Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand     by URI DOWBENKO

Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand PHOTO: Robertson pretends to be "praying" even as he says "Hail Satan" with his hand.)

Faux Christian and Covert Satanist Pat Robertson flashed the 'Devil's Hand,' a Satanic hand signal meaning "Hail Satan," during his 700 Club show, reports Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson.
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"Pat Robertson, the so-called voice of Christian America, has again been caught flashing occult satanic hand signals during his show. During Thursday morning's 700 Club program Robertson could clearly be seen displaying the El Diablo hand gesture towards the end of the broadcast."

This hand signal, known arond the world as shorthand for "Hail Satan" confirms the allegiance of Covert Satanist Pat Robertson, also known as a 33rd degree Mason and notorious proponent of the Satanic agenda for Planet Earth.

Robertson, who masqerades as a "Christian" on his show the "700 Club" is a notorious proponent of the exploitation of African "Blood Diamonds" in West Africa as well as other world-wide frauds.

The hand signal, known to heavy metal fans as "Hail Satan" is known as "Il Cornuto" or "Devil's Horns" in Italy.

During the 2004 inauguration, George and Laura Bush were photographed doing the Devil's Hand signal, which was misinterpreted by US media as the University of Texas "Hook em Horns" hand signal. The European press, however, were shocked because they interpreted the signal as a salute to Satan.

Robertson, who pretends to be a Christian, is a covert Satanist who promotes the satanic agenda to the naive watchers of his TV shows.

It should be remembered that in April 2001, Robertson promoted China's brutal policy of forced abortion saying that the Communist Chinese Regime was "doing what they have to do" in keeping their population down.

Robertson is a New World Order Shill masquerading as a so-called Christian.

It should be noted that according to the New Testament,in the last days "even the elect shall be deceived" -- and phony Christian Pat Robertson is certainly one of the prime deceivers.

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