The Warrior Path & Carlos Castaneda (Toltec knowledge)
Native American Spirituality

[The Carlos Castaneda books reveal the magic of our complete being outside of our prison of thinking and reason, Here is a separate reality with true knowledge as revealed by Don Juan and Don Genaro, called The warrior Path or Path of Knowledge.   Some claim he is a hoax here, but the Assemblage point knowledge is sound, and no doubt he was protecting  Don Juan and Don Genaro (Navajo) identity.   Theun Mares also reveals Toltec knowledge, and read Harley Swiftdeer Reagan's biography (he was an apprentice of Don Genaro), and Sacred Wheel Teachings and Self-Development Techniques of the Deer Tribe Medicine Society.]

Don Juan
Don Genaro

The Human Assemblage point
The Path With A Heart

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan  (an apprentice to Don Genaro)

Deer Tribe Medicine Society

Star Warrior: The Story of Swiftdeer by Bill Wahlberg, Francis Huxley
Return of the Warriors by Theun Mares Theun Mares

[1986] Sacred Wheel Teachings and Self-Development Techniques by Swiftdeer

The purpose of life is Pleasure and Experience


  -  Appendix A thru E

  -  A Separate Reality

  -  Journey to Ixtlan

  -  Tales Of Power

  -  The Active Side of Infinity

  -  The Art of Dreaming

  -  The Eagle's Gift

  -  The Fire From Within

  -  The Power of Silence

  -  The Second Ring of Power

  -  The Teachings of Don Juan

Regine Thal/Florinda Donner-Grau/Anna-Marie Carter 1998

Taisha Abelar (Anna Marie Carter) demonstrating kick with Florinda Donner (Gina Thal)

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