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[vid] Reviving the Cold War. The Ukraine, Russia and the US   The US has targeted Russia ever since the Communists threw out the Czar. With the UK's prompting, it even sent in an army after World Word I to try to destabilize the country. After World War II came the long, protracted and very expensive Cold War. When the Soviet Union, that was supposed to be the end of it. (Remember the 'peace dividend?') For a time, fake terrorists in caves kept the dollars flowing to the Pentagon, but now that everyone over the mental age of five years old has figured that out, a new and improved enemy is needed. - See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/hidden-history/reviving-the-cold-war.html#sthash.CkeVvPYE.dpuf

Scary Facts about Birds and the Bees and Bayer AG

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Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

"Since the Bush-Cheney Administration took office in January 2001, controlling the major oil and natural gas fields of the world had been the primary, though undeclared, priority of US foreign policy... Not only the invasion of Iraq, but also the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, had nothing to do with 'democracy,' and everything to do with pipeline control across Central Asia and the militarization of the Middle East.". William Engdahl