an aura!

 What’s ironic is that their women are so pretty, after a fashion, and truly it is said, that beauty is only skin deep…indeed. But, I’ve also noticed that their beauty fades very, very fast as they age and they hag up really fast after the age of 28. But not always. You’ll also notice that reptilian women have a “look” about them, even when they look normal and you’ll notice bloodline patterns, especially among their celebrities.

 I’ve seen all the above in black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and every culture on earth. So race and religion have nothing to do with it. At all. Ever.

 Know this. Once you start to “see” them, they will know it. Probably before you do yourself. The mind acts as a kind of filtering agent that protects the unready soul for such information. You have to be a strong person to see things as they really are in this world. All this bologna about aliens and pleadians and whatever just become the lies they’ve always been, because you’ll see what’s behind this stuff.

 A thousand times I’ve walked into a store or wherever and like a hive mind, they all turn at once, contempt or a smirk moving over their face. “It’s him…” You’ll have to get used to that. You’ll have to get used to being hated for seeing the truth of things. THEY WILL HATE YOU FOR IT. You become their worst enemy. You’ll be attacked both verbally and physically in public, as I have been countless times over the years (as long-time readers know full well.) You have to be strong. Ask for divine assistance and when you need it most, it will be there.

 If you are one of those people who are able to see or are starting to see, it’s because you can handle the reality. So handle it and move forward. Tough words, I know, but you have to get strong inside and get your act together within yourself ASAP.

 This is your chance to get into the spirit of Christ, make the connection to him, because he alone has the POWER over their demonic aspects. He alone. Once you make the connection, build on it with all your heart and soul. He’ll lead you to whatever next steps you’ll need to deal with the reality of it all. Trust in him.

 Without Christ and his baptism of water and fire, these realities will eat you alive. For they are angelic realities of the lower kind, and until you develop your own gifts and blessings, it’s the only way you’ll get through the valley of the shadows to the other side.

 YOU CAN HANDLE IT. This is the way of Earth and since the beginning, what with gibborim, nephillim, Cainites, et al.

 “As in the times of Noah…”

 You better believe it.