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[Symbol for Monarch mind control. See: Cat/Kitten alter.]

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Berlusconi's Butterflies

Butterfly Symbolism

The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.
    Occultic symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning Psyche is the word for both "soul" and "butterfly" coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation.
    Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The "Angel of Death" (remember Mengele?) in Gnostic art was portrayed crushing the butterfly.[10] A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the "Marionette Syndrome." "Imperial Conditioning" is another term used, while some mental health therapists know it as "Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences." Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton

A note should be made that the American intelligence agencies tattooed some of their slaves with blue Monarch butterflies, bluebirds, or roses for identification purposes. The bluebird relates to the CIA project name Project Bluebird. Some satanic cults tatoo the “sign of the great Beast” on the heads of victims. They also place scars with occult designs on their victims. The Illuminati slaves, who are hierarchy members of the Illuminati, are not tattooed, although a hard-to-see scar consisting of dots in a triangle on the third eye is done to some members. The prohibition against marking up one’s body is not consistently enforced in the Illuminati--it seems this standard is enforced more with the women than the male Illuminati members. CIA slaves have received the Butterfly tatoos from the age of about 11 on up.
...One of the basic ideas of creating a mind-controlled slave, is to control the entire milieu of the slave. This is expressed in Nexus Seven. The environment of the slave is designed for what is called “story immersion.” A Monarch slave who has been given the basic Alice In Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming will see objects connected to these story lines in almost every store. Restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio (The Time Machine Restaurants) which are used to reinforce programming, have mirrors on their walls, doors and ceilings and their waitresses dressed like programming script characters--such as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz. It is no accident that one of the leading Satanic singers calls himself Ozzy Ozburn, or that a certain Mexican witch calls herself Oz. It is no accident that recently a witch wrote the book The Witches of Oz. It is no accident that the elite have promoted the Wizard of Oz theme with television product advertisements. It is no accident that the U.S. has Oz stamps, that television has Oz cartoons, and Oz characters are appearing all over the place.  The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

London fashion week, hat designer Philip Treacy


Iggy Azalea

Aguilera, Christina


Alessandra Ambrosio http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46038&page=95

Model Alessandra in black and white and butterfly wings on Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Alessandra also has a very interesting website with butterflies and - what I think - occult symbols:




Barrymore, Drew




Carey, Mariah


Cyrus, Miley


Carlton, Vanessa


Cole, Jade

Costa, Nikka

Cox, Courtney

Crazy Town

Crawford, Cindy


Da Silva


Duff, Hilary





Formichetti, Nicola

Foster, Jodie

Fox, Megan



Heche, Anne

Hilton, Paris

Hudgens, Vanessa



Jack Off Jill

Jackson, Michael



Klum, Heidi


Lambert, Adam

Leroy Nolwenn Mind Controlled Lolitas: The French Touch


La Roux


Lil Wayne     [vid Feb 2013] Lil Wayne - Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future Video



Madekwe, Ashley

Minogue, Kylie

Morissette, Alanis

Murphy, Brittany






Queen Latifah


Renn, Crystal

Richard, Dawn



Spears, Britney William  http://youtu.be/kYtGl1dX5qI

Styles, Harry

Syd Arthur


Thurman, Uma

Top Model

Kurkova, Karolina

Miranda Kerr (MK)
Model, girlfriend of Orlando Bloom.
All dressed up as a butterfly on Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Victoria’s Secret





No, no, no, no! Come, let's away to prison:
We two alone will sing like birds i' the cage:
When thou dost ask me blessing, I'll kneel down,
And ask of thee forgiveness: so we'll live,
And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues
Talk of court news; and we'll talk with them too,
Who loses and who wins; who's in, who's out;
And take upon's the mystery of things,
As if we were God's spies: and we'll wear out,
In a wall'd prison, packs and sects of great ones,
That ebb and flow by the moon.

MonarC Entertainment

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MonarC Entertainment
Parent company Island Records
Founded 2002 (2002)
Founder Mariah Carey
Status Defunct
Country of origin United States

MonarC Management is a record label formed by Mariah Carey, under Island Records. The name comes from Carey's well-documented fascination with butterflies. The creative capitalization emphasizes Carey's initials.

The only albums released with the MonarC logo were Charmbracelet and The Remixes. Afterwards, by the summer of 2004, Mariah reportedly shut down her MonarC label, as her subsequent releases were released under just Island Records, alone.[1]




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