Mind Controlled Killers: What happened at Columbine High School? Was O.J. Simpson innocent? In Defense of Buford Furrow Jr.!

by Brian Desborough

Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr.
O.J. Simpson
Thurston High School
,Littleton Columbine High School  Luvox  Plattsburg Air Force Base
John Hinckley
Ted Bundy.
Rick Davis,  Mark Gilroy,  Matamoros cult  Jon Benet Ramsey
Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA)  The Black Cultural Association  Vacaville Penitentiary Colston Westbrook,  William Herman,  Violence Control Center project

For many centuries, a major feature of English Common Law required that members of the populace were required to raise a hue and cry if they had knowledge that a crime was being committed. Moreover, citizens within earshot of the hue and cry were bound by law to participate in tie apprehension of the perpetrator.

Even though the hue and cry law has vanished into the mists of time, one would think that the ancient law had been resuscitated, to judge from the hue and cry vociferously uttered by various California gun-control advocates, In the aftermath of the August 10th shootings at the North Valley Jewish Community Center, located in Granada Hills, California.

The alleged gunman, Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr., had scarcely surrendered to the Las Vegas FBI before Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks called for stricter gun control measures. Not to be upstaged in the race for media attention, Los Angeles County Supervisor and perennial Political hack Zev Yaroslavsky, called for passage of an ordinance which would ban the sale of firearms on county property.(1) Flanked by representatives of the Bureau of Achohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the State Attorney General's office, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca also called for passage of the ordinance.(2)

What these bureaucrats did not emphasize is the fact that many United States police departments sell confiscated guns back to gun dealers. Indeed, after the shootings at the Jewish Community Center, which wounded five people, Furrow allegedly shot mail carrier Joseph Ileto with a semi-automatic Glock pistol which a police department had previously sold to a gun dealer.

Until quite recently, it was political suicide for a California politician to promote gun control. Yet after the recent spate of shootings, four gun-control bills are currently pending in the California state legislature. One therefore has to question whether the recent shootings were the acts of lone assassins, or were they the ongoing attempt by a covert organization to foment public acceptance of national gun seizure by means of mind-controlled programmed victims.

In all the media coverage of the recent shootings, not once has the writer heard any member of law enforcement or the media mention mind control, even though there is evidence that mind-control played, a major role in both the Jewish Center and the Littleton High School shootings.

In his work with mind-control survivors, the writer has noticed that many of them are the offspring of career military personnel, and have lived either near or at military bases as children: this is not surprising since some military establishments incorporate mind-control programming facilities. In some cases, the fathers have knowingly condoned the programming of their offspring in order to curry favor with the Illuminati. In such cases, It is usual for the parent to participate In the programming by sexually abusing their own Infants In order to create multiple personalities.

The writer has no evidence to suggest that Buford Furrow's father was a perpetrator; however, he was a career Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force and was stationed at both McChord Air Force Base, Washington State, and at Nellie Airforce Base, which is adjacent to the super-secret Area 51. Area 51 has one of the most Infamous mind-control centers In the world.

Buford Furrow's father is currently aged 66 and retired from the military, so it is unlikely for him to have a current military E-mall address, yet the US Defense Information Systems Agency listed an E-mail address for a Buford O. Furrow at NSCMcChord@DDN-Conus.DDN-Mil. This address listing, with connotations of a National Security Council operation, was mysteriously erased only a day after Furrow's arrest.

For most of his life, Buford Furrow Jr. was described as a loner. Graduating from Western Washington University with an engineering degree in 1986, Furrow later was employed at Boeing and Northrop Grumman aerospace companies.3 A former Boeing employee has informed the writer that prior to the shooting at the Jewish Center. She had seen Furrow's photo on a security warning notice, displayed on a Boeing notice board.

In 1989, Furrow allegedly attended an Aryan Nation World Congress; he later volunteered for guard duty at the Aryan Nations 20 acre compound in northern Idaho, spending time listening to the group's national pastor and attending religious services,

The Aryan Nation is heavily involved in the anti-semitic Christian Identity movement, which promotes white supremacy. Furrow's interest In Christianity is very germain to our narrative, for it is a common practice for mind-control programmers to instill the front alter of a mind-control victim with the deep conviction that Jesus or God will take care of them. Simultaneously. other alters of the victim are given the posthypnotic suggestion that Jesus or God are, in actuality, the military agency or Illuminati faction conducting the programming.

This technique results in the victim exhibiting a deep loyalty towards the programming agency. Arizona Wilder, the former Mother Goddess, suspects that the Illuminati covertly arranged her marriage by programming her to become a born-again Christian. Interestingly, the person she married worked for an alleged member of Bohemian Grove.

Furrow's mental health deteriorated in 1998 and he attempted suicide- After a short stay at a mental hospital, he attempted to commit himself into a private psychiatric facility In Washington State, where he was arrested after threatening the staff with a knife.

He was committed to a state psychiatric facility prior to serving a six month's jail sentence. Released In May, 1999, he stayed with his parents until August 7th. Trading his pick-up truck for a van, he traveled to Los Angeles, where the shootings occurred three days later.

Furrow's plans appear to have been well-organized up to the moment of the shooting, then rapidly disintegrated. Following, the bloody carnage at the Jewish Community Center, Furrow abandoned his van, hi-jacked a car, and shot a mailman.

He then abandoned the car and took a cab to Hollywood, where he checked into a motel, paying cash in advance for a two-night stay. Irrationally, he left the same evening, more than two hours before police released his identity to the media; taking a cab to Las Vegas, he surrendered to the FBI the following morning.

The most revealing evidence suggestive that Buford Furrow is a mind-controlled assassin was displayed during a television newscast the following day. Stock footage was shown of Furrow during his confinement at a psychiatric hospital in 1998. A close-up shot of his arms revealed several deep slashes on his left arm and a cut index finger.

It is a standard practice for mind-controlled victims to be programmed with a 'cutter' alter personality. In the event that the victim's programming begins to break down, resulting in the victim beginning to recover memories of the programming, the cutter alter is triggered, forcing the victim to slash one or both arms. This inhibits the flow of further memories.

A particular mind-control programming technique is known as the 'tin man'. In the Wizard of Oz" story, the tin man kept chopping off his limbs, replacing them with metal prosthetics. Mind-controlled victims cut their Index fingers when they have been subjected to tin man programming and begin to recover memories.

The writer believes that it is highly probable that Buford Fuller became a level five programmed sleeper assassin either at McChord AFO or at Area 51 during his childhood, and mutilated himself after commencing to recover memories of his programmed existence. He was presumably re-programmed either at a psychiatric facility or while in jail during 1998.

Another person whose cut index finger was displayed on television was O.J. Simpson. Simpson was repeatedly vilified by media talk show hosts, who judged him guilty solely on the basis of the evidence presented during his first trial. After observing Simpson during the trial, one California psychologist with a first-rate track record in the therapeutic treatment of mind-control survivors, expressed the opinion that 'Simpson was a mind-controlled victim.' (4)

This writer is also of the same conviction, based not only upon the cut on the index finger suggestive of tin man programming and indications of 'alter personality switching'. The late investigative journalist and broadcaster Mae Brussel, alleged that during the 1970's. the staff of the Mendocino State Mental Institution was replaced by CIA-selected staff for the purpose of subjecting foster children to mind-control programming, The hapless children were then sent to the CIA slave-labor project at Jonestown. (5) It is the understanding of the writer that Simpson's mother was a member of the Mendocino State Mental Institution during this particular time period Arizona Wilder, who was programmed for her future Illuminati role from infancy to the age of nineteen by the Auschwitz "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele, has informed the writer that Mengele programmed inmates at that institution.

The diligent efforts of a few investigative journalists such as Edward Felsenthal of the Wall Street Journal and Alex Constantine, author of Virtual Reality, has resulted in evidence which suggests that not only was Simpson innocent of the murders, but neither the defense nor the prosecution were eager to reveal the true facts of the case. Evidence gleaned by Investigative journalists suggests that the murders were perpetrated by a known CIA assassin because of a major unpaid cocaine debt. (6) The assassin was a friend of Meyer Lansky protege' Joey Ippolito, who ran a narcotics distribution network from Malibu without interference from the Los Angeles Police Department. One of Ippolito's bodyguards was Simpson's friend Al Cowlings.

Ippolito was a friend of former Florida State Attorney Dick Gerstein, who had been investigated in 1982 for receiving drug money intended for laundering in Panama. Simpson's attorney was a law partner of Gerstein- both were directors of the now-defunct Centrust Savings and Loan, a major stock holder being BCCI - the CIA's preferred money-laundering agency. (7) Another of Ippolito's associates was George Bush's friend Don Aronow, designer of speedboats used by the Colombian drug cartel. Aronow was shot to death in 1987, a few days after being questioned by police regarding narcotics trafficking. (8)

In order to misdirect attention away from Ippolito and toward patsy O. J. Simpson, evidence would have had to been planted, This could possibly be the case. A Loyola University law professor has alleged that one LAPD detective assigned to the case, in addition to carrying a blood sample of O.J. Simpson's blood on his person for three hours, also acquired a vial of Nicole Brown's blood from the morgue and retained it in his possession for twenty-four hours. This was not mentioned during the trial.

Forensic chemist Gregory Matheson testified that he did not observe any blood on Simpson's socks when they were first collected, nor when he re-examined them at a laboratory sixteen days later, yet criminologist Colin Yamaguchi found they were bloodstained six days later. Blood, better preserved than that found near the bodies, miraculously materialized on the back gate of Nicole's residence days after the location had been photographed by criminologists. (9)

Much was made during the trial of bloody footprints made with size 12 - Bruno Magli shoes. The girlfriend of a well-known former football player stated on a radio talk show during the criminal trial that her boyfriend also wore size twelve 13 Bruno Magli shoes and had visited Nicole Brown on the day of the slayings. O. J. Simpson publicly denied the claim of the Rochester Institute of Technology that it had validated that the shoes worn by O.J. Simpson in a tabloid photograph were indeed Bruno Magli's. It should be noted that this particular institute has admitted receiving CIA funding and permitting the CIA to oversee its curriculum. (10)

There are many unanswered irregularities In this case, including why the LAPD violated state law by waiting several hours before notifying the county coroner of the murders and why Detective Lange admitted taking evidence from the murder scene to his home.

On July 30th., 1993, Brett Cantor, owner of the Dragonfly club in Hollywood frequented by Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, was murdered in his apartment. The killer's M.O. was remarkably similar to that In the Simpson case: multiple stabbings with a stiletto followed by a slashed throat. An attempt by the Simpson defense team to discuss the Cantor murder at Simpson's preliminary hearing was denied by Judge Lance Ito. Why?

There is a distinct possibility that the Simpson jury was subjected to mind-control during the trial.   It is a common practice for programmers to install directed energy equipment inside television sets. Depending upon the frequencies broadcast, the percipient may either hear voices internally, or perceive the information subliminally. Simpson jurors claimed that dismissed juror Tracy Hampton sat for hours in a sequestered hotel room staring at a blank television screen. The television program Hard Copy reported that she had been 'hearing voices'. According to Alex Constantino, the dismissed juror attempted suicide by eating broken glass.

The Illuminati maintains its dominance over human-kind by means of a 'divide and conquer' policy. This is accomplished through the polarization of religious, political and racial factions. By insuring that a mind-controlled Simpson jury returned a 'not guilty' trial without allotting sufficient time for meaningful deliberation, polarization of the public along racial lines would be the inevitable result.

In 1976, mobster Johny Roselli testified before a congressional committee; shortly after, his body was discovered in an oil drum floating near Don Aronow's boat factory. Rosselli, who was also a CIA asset, testified before the Frank Church Watergate Hearing in 1974. Presumably in order to contain information sensitive to the CIA, Roselli associate Irving Pasternak and his wife, were discovered dead in bed at their home in Waterbury, Connecticut, with their throats slashed.

Murray Gold, a former son-in-law of the Pasternaks, was tried for the murder not once, but six times. He was finally acquitted on a technicality. In the meantime, Bruce Sanford, a heroin addict with a penchant for sleeping in graveyards, was a member of a motorcycle gang named 'The Peddlers of Death.' Even though he confessed to the crime, he was never charged. In keeping with Simpson juror, Tracy Hampton, Sanford swallowed broken glass, he later committed suicide by slashing his throat.

Murray Gold presumably was a mind-controlled patsy. Just as Buford Furrow had worked on the B2 bomber at the super-secret Palmdale facility of Northrop-Grumman, so Murray Gold had been engaged on secret defense projects at another Grumman facility.

It Is a chilling fact that Gold had been given electro-convulsive treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital In New York. This was the hospital where CIA asset Dr. Harold Abramson conducted mind-control experiments with funding supplied by the Macy Foundation - a CIA front organization. At the time chemical warfare specialist Frank Olsen 'fell' from a tenth floor window, Dr. Abramson was his 'therapist'.

Since 1997, 27 victims have been killed and 70 wounded in school shootings in the US. In the few cases where details have been made publicly available, there are obvious overtones of mind-control. In the 1998 Jonesboro, Arkansas school shooting which left four dead and ten wounded, shooter Michael Johnson was a sexually abused boy whose father was allegedly given to rages.

Such emotional trauma would be sufficient to cause the youth to become dissociative. Mitchell and his follow shooter claimed that they believed that they were shooting over the heads of their victims. This could well be their belief structure if they had been deliberately programmed to kill. This is analogous to mind-controlled victims who have been programmed to visually interpret a red traffic light as a green one, in order to create an accident.

The former Chief Investigator for the Ventura County Public Defender's Office, Gary Wean, has investigated both the Jonesboro shooting and a similar one in Oregon (the Thurston High School shootings, which left two people dead and twenty wounded).

He alleges that the shooters in both incidents were mind-controlled by programmers using an United Methodist - Judaistic religious coalition as a front in fairness to this religious organization. It must be pointed out that the published vitriolic writings of Mr. Wean display the hallmark of a right-wing Christian fundamentalist with pronounced anti-Khazar feelings. However, other religious organizations have acquired a reputation for mind-control and satanic cult activities, e.g. the Oregon State Hospital is a psychiatric hospital where the alleged programming of prison inmates and priests has occurred. The hospital is owned by the Catholic Church.

Tuesday, April 20th, was free cookie day at Littleton Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado. It was also the day when students and faculty members died. The shooters, students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris purportedly committed suicide, although this cannot be verified unless the ballistic tests are revealed to the public (many swat teams wear ski masks, which makes it easy for an agent provocateur to mingle with a legitimate swat team during an armed conflict).

The gunsmoke had barely cleared before the media vociferously began demands for stricter gun control measures. For days, the airwaves were choked with continued coverage of the Littleton massacre, yet the possibility that the shooters had been mind-controlled victims or that their parents might be programmed multiples (which is frequently the case) was never raised. (11)

Much was made by the media of the shooter's racist attitude, yet the Plattsburg Press-Republican newspaper pointed out that when Eric Harris lived in that town his best friends were Asians and African Americans.

Upon relocating to Littleton, Harris received psychiatric treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCO) and depression, and was allegedly prescribed Luvox. This should have been a mind-control red flag to Littleton law enforcement and the district attorney, but was apparently ignored. OCO is a commonly-observed trait among mind-controlled victims, resulting from prolonged trauma-based programming. It sometimes manifests in the need to undergo rigorous physical exercise. Moreover, although Luvox is an inefficient anti-depressant. It is a very effective synergist to facilitate subliminal thoughts implanted via directed-energy devices.

The writer is indebted to his good friend, investigative journalist Uri Dowbenko, who drew his attention to an article by John Quinn on the Newshawk Inc. Website. Quinn claims to have received information from a scientist who was allegedly involved in mind-control activities at Plattsburg Air Force Base, in upstate New York state, where Eric Harris's father - a career Air Force officer, was stationed. This facility, officially closed In 1994, still emits electromagnetic signals from a subterranean source (it purportedly has an eighteen level underground complex).

A Newshawk representative located one of Harris's Plattsburg friends, who allegedly claimed that Harris had complained to him that he had been repeatedly drugged during mind-control activities at the Air Force base.

All of the above are occurrences in which an apparently mind-controlled victim has been unfairly vilified by law enforcement. prosecutors and media personnel. Too many prosecutors and law enforcement personnel have forgotten that their principle function is to see that justice is done, not to win at any cost.

Another mind-controlled victim who has been unfairly victimized Is John Hinckley, the young man who wounded President Reagan. Hinckley was programmed in Lexington by an aide to a British Intelligence psychiatrist, who had previously programmed Son-of -Sam satanic cultist Berkovitz at a Westchester, N.Y. mind-control facility. Like Patrick Purdy, who massacred seven Vietnamese children in a Stockton, California schoolyard. Hinckley had associated with neo-Nazis and had been prescribed mood-altering neuroleptic pharmaceuticals.

It was a physical impossibility for Hinckley to have shot the President, who was pushed to the floor of his limousine as Hinkley shot press secretary James Brady. The president later commented that he did not feel the bullet's impact until he was on the floor of the limo. Hinckley would therefore have had to fire through the bullet-proof door of the limo, since the open door was between himself and the president.

Perhaps the most damaging evidence of a conspiracy came from on-the -spot T.V. commentator Judy Woodruff, who stated that at least one shot was fired from an overhang above the president's car, and was fired by a secret service agent.

The shooting may have been pay-back for the foiling of an alleged conspiracy to assassinate Reagan and replace him with Interior Secretary William P. Clark. This possibly could explain Clark's extremely sudden resignation.

The above examples only reflect a minimal number of crimes which should have been investigated for possible mind-control activity, but were not. Many questions of a mind-control nature remain unanswered. (12)

1. There are many anomalies In the case of executed serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy had starved as an aide to the Washington State Governor prior to working In the psychiatric wing of a Veterans Administration hospital. Was Bundy programmed to be a serial killer in order to re-introduce the death penalty In the United States?

2. Rick Davis, an habitual criminal, awaits execution for the abduction and decapitation murder of twelve years old Polly Klass, of Petaluma, California. This was another case replete with bizarre anomalies. (13) Why were FBI personnel and the coroner the only people to see Polly's remains? Were the approximately fifty FBI investigators assigned to the case actively seeking a perpetrator, or concealing evidence of a mind-control project or cult activity? One investigator of cult activity claims that a 'snuff movie' of Polly's ritual sexual abuse and decapitation is being peddled around Illuminati circles. It is an extremely likely possibility that Polly's murder was committed in order to stimulate public acceptance of California's "Three Strikes Law", which primarily benefits the prison labor industry, much of which is privately owned. Until her highly publicized murder, the bill appeared headed for defeat, due to the high potential cost to taxpayers.

It should be noted that even though Satanic cult activity is rampant throughout the United States (much of it protected by law enforcement), FBI spokesperson Ken Lanning, a member of the Quantico Behavioral Science Laboratory, has made the claim that cult abuse of children does not exist. This is at least a very fatuous and misleading statement, since ritual abuse survivors have even supplied the names of bureaucrats and law enforcement personnel observed attending the ritual sacrifice of children. Lanning's statement is as idiotic as that of his former cross-dressing boss, J. Edgar Hoover, who claimed that organized crime does not exist!

In 1989, a search for a missing Texas student, Mark Gilroy, was resolved with the gruesome discovery on a ranch near Matamoros, Mexico, of the graves of thirteen victims of a Satanic cult.  One of the mutilated corpses was that of Gilroy. The victims had been dissected while still alive and then cannibalized, according to the testimony of arrested cult members. The cult, which was heavily involved in narcotics distribution, was part of a Satanic web which spanned Central America and the United States several members implicated major Mexican establishment and entertainment celebrities; Florentine Ventura, the head of the Mexican Interpol, shot himself and his family after his name was discovered on a cult membership list.

The Mexican newspaper La Prensa, wrote a scathing report during the trial of Matamoros cult members, because the court withhold the names of people who were suppliers to the cult of sacrificial babies.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence that the Matamoros cult was part of an international narco-Satanic network involving highly placed members of society on both sides of the Mexican border, the FBI apologist Ken Lanning publicly proclaimed that the Matamoros cultists were merely psychopaths, not bonafide Satanists!

With allegations of evidence tampering and the nonsensical public utterances of Ken Lanning, Is it any wonder that an increasingly large segment of the populace has come to regard the FBI as an incompetent and very corrupt agency, more intent on concealing the criminal acts of the Illuminati than in seeing that justice is accomplished. (7)

3. The murder of little Jon Benet Ramsey has received international media coverage. Much discussion has taken place In the media regarding the seeming inability of Colorado investigators to make an arrest. What has not been mentioned Is the possibility that one, or more, people connected with the crime is a mind-controlled victim.

Significantly, Jon Benet's mother, Patsy Ramsey, displays facial and verbal evidence of alter personality switching, implying that her front alter may be unaware that she had been programmed to participate in a cult ritual. The writer has learned from an informant very close to the investigation, that the investigative team is unable to arrest the perpetrator because he is an internationally-known politician who is under Illuminati protection (shades of the Jack-the-Ripper murders).

What the investigative team is probably unaware of is that the same perpetrator raped a eight year girl in a Beverly Hills hotel suite in 1995, while the child's mother, a high-level mind-controlled victim, was forced to watch. The heinous act was perpetrated in order to punish the errant mother for attempting to break her ties to the Illuminati.

4. In the 1960's, a few Intrepid reporters began to investigate the CIA's Involvement in mind-control research. Fearing public exposure, the CIA covertly transferred much of its mind-control activities to public organizations such as the Solar Temple and the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). Why did news media coverage of the Patty Hearst abduction by the SLA fail to mention mind-control of SLA members?

The SLA was the creation of Federal Agencies, and certain police departments, for the purpose of fomenting an atmosphere of public unrest and fear, in order to provoke a public demand for stronger law enforcement measures.

The SLA was an offshoot of the Black Cultural Association, formed at Vacaville State Penitentiary in 1971, by Colston Westbrook, who listed his business address as Pacific Architects and Engineers - an alleged intelligence front which constructed torture chambers in Vietnam (14). A former CIA advisor to the South Korean Government, Westbrook later received training in psychological warfare (mind control) and participated in the CIA's infamous Phoenix program.

The SLA consisted of Vacaville inmates such as Donald DeFreeze, who had been recruited by Detective Sergeant R. Farwell to inform on black activists, on behalf of the LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section. Other members were penitentiary 'visitors' such as Angela Atwood and Emily Harris. Both women had received intelligence training at the College of Foreign Affairs at the University of Indiana, prior to joining the Intelligence Division of the Indiana State Police.

The Black Cultural Association, which spawned the SLA, had been formed as a cover for an experimental behaviour modification program involving psychosurgery. Vacaville Penitentiary has a reputation for implanting prisoners with microchips, including the IBM 2020 chip. Three inmates died of hypothermia after being given neuroleptic drugs.

Westbrook was assisted at Vacaville by his case officer, William Herman, a CIA operative, counter-insurgency expert and arms dealer, who was involved in the Iran Contra Affair. Herman later received a jail sentence in Britain for counterfeiting.

Herman was the brainchild of the notorious Violence Control Center project, whose premise was that people who engaged in civil disobedience possessed defective brain coils (it was fortunate that Herman wasn't alive during the American Revolution)

The ultimate goal of the project was to screen the nation's infants for suspected abnormal behaviour and perform psychosurgery when deemed necessary. That the project received the approval of then Governor Reagan should not come as a surprise, considering that shortly prior to the outbreak of W.W.II, Reagan accompanied Nazi sympathizers the Duke of Windsor and actor Errol Flynn to a clandestine meeting in the Bahamas with Dr. Erban of the Gestapo. (15) The project was cancelled for fear of public exposure during the Watergate Congressional hearings.

After the SLA shootout with the LAPD (had the SLA outlived its usefulness) the purported body of Donald DeFreeze was delivered to his parents in a closed casket. Becoming suspicious, the parents opened the casket: inside was a headless and handless corpse.

In concluding this article, it is well to remember the axiom "People get the kind of government that they deserve". As a result of public indifference, an ill wind of change has been blowing through the Western world during the past five decades. In consequence, a very unique creature is on the verge of extinction. It is the honourable (and often maligned) military or civilian "peace officer". These persons are still dedicated to a premise of protecting the rights and liberties of the populace from enemies foreign and domestic.

These needed people have largely been supplanted by corrupt psychologically-castrated ENFORCERS, who robotically and treasonously obey any unlawful command issued by underlings of the Illuminati.

In accepting Law Enforcement Assistance Agency funding, American police departments have also agreed to submitting to CIA jurisdiction. In other words. the CIA now has controlling authority over major US police departments. (16)

One only has to consider the corruption which has pervaded the Los Angeles Police Department since the time a petty drug dealer plea bargained by naming the drug-lord of Watts - a police sergeant who later became a police chief, then mayor of a corruption-ridden administration.

Such police corruption is exemplified by the LAPD's complicity in the assassination of Robert Kennedy, It is well known within the ranks of the LAPD that mind-controlled patsy Sirhan Sirhan, in keeping with the patsy arrested for the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, FIRED BLANKS, in order to misdirect the attention of eyewitnesses. At least one police officer's eyewitness report was re-written by a senior officer in order to protect the true conspirators. Moreover, police radio communication was disrupted (as in the Princess Diana assassination) thereby preventing the broadcasting of other suspect's descriptions.(17)

The LAPD final report is at variance with the statements made by the seventy-six eyewitnesses to the shooting. Perhaps the members of the former Special Unit Senator team should remember that there is no statute of limitation for conspiracy to commit murder.

The reader may have concluded that with such a treasonous military and law enforcement cabal, the Illuminati is invincible. Nothing is further from the truth. The Illuminati has sown the seeds of its own destruction by creating mind-control programs such as MK-ULTRA and Monarch. (18)

Many high-level Illuminati mind-control programmers are so arrogant and loose-lipped, and believe so implicitly in the infallibility of their programming, that they impart not only intelligence dispatches to their high-level mind-controlled couriers, but also Illuminati matters of a very private nature. (19)

The mind-control programming of many high-level Illuminati slaves has broken down, due to the incompetence of their programmers. In consequence. such mind control survivors have provided an abundance of data regarding the activities and supposed secrets of the Illuminati hierarchy, particularly the manner in which they spy upon one another.

Perhaps a former U.S. Secretary-of-State (a British asset code-named BOR) would be interested in knowing that the Director of the Janus Psy-Ops group, which operates from the NATO Headquarters building in Brussels, regularly spies upon him. As it happens, the latter individual in turn employs Monarch slaves to spy on the Kennedy's.(20)

Another loose-lipped high-level Illuminatus foolishly confided to an alter-personality of another partially-deprogrammed individual that Princess Diana was bludgeoned to death with an oxygen cylinder in the Pont d'Alma tunnel.

The fear-ridden lowest echelons of the Illuminati (politicians, senior military and Intelligence heads etc.) are coerced Into joining the Illuminati through a combination of power lust, greed and especially the mistaken belief that it is a very secret society. Now that so many mind-controlled survivors are publicly disseminating their recovered and corroborated memories, the Illuminati has no secrets (it must be noted that many survivors are very highly-trained psychics and remote viewers - a case of spies spying on their spymasters).

  1. One of the hostages seized at the American Embassy by the Iranians was "businessman" Jerry Plotkin. Zev Yaroslavsky singled Plotkin out from all the returning hostages after their release, for a special honor. Yaroslavsky arranged for Plotkin to be driven to the Los Angeles City Hall in a gold-colorod limousine, which displayed a large yellow ribbon on Its hood. Mayor Tom Bradley declared February 4th, 1981 as Jerry Plotkin day.  The writer is curious why Yaroslavsky and Bradley went to so much trouble, considering that FBI records reveal Plotkin's criminal involvement in narcotics smuggling dating back to 1957. It is believed in law enforcement circles that Plotkin was in Iran to negotiate a large cocaine deal at the time of his abduction.
  2. Los Angeles Times, August 25th, 1999, The writer has never owned a firearm, believing that there are better ways to defend oneself. Switzerland, a nation with a very low incidence of crime, mandates that every Swiss adult of sound mind be a member of a national militia. Most crime is drug-related, which means that there is a paper trail to the banks and casinos who launder the money, yet law enforcement repeatedly fails to charge the perpetrators. A money launderer for the Colombia drug cartel testified to the US Congressional narcotics hearings, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, that he had personally laundered billions of dollars through the Bank of America. The hearings were abruptly terminated following his disclosure; the bank was never prosecuted. Law enforcement is reluctant to interfere in situations where infants are sexually-abused at day care centers, for the purpose of mind-control. A case therefore exists for the abolition of police departments and the authorizing of civilians to carry concealed weapons.
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  12. Time does not permit the writer to discuss persons who were convicted after attending known mind-contol facilities, e.g. Charles Manson and the Unabomber, Ted Taczynski -- the latter having been a volunteer for an MK-ULTRA mind-control project at Harvard University.
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  16. Law Enforcement looks the other way when crimes are committed "in the interests of 'National Security'".
  17. Sirhan was programmed at a racing stables in Santa Ana, California by two CIA mind-control specialists -- one of them a priest. A co-worker of Sirhan at the stables was Thomas Bremer, whose mind-controlled brother Arthur, shot Governor George Wallace in 1972. Not many miles from the stables is a Synagogue used for mind-control purposes. Its rabbi is a 'former' member of US Naval Intelligence.
  18. MK-ULTRA is the acronym for "Manufacturing Killers Unitizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination". Several writers are claiming that the Monarch Program is a myth, which is incorrect. Perhaps such writers have a hidden agenda. Monarch differs from other mind-control systems by being trauma-based.
  19. A typical example would be the late Pamela Harriman, overseer of the US Democratic Party, divulging to a mind-controlled Illuminati slave that the House of Windsor had ordered her to commence grooming Clinton to be the next President of the United States.
  20. The super-secret Janus Group utilizes very highly-trained psychic assassins, who employ such techniques as the green and red marble systems, as well as the White Glove method. In order to psychically kill enemies of the Illuminati. The Director of Janus (an Illuminatus) wields more political clout than the hierarchy of the National Security Agency. He was an intimate friend of the late Roy Cohn -- a director of Permindex, the group which masterminded the assassination of President John Kennedy. As a cover for his covert activities, he also performs the role of a talk-show host. he has a tendency to drag a pen across the forehead of mind-controlled assassins, when implanting new assassination programs. Now that the programming of several of his assassins has broken down, he will probably face sever punishment at the hands of the Illuminati for ineptitude.
all rights reserved (c) Brian Desborough, September 9th, 1999 published with permission of author