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The trial of John Demjanjuk was billed as the most important "showtrial" since that of Adolf Eichmann and a great learning experience for all Israelis. It was held in a large auditorium so that large numbers of people could be brought in to watch in the courtroom as well on TV. Despite claims that the evidence was overwhelming, it was the four so-called "eyewitnesses" on whom the Israeli court, according to its own verdict statement, based its initial verdict of "guilty"--and on nothing else. Demjanjuk had supposedly operated the Diesel used to murder 800,000 people at Treblinka. Subsequently however, the Israeli court conceded that it could not convict Demjanjuk on the basis of those testimonies and let him return to the USA. The lies contained in those "eyewitness" testimonies were too absurd even for an Israeli court. Pat Buchanan and the Diesel Exhaust Controversy

In 1947, the testimony of Elias Rosenberg was published. He was another "Holocaust survivor" who saw the "extermination system" at Treblinka with "his own two eyes." He said the Jews were killed with the exhaust from a Diesel engine. In his own words: "As it was very dark in the chambers, one could not see that alongside the walls ran several pipes, about five centimeters in diameter through which the gas—exhaust gas from a single diesel motor—was piped into the cabin." Let it suffice to say that he was one of John Demjanjuk’s chief accusers at the latter’s trial in Israel. Indeed, at Demjanjuk’s show trial it was again "proven" that a Diesel engine was used at Treblinka to generate the deadly gas. [2007] Provanian Exterminationism, the "Death Camp" Treblinka, and the Demjanjuk Case By Paul Grubach

Rosenberg was the witness who swore that the Ukrainian-born Cleveland mechanic John Demjanjuk was the one and the same as “Ivan the Terrible”, a notorious guard at the Treblinka “death camp” – only for it to be found out that he had previously testified that “Ivan” had been killed during a prisoner uprising. Eliahu Rosenberg’s 1947 deposition on Treblinka by Thomas Kues