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Oct. 5, 2003 Ms. Chase interviewed Sergeant Richard Valdemar, an L.A. County sheriff who is a ritualistic crime and child trafficking networks specialist.

According to an Oct. 5, 2003 interview conducted by Judi Amber Chase, (widow of David Chase) and Co-founder/President of The Earth Harmony Foundation and Chair of The International Children's Right's Committee, many of these 'runaways' are abducted into child pedophile rings. Ms. Chase interviewed Sergeant Richard Valdemar, an L.A. County sheriff who is a ritualistic crime and child trafficking networks specialist.
Here are some revealing excerpts from the interview:
Valdemar: "... A lot of these kids that are missing are six, five, and three years old...." "These kids are not running away! They are abducted and they are disappearing into a system... and this system eats them up." They are used for sexual abuse... they are killed and we don't hear about it..."
Valdemar: "If they are doing a lot of trafficking, and the children are not "broken" yet then they are going to be caged, and they are going in cells, confined in rooms, and basements. They {abducted children} belong to the 'group' and the 'group' transports the children from one place to another, and they are abused by one group of people after another. Sometimes for a great deal of money which is exchanged."
Chase: "Are any of these children {procured} through adoption?"
Valdemar: "Oh yes, once they get into the system foster children adopted children... any place where they can be procured from the regular system... And they have people that are able to do that."
Chase: "And then the person that procured them are like their owner?"
Valdemar: "Yes, like a broker. And there are people who don't care about what happens to their children and actually volunteer their children for this kind of stuff. And now we have this huge overseas market: children from Eastern Europe, from Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, and Mexico. Unfortunately all these children are coming into the United States, where here and in England there is a huge appetite for child abuse, child sex. Internet is feeding this perversion. All over the Internetevery day the FBI or some Law Enforcement Agency has busted people on the Internet for child pornography. And, just like cocaine, we are only finding a tenth or a hundredth of what the actual problem is-- it is huge. All over..."
Chase: "Are the same groups that are doing drug trafficking participating in child trafficking?"
Valdemar: "I would say it's the other way around." The people who smuggle human beings into a country are involved in drug trafficking and those same people also traffic in children, and pornography, and guns. Whatever makes money, these people will participate in. We have very sophisticated systems. Unfortunately the Russians grew up in a system where everything had to be stolen and smuggled and cheated and lied and forged they have become the experts at it and now are producing the huge amount of children that are coming here.
Chase: Have you heard of the term safe houses?
Valdemar: In a generic way, when you moving people, it keeps them from being discovered. We had safe houses in American History when we had the Underground Railroad when slaves were being moved from the south to the north. We had safe houses where they were kept in secret 'til they could be freed. But this is opposite of this; it is a perversion of that. Drug dealers have safe houses, kidnappers have safe houses, and child abusers have safe houses. All these people use homes, even the nicest neighborhoods.
Chase: So it looks like a regular home on the outside.
Valdemar: Probably looks better than your average home.
Valdemar: "... What you hear on the news, that no one has been prosecuted for satanic murder, that is not true!!! If you want to look back in history you can look at Boston Strangler, Charlie Manson, Leonard Lake, you can look at the St. John case in San Francisco where there is human sacrifice. It is all documented and Janet Reno prosecuted the people in Dade County. it's all a lie that it hasn't been done. They don't prosecute a person for being involved in a cult crime. They prosecute them for a murder, kidnapping, rape"
(End of interview excerpts)