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"Everything you think and everything you feel depends on the position of the Assemblage Point."--Don Juan

[There are three Human Assemblage Points. The Static Assemblage Point (SAP), the Moving Assemblage Point (MAP) and the Great Light Assemblage Point (GLAP).  The Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP) is the focal point of the energy body.  It should be in (or near) the centre of the chest but any stress, be it emotional traumas, violence, intimidation, giving birth, accidents, as well as drug use (illegal and legal), can shift it off centre and it can even move into organs like the liver and heart.  Each position around the centre, be it left, right, up or down produces a certain feeling and thinking associated with that position see.   It can be likened to tuning a radio, but instead of getting a poor reception you get a poor or 'off-centre' feeling and thinking.  This is where the saying 'centred' comes from.  It can be shifted back to centre with a crystal or some people can move it back with their will.  This validates the teachings in Carlos Castaneda's books.  Over 10 years ago Harley Swiftdeer Reagan, who was Don Genaro's apprentice, taught Jon Whale how to shift the SAP.   To have your assemblage point position checked, and shifted if needed contact the webmaster (UK only)  The webmaster knows two people personally who were cured of depression in two minutes by having their SAP position corrected, both were due to emotional trauma.  See how the Allopaths suppress non-allopathic medicine---they deleted the Assemblage Point page on Wikipedia.  What is termed 'The Shaman's Blow' is another type of shift that moves you into Satori.
    For an Assemblage Point shifting crystal look for a 'crystal wand'.  Same crystal, can be 1/5 of the price.]

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Jon Whale interview on Stationary Assemblage Point (SAP)

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How to Locate & Correct the Human Assemblage Point


Description of the Eleven Videos

No 1. General Introduction to the Human Assemblage Point.

No 2. Using Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps containing Diamonds and Carnelians to bring up the Assemblage Point from a low location for symptoms of chronic depression or low physical energy and motivation.

No 3. Using Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps containing Emeralds and dark blue Sapphires for the for high Assemblage Point locations related to symptoms of anxiety and panic.

No 4. Realigning the Assemblage Point to a central location using two Electronic Gem Therapy Lamps containing Diamonds and Carnelians.

No 5. The description and examples of the types of quarts crystals required for manual correction of the Assemblage Point.

No 6. The human energy field is an oscillating field, the vortex or torus of the field is called the Assemblage Point. Please refer to the 3 Youtube videos: Toroidal Structures of The Human Assemblage Point:

No 7. What type of person has the necessary skills and ability to locate the human Assemblage Point?

No 8.How to manually correct or shift the human Assemblage Point using a specially machined quartz crystal.

No 9. There are three types of shifts of the human Assemblage Point. Please refer to the 3 Youtube videos: Toroidal Structures of The Human Assemblage Point:

No 10. How to manually correct the human Assemblage Point to a central location using a specially machined quarts crystal.

No 11. How the person receiving a manual correction of the Assemblage Point should breath and apply their bodys interior locks (Mula Bandha, contraction of the perineum & Jalandhara Bandha, tucking the chin close to the chest: See 

Toroidal Structures of The Human Assemblage Point. In 3 Parts.

'Crystal wand' used as an Assemblage Point shifter