Alien Influence

by Franz Erdl

The invasion has already taken place

Mind control for the exploitation of the female energy

Manipulation of the collective-consciousness
Manipulation of your consciousness
Manipulation of the perception
Deception of the optical perception
Deception of the acoustic perception
Manipulation of extrasensory perception
The virtual Heart-chakra
Place to escape: head
Sexual energy - reptilians favourite meal
The reverse resonance-law
Religious and spiritual pools

The structure of evil

What to do?

 This information hasn't left my drawer for many years because I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to believe it. In the year 2006, finally I found groups in the internet, which seemed to work on the same topic. I thank the readers of the (Cloudbuster-Forum), who showed me their interest through encouraging E-mails which helped me to publish these articles here. Some contents are still related to the CB-Forum, with what I believe, that this gives the articles more liveliness.

 I especially thank the reader of the CB-Forum, who sent me 100 € in advance, in order to encourage me to write a book. Nevertheless, I didn't write any book until today. With this website, however, life comes back into my creativity and everything, which I could write into a book, shall now be published here.

The invasion has already taken place
 As I came upon the articles of James Bartley (appendix) in the internet, I was very relieved to finally have found somebody, who came to the same, shocking truth like my wife and I, with severe precision. Bartley is one of many hundred Americans, who were abducted by aliens. After his own experiences with aliens, he worked on at this topic together with a small group. Barbara Bartholic probably did the main-work dealing with more than 700 (probably much more in the meantime) abductees executing hypnosis-sessions in order to de-traumatize the victims and, to find out the truth behind the abductions. Bartley collaborated and posted some results in the internet.

 The abductions are usually carried out by the so-called greys. However, the hypnosis-sessions opened that the greys are only underlings and executing organs of the Draconiens (Dracs) and the reptoid lizards (Reptos), who probably came from the system Alpha Draconis. This is not so important. However, important is the realization, that a fake memory (Screen-memory) was implanted to the abductees about their abduction. These implanted memories consist of the general statement that the aliens want to help the people, that they want to improve the astral and physical body of the abductees and prepare them for any particular tasks and that all interventions are good for the abductee.

 When through intensive hypnosis-work the Screen-memory could be broken, reptilians and dracs showed up with their actual intents: To abuse the abductees, to traumatize and to manipulate, in order to be able to use them for their main purpose:

to subjugate mankind.

 The articles of James Bartley show an alarming picture of the dimensions of the reptilian-draconian influence over life and consciousness of mankind. But even if one will feel bad at the first moment, it is better to know how the trap looks, in which one sits, than to ignore it.

 My wife and I have a quite particular relationship to the articles of James Bartley. We do not have any memories of being abducted, but we have intensively suffered from the reptilian influences. At that time we didn't yet know what kind of beings they were. The Reptos wanted to destroy our relationship, put stones into our ways and our projects, prevented any success and surrounded us with manipulated people. Thanks to our sensitive abilities we were able to notice, that the whole thing was a large-scale action, controlled from the astral dimension. In one situation, an unknown helping influence moved my astral body into a subterranean supervision-headquarter for some seconds, that finally convinced me about the existence of a large-scale manipulation system. At that time however, we found nobody who wanted to know something about alien influence.

 In the years 1997 until 99, we collected the information about the alien influence. However, these texts remained in my drawer because nobody wanted to hear anything about it. We finally gave up any attempt to shake and wake up people and left the country. On purpose we moved to a country of the third world, where the people live in bad conditions so that they notice by themselves, that something is not in order. The people in Germany at that time could still afford an acceptable lifestyle and they were not willing to assume such negative statements. Of course I don't want that everybody feels so bad until they finally notice that something is not correct. However, I believe that meanwhile some of you can recognize Bartleys articles as extremely important.

 When reading Bartleys articles, I noticed that he writes very much the same as that, what lies in my drawer. He even uses partially the same chapter-titles. However, Bartley writes a about experiences, I don’t know about, specifically about abductions.

But I am not envious at all. I am glad, that this information now is publicly accessible.

 Here some key-statements of Bartley's articles:


Here is a small sampling of the known capabilities of the Reptilians:

The reptilians are paraphysical beings who can alter their vibrational density to operate within the confines of our three dimensional world both in and out of the normal visual spectrum.

The reptilians can manipulate the human "dreamscape" and install all manner of conditioning and programming much of which is erotic or perverse in nature. They specialize in manipulating ones dreamscape with erotic imagery specifically designed to promote certain behaviours and alternative lifestyles within a given abductee population. I know of no one else besides our team who is even aware of this very basic and pervasive reptilian programming agenda.

The definition of the word "Lifespan" as we understand the term does not apply to these reptilians who live in their own vibrational density long enough to manipulate countless generations of a given genetic/soul matrix population in our dimension.

 (Elsewhere he wrote that the reptilians essentially shortened our life-span.)

The reptilians are master geneticists who have created subservient races of non-human beings to act as Specialists tasked with furthering certain agendas directly impacting the human race including but not limited to genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the abductee population. It is through the latter program that Hosts are created through apparently normal human childbirth. These reptilian hosts are geared to sow confusion, discordance and disinformation amongst the abductee population.

Dr. Richard Boylan amongst others is a Host for a reptilian entity. Make no mistake about it. I have lost count of the number of websites placed on the internet by reptilian hosts. There is a new one that was put in place quite recently.

The reptilians do not need spaceships to travel in. They merely create a portal entry in the house of the abductee they need to work with. They literally walk through this space/time opening and appear in your bedroom in full physical density.

At other passages he explains, how that what he calls an abduction looks like: The greys carry out the kidnapping and the manipulations. The Reptos usually don't appear. Therefore, a lot of literature appeared about the "dangerous greys." However, the greys are not that much important.

 A part of the "abductee" senses himself lying in bed, and another part (probably the energy-body) appears in subterranean installations. There they inject and operate in impertinent manner. The part lying in the bed senses the interventions in his body. Later the memory of the abduction and the manipulation is changed or is deleted.

 Reptilian magical control of women (as well from: "on the march"):

If you haven't guessed by now, the control and domination of human females is THE primary objective of reptilian operations vis a vis the human race, because women--through their creative, intuitive and nurturing nature--have a direct connection to the Divine and are therefore a threat to the reptilian overlords of this world.

This subjugation of women and the feminine principle in general has filtered down via the reptilian inspired secret societies and fraternal orders to become a fundamental aspect of most religions on this planet.

Ironically the use (or misuse as it were) of Tantric Sexual Magick is a fundamental part of Black Magick. In other words the Black Magicians know that the feminine generative principle is an immensely powerful force which they exploit for their own evil purposes at the expense of the human race in general and human women in particular.

So far James Bartley.

 My wife and I found out the following:

 The female energy is so important for the reptilians that they control, disturb and tap each individual man-woman relationship. Relationship-problems have been created by the reptilians. Every dispute between you two is a reptilian-opera. Every man is unconsciously programmed to suppress the female principle of his partner. Most women already suppress their female principle by themselves – and so on.

Mind control for the exploitation of the female energy
 The following texts my wife Karin and I collected during the last ten years. They are partially based on events that we experienced ourselves and to the other part on extrasensory perceptions.

 Reptilians and draconians and their grey helpers manipulate our collective-consciousness since ten-thousand of years as well as the consciousness of each individual and they forget nobody. Mindcontrol involves not only some “laboratory-rabbits”, that were abducted or were processed in particular institutes, no - we are all mind controlled. Mindcontrol can cause, that you read some chapters but not get the point of them, or you read something, that is not there, or you understand my statements in a different way. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about that.

Manipulation of the collective-consciousness
 The reptilians (I will use this collective-concept since the dracs are also of reptilian nature) have neatly, drafted each of our religions and philosophies with very much love for details and placed them in scene for us. ALL religions are reptilian trademarks and are dangerous. (Sorry, also the Buddhists and also those, who sit in Tibet in the mountains.) The more truths they contain the more dangerous they are because then they are more difficult to expose. The reptilians constantly work on our philosophies; one of their latest creations was New Age. The spread of the idea of our forthcoming ascent to the fifth dimension was quite clever. Those who are waiting for this ascent will not put much effort in defending our three-dimensional planet earth. But this is what it is about - the massive defence of the earth, because they would like to take it and they would like to keep us as energy-supplier.

 The religions are an important part of consciousness-manipulation. But they also work constantly at the consciousness of the different races and the inhabitants of the different countries.

 This might not be new for you, but nevertheless I wanted to mention it.

Manipulation of your consciousness
 Now it becomes difficult. This topic cannot be dealt with a few sentences, and I hope you will not be bored with my  implementations.

 Maybe it is a good entry to begin with the main-intent of the reptilians, namely that they want to suck the female energy (fe) from mankind. This is what their mind control is pointed to. Now I have to explain, what I mean with female energy (fe). Here comes what we found out:

 Each human being has female and male energies, a female and male side. But that is not the topic. Unfortunately I have no other word for this female energy (fe) that I will talk about. This female energy comes from the woman's abdomen (strictly speaking from the second Chakra). This energy works passively, that means, women must not do anything to make it work. Only the energy should not be prevented from flowing. If the ‘fe’ can flow unrestricted into the outside world, something wonderful happens: The outside world changes into a paradise. The ‘fe’ is the source of affluence and abundance in the framework of a family. Under suitable circumstances, a woman can hold an even bigger circle of persons in agreeable and happy conditions. Climate, animals and plants are happy to come in resonance with the ‘fe’ and produce positive circumstances for the human beings, for example sufficient food, disappearance of parasites, mosquitoes etc. Also beauty, well-being and health are products of the ‘fe’.

 We can assume that only a small fraction of the ‘fe’ is available to us. This causes that the largest part of mankind lives in wretched circumstances and causes energy and climate-problems etc. If there were many women with intact ‘fe’, all planetary energy-problems would be solved. Free energy would be available to everybody. But with the actual lack of ‘fe’, our geniuses can try as hard as they want - free energy won't be available to the public.

 All this stands here as a claim, but maybe some of you can sense a kernel of truth in it because once, a long time ago, we have already lived in so wonderful conditions. According to our perceptions these kind of conditions existed in Lemuria.

 If we accept this description of the ‘fe’, it must become clear for you, man, that you cannot earn your Ferrari through overtime in the office but rather begin looking at your wife with new eyes. I believe this is a good example that makes a durable impression. And, to make it even more glaring: The reptilians drive in your Ferrari, having a good time with your wife's energies, while you slave away about the survival. - How do the reptilians do this?

 Here one of the mind control methods:

Ridiculous, embarrassing, typical woman.

 There is a joke of a woman in a traffic circle (roundabout), who becomes desperate about leaving the circle. She finally parks her car inside the traffic circle and calls her husband. If a man tells this history pleasure-fully, most women would like to disappear in the ground. It’s such a painful feeling and she knows it so well. It can be just as embarrassing, if a woman buys two T-shirts for $4.95 each and is completely  blocked (reptilian control) in calculating the sum. But at least one man must watch the event to make it really embarrassing.

 Reptilians block women to originate embarrassing situations. In the course of time, a trauma is created so that the woman blocks herself already by fear. The man becomes a involuntary (mind controlled) reptilian agent. His opinion about his wife's deficiencies, which additionally agrees with the public opinion, is enough to weaken his wife so much, that the reptilians can absorb a morsel of energy at this moment. By dissociating himself from his wife in these seconds or minutes, he withdraws his protection from her and one piece of his Ferrari is lost. He doesn't have to say a word, his negative thoughts about her are enough to allow this theft.

 The situations are unending: Woman always needs indefinitely long if one wants to go out. She never knows what clothes to put on. - Men, sit down together with your partner and list the points, that come under this category. You must learn what hurts your partner. Maybe you  can notice, what that means: Pay attention to your automatic responses to your partner. You must be very awake and conscious together. Situations, where you close your heart are not only unpleasant but dangerous.

 For example I feel fear, if I have the feeling, my wife buys too many shoes and spends too much money on it. That seems to be an old trauma of myself and ties up my heart on that occasion. You must talk together about that - about the fear, not about the shoes. I know, that men don’t like to talk about their fears (mind controlled), they rather bitch about the purchase of the shoes. That is a dangerous repression of the problem, that weakens your wife, strengthens the reptilians.

 There are women, who avoid the awkwardness from the beginning, by assuming male principles. They act practically like a man. Since they hate their ‘being woman’, usually they are also unpleasant to other women. Their ‘fe’ has almost disappeared; a deep wound can be found in the heart over this loss.

 Of course the aforementioned practice works only for couples and also only then, if both are on the wavelength to deal with these topics. If you are single, you can think again how that topic showed up in your last relationships. But the topic needs practical experiences with a (new) partner. Everyone should strive for to have a partner-relationship. Whoever wants to voluntarily remain alone ousts something.

 (I would like to point out to you that Karin and I have not yet solved the reptilian-problem at all. The female energy does not flow at all. We are constantly attacked and drained of energy and we constantly must fight back. What we reached until now: a reliable, good partnership without mutual injury. We don't have any recipes for a final solution unfortunately.)

Some say that we are in a spiritual war. That is no bad concept, but strictly speaking the war took place in form of an astral invasion a long time ago, and now we are in the condition of captivity. What is still missing is our liberation. Maybe our way of liberation already began, but I am on guard against pleasing me too early.

 We got used to the conditions of our captivity. We believe our present type of live is normal. But we actually live in a type of matrix as represented in the same-named movie (Caution! Every comparison has its problems). This matrix serves the purpose to enable a parasitic existence to foreign beings, without us noticing it. This world-wide control- and manipulation-system of the reptilians consists of an astral energy-net that also contains components that are in our visible reality: For example subterranean supervision-stations including human personnel (and possibly stations on the moon, as a friendly clairvoyant informed me, what, however, I could not check until now).

 I once could jump with my astral body into a supervision-station. I saw screens, that probably showed the energy level of an area of the earth. If a human being or a group in this area can free themselves so far that its/their positive energy rises, so this is perceptible on the screen like a mountain peak. Counter-measures are introduced as a result. The astral energies of the matrix constantly affect our everyday life, hold our energy level low, prevent, that we find ways to the liberation, procure us new traumas, even new karma! This deception now worked many millennia, and I assess it as a positive sign that the actions of the reptilians more and more reach the public now.

 How could our life be without the strangers?

 Divine, really divine. I have the solid conviction that God / Goddess is in us. Divine potential is in us without restriction: Clairvoyance and wisdom, the abilities to cause miracles, to change matter and climate. We would sense connection to all, intensive contact with other people. Love, happiness, physical thriving, sexuality, zest for life would be standard. To express vice-versa therefore: Fear, compunction, pain, lack, impotence would be lack-ware. In the internet descriptions of the Lemurians can be found that demonstrate similar conditions.

 But that is much too beautifully, therefore it can not be true, someone answered me. Therefore why should one believe me? – There are people who could experience these conditions partially and time wise (like I did). There is another group of people, that have a reminiscence of this condition, they simply know that it is so. There are people that could experience similar conditions through past life-returns. There is not much more evidence.  

 If one takes a little time and feels into this type of the existence, then, one begins to foresee the matrix that represents our prison. And one can determine that each human being is in the trap, without exception. The foreseeing of the matrix was an occasion for Karin and me to shift the country to go at a place, where the matrix looks different and feels different. 

If there should be still somebody, that doesn't yet know the "fish in the water-story", here I need it: Well, I say to a fish "hello fish, how are you doing there in the water?" The fish answers: "Water? Which water?" Then I snap the fish and hold him one meter over the water, making him look down. As a result, the fish says "Ahhhh, Ohhh! That is water?!"

 I had to heat up this story because I would like to still hold you a while over the water, so that you can have more time to look at the matrix from above. I would like to report two of my experiences.

 I think it was about 15 years ago, as I did the daring step to give notice as a well-paid electronics-engineer and to move into a completely uncertain career as psychic healer. My company had given me a couple of technical translations that served me as income for the next 3 month. Finally I was out of the office-atmosphere and I sat in my big apartment at the beginning of a forest. I participated in a good seminar in this time where one met many positive people. Maybe it was these factors that suddenly something popped up inside me. Something happened to my heart. Something opened up that never happed before.

 Three seminar-participants stayed the night with me at my apartment. As I faced the first visitor that got up in the morning, I broke out in tears of the joy. And it was not even embarrassing for me. I was so overjoyed. It probably was the first time in this life that I could completely perceive a human being and his soul. This contact was so intensive that it overpowered me. As I could calm myself again, I could explain my opposite what was going on. But I had only five minutes, because then, the next happiness attack came with many tears. As the others got up the same thing happened from the beginning. Later I had to drive our small group to the seminar, and I remember the trip very well because my tears broke out at least ten times during the half-hour trip.

 My heart probably got used to this condition in the next days. I could then meet people keeping my eyes dry. But a constant lucky-feeling was in me, the increased, when I met people. I could sense a second feeling that was contentment, indescribable contentment. I had no more interest at all to go to Schwabing in the evening, where a part of Munich’s nightlife happens and to unsuccessfully continue to look out for a relationship. I sat down in the evening and constructed a small radio with patience and contentment I never felt before. The second evening, something beautiful happened. A girl friend of mine called. It was the person I was most interested for a relationship. But she had a boyfriend and I heard nothing from her probably already 2 years and I never took her into consideration. Now, she called, told me that she lived alone already a while and asked literally: “Are you still available?” After this telephone call I had to catch my heart that jumped around wildly in the apartment.

 The next weeks were unique. There was nothing particular. I had my translation-work, built my new girl-friend a pair of big speakers with much dedication and she visited me now and then. Mostly she had very much work and could not come sometimes, although it was arranged. But I could not sense any disappointment. Contentment and happiness were there constantly.

 The condition remained amazingly long. I think six weeks. Then, the dark side beings worked probably powerfully to stop that. With the help of some inebriated people, that the reptilians could use as medium they pulled me down again on a normal (matrix) level.

 The second story, that I would like to tell, involves an episode from one of my former lives in Atlantis. The experience was short but intensive: I wandered around in a beautiful building, obviously in laboratory-areas. My condition of consciousness was so, as in above history, full of solidarity and love and it seemed to be the normal condition of all people. A younger fellow then approached me, didn't look at me and had an appliance in his hand that he had assembled and immediately wanted to explain it to me, a process that would be quite normal nowadays. But I was aghast. The young man had no contact with me. He was completely in his research and with all his consciousness caught in his head.

 In the laboratory, I found the most people in this condition. They worked on appliances in order to reinforce and control energies. In my opinion something like this was not necessary at all. However, one could guide energies with the heart. I sensed, that they have lost contact with each other and with themselves. I was aghast that these young people were so as we are actually today. End of this story.

 If I remember all this, I get the idea that that is absolutely sick, what we consider normal, human consciousness. There would be an urgent need to put us into the intensive care unit of a psychiatric clinic. Maybe you assent me. The life on this planet can’t work this way. This is the result of the matrix.

 The matrix has many thousand details and is different for everyone. It seems to me, however, that the absence of intensive contact with oneself and with others, as I described, is one of the conditions, so that the matrix can work. Intensive contact only works by feeling and many people from the industrialized countries have their consciousness caught in their heads. (Later more about this topic.)

Manipulation of the perception
 Karla Turner (died) belonged to the people, who worked together with Barbara Bartolic and James Bartley. She wrote several books, all referential to alien influences and all can be downloaded from the internet. I published this information in the CB-Forum and someone called the photo of Karla "energy-sucking"

 My wife Karin startled as a result, she was really afraid as she noticed that people are judged by their photo and that one then believes he would have recognized the human being, watching the photo. It is possible to emboss negative energies on photos. Warlocks and reptilians can do this. That is very likely the case with the photo of Karla Turner. We don't like the photo either, but a photo and a person are two different things. There can be a big difference between the energy of a photo and the energy of the human being.

 Karin is so terrified because the same thing happens to her photos. It seems to be bewitched, on almost all photos, something foreign, angry overlaps. In the meantime, it is clear to us both from where this influence comes. We only don't understand what importance does it have to the reptilians to spoil each photo of her. They can sometimes do this even later. They can emboss bad energies on actually good pictures later. Did somebody of you experience something similar?

 The bad thing is not the embossing of energies. The bad thing is that the observers of the pictures judge the people after these energies.

 The deception is one of the most important arms of our parasites. Parts of it are lies that are spread by reptilian hosts and other key-persons. But a more direct damage is caused for us by the manipulation of our perception - optically, acoustically and above all extrasensory.

Deception of the optical perception
The manipulation of our optical perception happens through the embossing of astral energies on photos, objects or people. The reptilians can give positive people a negative radiation (and reverse). They make this for example if somebody wants to hold a lecture, that doesn't fit into their agenda. Due to their optical perception the listeners will distrust the auditor and lock the heart-chakra. Then, the poor fellow has no chance of convincing people.

 The listeners might believe that their heart would have received the negative radiation of the speaker. But they have been fooled. What truly happens is following:

To the optical perception (maybe the type looks quite normal), the astral perception of the third eye adds up and here the negative energy comes in. Here the thought arises, the type is not ok. The brain perceives negativity and makes a rejecting decision. As a result, the heart reacts in a negative way. The auditor feels unwell.

 In order to come right to the point: I believe that the only perception that cannot be falsified by the reptilians is the direct perception with the heart-chakra that means contact from soul to soul. The above example is no such case. What would happen if you perceived the speaker with your heart?

 You would close the eyes, intensively sense your breast-area, your respiration and then get into contact with him. You will perceive the negative energy, because it is there. What also is there, is the person's good intention and a lot of energy, that this person has already put into his lecture-topic. This perception needs some time because to receive feelings take time. You will notice maybe half a minute later that the negative energy was embossed over this freedom-fighter. This might cause a knot in your breast with a simultaneous surging of compassion. If this happens with intensity, you will notice that the embossed energy vanishes, perceptibly for you, for him and for the other participants. This means that you healed him (oh, sh... now, I have betrayed the secret of spiritual healing).

 This real healing-process should be distinguished of that, what many call “send love”. I am not anything against “sending love”, but this doesn't work without real contact. In that case without contact “sending love” is rather a type of self-gratification.

 Another detail appeared here: Perception needs time. In many seminars over clairvoyance etc. it was taught, one should take the first information that comes into your mind. These teachings come from the top-parasites of the white brotherhood. The fastest perception comes through the third eye and this perception can be manipulated. This is exactly what those white brothers want. The perception with the heart needs time, because feelings cannot unfold in milliseconds. And I must feel the other person's emotional world piece for piece in order to really be able to understand the other person.

 The reptilians can emboss a positive radiation and charisma on a person, which serves them and therefore spreads lies, consciously or unconsciously. This version of deception sometimes is more difficult to uncover. The astral manipulation is picked up by the third eye, the brain reports "everything clear" and the heart relaxes. Whoever tries to establish contact over the heart will notice that it doesn't go. Most people can’t do this anyway and those who could might believe it is their own failure (As people mostly do).

 Whoever is cleared up enough notices the incongruity of the statements and becomes suspicious, but this happens over the head - but it happens after all!

 There are quite not many people, for example my wife Karin, who can’t be deceived even with the very best deception of this type. If she goes into such a lecture, she is attacked immediately. Her energy will be sucked; she gets twitches in the eyes, can hardly speak, starts to stutter. She then doesn't have any chance to say something against this top-charismatic speaker. In such a case, she simply must go. 

Deception of the acoustic perception
The freshest acoustic manipulation, that I ever experienced, was as follows: Karin and I argued. After so many years I don’t know any more about what. She suddenly became really sour and bitches about something, which I should have said. I said: "I did not say that!" She: "yes, you did", I: "no" .....She: "But I heard it very clearly" ....I: "However, I didn’t say so" .... She paused a moment. Then, she said: "You are right, it admittedly was your voice, but it came one meter from your right”.

 Hard to believe, that Karin perceived the talking of a spirit, that was obviously standing one meter beside me. It tried to separate us. But fortunately this tossed a new light at our dispute and in the end it brought us more together.

 Normally, it doesn't work so extremely. But that, what gets into the ear and what arrives in the brain, can be different things. Everyone has a canal for astral hearing (a third ear, if one wants so), through what the words really said can be changed. Or one understands simply badly or one simply doesn't understand anything. (Brain blockade).

Manipulation of extrasensory perception
In the years 92 - 96 approximately I had an office for spiritual healing in the centre of Munich city. The office also had a seminar-room that I used myself and also rented for other peoples seminars. This way, I knew many clairvoyant people and healers from many countries. Some were very good, brought astonishing results. There was only one problem: if they wanted to help Karin, nothing helpful came up. I even noticed a tendency, to make Karin small, stupid and spiritually weakly developed. "My energies are to strong for her, “they often said. However, this flattered my ego, it removed energy from Karin.

 Clairvoyant people, healers and therapists of all the type, usually suck energy from Karin, mostly unconsciously. They could not help her and then, gave her the blame in an open or subtle way. "Find out why you want to suffer!" or "why do you want to hold on to the negativity?" were some of the high-intelligent sayings. Here I would like to demonstrate, especially women, that some people are more dangerous than others for the reptilians and those have a lot of problems in their life. Don't let yourselves impress with sayings of "resonance" and "self-causation."

 For all the many spiritual people at that time, there was a primarily positive heaven and, of course, there were also some negative things, but we will get rid of those soon. Time ago I had the same opinion but through my partnership with her and through intensive sessions we slowly found out a very different truth. We collected information from these sessions for a possible book "The Mafia of the Spirits", because we didn't yet know anything about the reptilians. At that time, we didn't meet any single clairvoyant, healer or other spiritual people that would have noticed something of this Mafia. We could however determine very well, how reliable the reptilians manipulated the individual people we dealed with.

 However, the present-day knowledge about the reptilians and their way of operation doesn't protect us from the manipulation of our extrasensory perception. Maybe we can look somewhat more critically at our perceptions. I try to produce an intensive soul-contact in healing- or blasting-sessions. I believe that so I reach levels that are outside of the reach of the reptilians. However, I made good experiences but I have no proof and also no counterevidence.

 There are methods of extrasensory perception with aids and, according to my experience, these are very easily impressionable and don't deliver any secure results. Sometimes, they deliver a row of excellent results, partially also over a long time, so that one bites at the hook (of the reptilians).

 Once I had printed out papers with the numbers from 1 to 49, and I immediately succeeded in dowsing four correct numbers at the lottery (which is to find 6 numbers of 49). I told this event to a patient. Thereafter I could never again dowse even one single lottery-number again, and I could later recognize how the envy of this patient lured spirits, that disturbed this pendulum. I know people, that try to dowse themselves through their life and I am sorry about them. Make verifiable tests. Find the aces in a card game. Yes, sometimes you succed, but much too rare.

 Another example is Kinesiology. We had the luck to get to know many kinesiologists and could determine that each kinesiologist likes to diagnose his favorite-allergies. Then, they also love to find the newest matters, over which they had read something lately. However, the muscle-test proves it, or not? Unfortunately, everyone proved something different. Many kinesiologists are an example for people who are stronger connected with their therapy-method as with their patient. But they are not the only ones of this type.

The virtual Heart-chakra
 I already knew that my hairdresser has an interest in spiritual topics, therefore, while she cut her my hair yesterday, I told her a little from my work. With the topic "Resolve traumas from former lives", she said: "I have no trauma from former lives." The other present person said the same. I noticed again, how much most people believe, that their current condition is completely normal.

 As far as I can overlook it, no being wanders around on this planet without trauma, I included. The trauma-free condition probably would correspond to how I imagine Jesus. If somebody is in such a condition, please report to me. But this is not about a levitated, spiritualized condition striving toward enlightment. I mean people, that are able to sense you fully and completely - all your feelings, your pasts, your possible future. And they can develop so much compassion, that you can sense, how your loads drop down from you, if this person looks at you for a while.

 [I tend to the belief, that trauma fulfils the function to separate souls from their origin and from each other, in order to create individuality. It is likely that individual being can only arise in a form of isolation. The separation of a soul from the soul-collective is always a painful process, more painful than separating a person from his family for example. These traumas are used over many lives for holding the person in the borders of their respective "I", so it can’t vanish again in the soul-group, what an “I” would very much like to do and would even sense it as a relief. I believe however that this is not the sense of our design. In this sense, one could classify the reptilians and company as necessary soul-separators. The question poses itself here: Are they overdue long ago maybe?]

 A trauma, provided it never was dissolved, is dragged along energetically from live to live. They sometimes remain in the background and sometimes enter into appearance very strongly, also as physical symptom. By all means traumas affect the heart-chakra and they lock it, insulate it. And that is the sad condition, in which we consider ourselves. We find much pain and fear in our hearts. Most people avoid the contact with it by occupying themselves with other things.

Place to escape: head
 The brain is callous. This is also valid in the energetic sense. In the head, we cannot perceive any emotions. We can admittedly think of something dangerous, but the fear then comes from the stomach, for example, not from the head. We can think also something nice, and the body responds to it with good feelings.

 The capacity of the brain is so big that virtual worlds can be built there. Into these worlds, we can escape if we are afraid, for example. To our own advantage we design good worlds in the head. The head becomes filled up with religious, moral, spiritual teachings for example. Why not? Thoughts and behaviour are guided by these programs. That means, we usually find people that behave morally perfectly, help others, like to advise others and speak a lot about love. Always much love, love, love. One has the impression, it is a human being with a good heart, but it is a human being with a virtual heart-chakra in the head and a traumatized heart in the breast. A traumatized heart can have a few beautiful hours sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't feel good and the consciousness hangs around in the head.

 A virtual heart-chakra looks for confirmation. It would like to help  many people (noble knights) or it constantly looks for admiration for its intelligent advice. It can degenerate also in fanaticism. Contentment rarely appears and contact with others only at the surface.

 More or less we all belong to this category, therefore don’t push it far away from you. And we, with a virtual heart-chakra, can inflict (but don’t have to) big damage to others. If we meet a woman, for example, that bravely defends her female energy and she isn’t doing well therefore, we gladly give her advices, normally the newest of our spiritual knowledge. Simultaneously, the reptilians can attack the woman on the astral-level. They can use the ousted fear in our heart as canal and can find the woman in an open, undefended condition, since she expects only our help. Often, we also push our own fears to her without somebody noticing it. To make this possible, the man must cover a superior position (advisor, healer, clairvoyant, priest, boss), that the help-seeking person acknowledges.

 This principle is not limited on man – woman. It’s only a typical example and it happens so extremely frequent. With sufficient time, I could still find a whole book full of examples, how head oriented human beings are used to suck female energy. The basic principle is that people are separated from their feelings, from themselves and, of course, from others. It can already be enough if you sit in front of your computer a few hours that they steal your wife’s energy.

 Actually we all are agents for the reptilians and we all represent a potential danger for the female energy, therefore for mankind (actually stupidly from us, others get paid for it). And as long as we can still be used as canal from the reptilians in this unhealed condition, that we consider normal, we can neither really protect ourselves. Protection-technologies cannot work long-term; otherwise you would never be forced to heal yourself. The existence of the reptilians forces you to heal yourself completely. However, that is finally something good about the reptilians.

 [Try to find out, what role, what kind of show you have invented, to demonstrate yourself and the rest of the world, that you’ve got your life under control. Behind these roles, you find insecurity, fear and pain. If you are in a sad condition, you are much nearer at your soul (and safer from the reptilians) than in apparent happiness. There is much mourning in the soul. If all human beings would cry for one week, humanity would have taken a giant step in development.]

Sexual energy - reptilians favourite meal
 As was said in some commentaries - everyone has male and female energies. This is an aspect I have not written anything about, because I tried to concentrate on the essential for me. Therefore thank you for your contributions relating to this. The topic "male and female side of the human being" is an important and big topic. If one works on it (for example with spiritual healing sessions), to bring both sides together, giant advances usually happen.

 If however, I spoke of female energy (FE) in prior chapters, however, I meant something else. The problem is to give it a name. I propose, however, we stick with the expression FE for the particular energy that I mean here:

 The heart-chakra for example needs a physical heart/ a breast, a forehead-chakra needs a physical forehead / a brain, to be able to fulfil its task. However, our lower energy-centres find different organs with man and woman in each case and consequently fulfil different energetic functions. 

 [I imagine a chakra as an energy-converter, which can convert energies from the spiritual level into the astral and the 3D-level and vice versa. Furthermore, it has contact and communication with the other chakras in the body, as well as with the chakras of other people or beings. Probably, it can do even much more. The second chakra is often named sexual-chakra. This concept is too single-sided for me because it has many functions outside the sexuality.]

 The woman has in the area of the second chakra her uterus and this is crucial for its function. It is the task of the uterus to create a safe area for the new creature where it can grow without worrying. The uterus makes available everything, blood, oxygen, food, heat, everything, what the child needs. The function of the second chakra of the woman has about the same abilities. If it worked right, it could convert the surroundings, in which we live, in a way that everything would be available what we need. And the woman would not need to do anything than “be woman”. Neither man nor woman would need to work roughly. A lot of sex however would have a profitable effect.

 This description of the function of the second chakra is not from any textbook. I cannot bring you any proof either. I have only reminiscences of my former lives, as well as some patients could also remember similar experiences during the healing-sessions: Memories of lives without lack and fear.

 We carried out a common session with a clairvoyant Dominican girlfriend some time ago in order to explore these bygone times. For example, we could perceive a scene with several small cottages, in which one pair (man/woman) lived in each case, which had intensive sex. Not far away from those there were many further cottages, so to speak of a whole village. We could determine that the pairs were the main energy source of that village. As long as they were doing well, the harvests were luxuriant, the climate outstanding, the life of all was agreeable. Of course, these pairs were not the only ones who were having sex, but there were probably women, who could develop especially powerful energies. This scene was only from one certain epoch at one certain place, but, I think that one recognizes the fundamental principle.

 The man is an important catalyst for the FE just like for the production of children. I still know too little about the man's exact energetic function. We would need other circumstances for it. Possibly the man's main task is into guaranteeing the connection over his heart-chakra to the soul-level while the woman is mainly responsible for the material realizations. It could therefore be that one pair works together like an energetic team. But these are suppositions.

 I only know that very often the man represents the leaky part, over which the reptilians can access the FE, if they don't have the woman already under their control anyway. If a woman gets involved in a new relationship, that’s principally a dangerous energetic situation for her. Many women had bad experiences with men, who drained them.

 So, and now, it is about sex in 2006. (Actually I wanted to call this chapter “head-penis-short-circuit”, but I believe this title would be too one-sided.) Between the individual chakras, there are direct energy-connections and a number of connections all over. For example, there is an energy-connection between head and the second-chakra that is, for my opinion, too strong (through reptilian influence). This bypass avoids the chakras laying between them, above all the heart-chakra. That causes for example with the man, that he can get desire for sex on an optical attraction, without the other chakras being able to test, whether this is good for him or her.

 Sexual activity without heart-chakra is a good prerequisite for the reptilians to steal FE. Physical force and psychic humiliation increase the harvest.

 Sexual fantasies, imaginations in the head cause desire for man and woman, they say. Experts have determined that sex runs over the head - I have read. Sexual imaginations enliven the marriage blah, blah, blah. A big market has grown, that wants to stimulate our imaginations and that is supposed to stimulate the male optical perception. You notice already on which nasty item I am talking about. Obviously, I want to spoil your sexual desire. The evasion of the heart-chakra is the problem if the sex-impulse comes from the head. We can assume that the reptilians put very much work into this detail. We have sex – they are with us. This is a huge Mindcontrol topic.

 The principle "I am stimulated - I want sex" is not commendable. A moment is commendable, when you are having a good time with your partner, if you understand each other very well; if you perceive acknowledgment for each other.  First deepen the heart-chakra-connection. For example lie down together, breast to breast and sense yourselves. I mean sense your feelings, not only your bodies. Try to pull the feelings of your opposite inside of yourself. This connection is salutary, that means blockades can be released on that occasion. All chakras now come in connection with your partner. Sex now comes completely by itself. If you can manage it this way, quite new energetic phenomenons can occur with the sex.

 Unfortunately I am afraid that the reptilians in such a case will introduce counter-measures immediately (usually in the next 2-3 days). But that should be no reason not to stride ahead. You have to go through that. They will definitely work reinforced on dividing you. The thousand subtle methods to make a woman ridiculous they will apply now. Be aware – they will manipulate your perception. It can be that they make you sick. It can also be that they send you other people to bring strife. Also "good friends" can be turned.

The reverse resonance-law
 If therefore you want to go on a higher energy level through the approach at the FE, or if you come too near at certain truths, then, you will be attacked. Then, problems arise. The spiritual law of resonance is suspended:

 You have problems, because you are in the right way and not, because you still have another couple of unsolved problems from your past.

 Exactly now, the spiritual experts usually appear and tell you that you caused everything that happens, that you are the one to blame. Without noticing it, they remove strength from you. In this fight against the reptilians, about our freedom counts: Whoever wants to free the female energy (FE), will have problems. Whoever just wants to dance on a spiritual inspiration-path, can do very well and like to demonstrate to himself and others, that he is on the right way. But he is fine because he doesn't represent any danger for the reptilians.


 About 25 years before, I lived in Caracas and met a young lad with whom I could talk a whole evening over spirituality and weird things. We both had to report very interesting experiences. Late in the evening, he told me that he had lost his father and that he feels dragged to some men. Ah, ah, not me! I would have preferred to make myself invisibly at this moment. Physical relationships to men were rather repulsive for me. To the parting the lad wanted to embrace me but I was not able to do it.

 As I was alone in my room later, quite strange things happened. I sensed how an unknown energy influenced me. Homosexual ideas were combined in this energy with much sexual desire. I perceived arousal. That kept me connected with this energy in this night. I knew that I didn't have anything to do with it, however I sensed a fight inside myself, that ran out on an unconscious level. Everything was gone after two hours. I had the feeling, if I had embraced the lad in order to do him a favour, this homosexual energy would have become more vehement in this night.

 That was the first time that I could perceive such an energy as coming from an energy-pool. The pool is like an energy-concentrate of ideas and feelings that one can hardly resist in case of intensive contact. The sex-pools work especially simple because they are loaded with much desire and greed. Dependence, addiction-behaviour can easily be created. There are more sex-pools for sadistic sex, masochistic sex, sex with children and so on.

 Attention, I don't claim that all unorthodox sex-methods are tied up to sex-pools. For example I had a female patient, who was a man in the last past life. She could simply not feel any desire for men. She felt attracted to women, on what her heart-chakra also was activated. Homosexuality therefore is not fundamentally to classify as dangerous but only then, if an addiction-factor adds to it through a sex-pool. As well, nothing is wrong about group-sex in principle. There were times where this was rather usual. And there are groups nowadays, in which things are running more harmoniously, as in many marriages.

Religious and spiritual pools
 I discovered another energy-pool with Reiki. It consists of a collection, a concentration of healing-energy. At this pool, one can dock using the corresponding offered technologies and inaugurations. One actually connects to healing-energy, but it is not of “divine origin” however, like they say but it is stolen. It is a collection of energies of many souls that were tapped somehow. Possibly, this stealing can happen with help of the inaugurations. They steel life-energy from the Reiki-inaugurated and a part of it is given back to him as healing-energy. This principle is applied with many healing-technologies and religions. It only was so that I first noticed it with Reiki. I freed people from their inaugurations and a big load fell off from them. I would not like to declare everyone who does Reiki, as dangerous, but I personally would not like to be treated even from the nicest Reiki-people.

 A quite typical, dangerous statement with Reiki and other technologies is called: "I am only canal." The healing-energy should flow only through the hands of the healer to the patient. The remaining body of the healer should keep completely out. You already notice that this disagrees with all my statements. Firstly one must be completely in contact with the patient in order to avoid foreign-influence. And secondly the divine origin sits inside oneself and the healing-energy therefore should flow through the own soul and flow perceptibly through the own body consequently.

 The most spectacular pool for me is an energy-pool of the Vatican that we discovered once in cooperation with our clairvoyant Dominican friend. We discovered many floors underground, I don't know whether real or astral, in which soul-parts are held captive. For example we could find there soul-parts of so called witches and warlocks, who were killed during the inquisition. There seems to be a big potential of astral energy there below. We discovered that appearances of Mary were done with it. Also the appearances of Fatima were produced from this energy. No notion, what else one can do with it (Voodoo in Africa and at my place, close to Haiti works with captured soul-parts in the same way). The pool is strictly guarded by reptilians. Everywhere we were, we met lizards, who attacked us, and that did hurt. We believe that we could free some soul-parts, but don’t know how many more are there below, however. Practically from every one of us a part can be stuck there below.


The structure of evil
 Maybe it is important to know our opponents, maybe not. I don't yet know the answer. The draconians seem to occupy the most powerful position under the aliens until now presented. There might exist quite more powerful beings, however, which possibly just don’t appear for us. Even one single being, a kind of Satan, can sit at the top of the dark power. But we know too little about it.

 Even about the dracs I found not many statements. How do they look? The descriptions, that I found until now, mostly have the same appositive "and they have wings", but otherwise no description. This shows that people copy what they read elsewhere and one doesn't know from where the information comes originally. Some people report, that they counteracted grays, reptilians and dracs in subterranean, secret installations, but I didn't come upon a description of the dracs. (who ever knows something about them, please e-mail.).

 The lizard-beings (reptilians) and the dracs dominate our astral-world. Their dominant control is so strong that other races retreated; above all in the last years. Fifteen years ago, I had contact with a helping group of spiritual entities. They are not available now. As I tried to contact them two years ago, they gave me a short life-sign and a hint that they don’t want to be discovered. I agree with James' Bartleys opinion here that there is possibly no helping alien race in our reach (what doesn’t mean that this could not change). The helping spirits and groups that actually exist, are rather disguised dracs, reptilians and grays, as it is the case with the so called “white brotherhood or the elevated masters”.

 A part of the power of these three races probably is that they have another relation to time. Specifically the dracs. I had the impression that they are not tied to our time-frameworks and can act in past, present and future simultaneously. The lifespan of dracs and reptilians probably amounts to some ten thousand of years (or maybe it’s all different in the astral dimension) and corresponding their planning is long-term.

 Every human being incarnated at the moment has been traumatized by them already in other past lives before thousand of years and was manipulated, so that they have access to everybody’s astral energies. This point is the most important and our parasites have done a lot of work that it becomes not publicly known. This remote control that they installed into our souls hundreds, thousands or ten thousands of years ago, is our sorest point. As long as they hold parts of our soul occupied, we are assailable, controllable, they can appoint us for their purposes without us becoming conscious about it.

 In different groups, that regularly meet, to expel these dark natures, this point is ignored with emphasis. I had placed some hope into these groups and now am disappointed over this dangerous ignorance.

 It is reported that there are two kinds of the grays and this also corresponds to my perception. The small grays are about 1,20 meters high and obviously artificially created bio-robots that execute commands. They do the dirt-works, the large mass of the abductions. The big grays are as tall as we are. They have more abilities and more possibility of own decisions. Bartley admittedly writes that one doesn't need to heed the grays; they are only helpers of the reptilians. However, I believe that the abilities of the big grays are considerably and dangerous for us.

 The Bartley-group found out that the grays put the so-called screen-memory over abducted people. That means they are able to generate pictures, feelings and messages and to transfer those on people, which have been manipulated in spaceships or subterranean installations. With this technique these people come back with wrong memories after the abduction.

 Recently, I could perceive a tall gray in a human body, with what I don't know, whether he simply pushed the soul aside, or how he got in there. Different to a reptilian host, that means a reptilian in the human-body, this gray seemed to be essentially better adjusted to the human way of being. The dangerous thing is that he is practically not identifiable as an enemy. He behaves extremely kind and with his flattering manner he reaches all the people and groups, that he wants to deceive. He currently uses his ability to generate illusions, as member of miscellaneous groups (groups of clairvoyants that met to fight the parasites) to mislead the same. His astral holograms are practically not to be distinguished from clairvoyants from the reality. The only showy about him is that he always appears like an excellent student and only flatters, never criticizes and in the course of time develops into a gladly-seen, essential member.

 I don't know, whether this sounds dangerous for you, but such a being  with use of wrong feelings and illusions in a court-case could cause that an innocent is locked up for life.

 Well, it seems so that all three races are now able to walk around in human bodies. Shapeshifters are mentioned in some articles, that means they can switch between human and reptile shape. I don’t have any experience with this topic.

 There may be further races or beings that might suck at us like the reptilians. But more important should be, in what way human beings participate in this dark structure. At first place there are probably the illuminati, where reptilian hosts have important leadership-positions. Whoever should not yet have heard anything about their global network, can make up through links in the appendix. Whoever has not yet read anything about it will hardly believe reading there that for example the United Nations (UN) and the World-Health-Organization (WHO) are illuminati-nests.

 One imagines that the originator of the illuminati, Adam Weißhaupt and others drew plans for a world-government that should lead to completion after more than two hundred years. Do you know anybody else, who thinks ahead so far? Beings with a huge live span must be behind such plans, like astral beings are. And their success, that the illuminati are the richest and mightiest people on the planet, was only possible with help of astral beings.

 But one must be no illuminati in order to work in the sense of the reptilians. Everyone, who is corrupt, everyone, who doesn't have any inhibitions to live from the energies of others is already separated from the human essence and works unknowingly for the reptilians. In the end, we, who are trying to defend mankind, also are infected, as I already described farther above. Strictly speaking, we cannot trust ourselves. Also a good friend can suddenly be used by the reptilians against you over an ancient connection from a past life. Therefore, at the moment it is also difficult to hold together larger groups with positive intentions. They will be infected with agents and are astrally attacked and manipulated by the grays.

 According to Bartley and other sources, there are the so-called 'Milabs' - pitiful, through military (CIA) abducted, usually young people. Using tortures these are made obedient and through glaring pains astral-body-exits can occur. With this method, the Milabs learn to leave their body astrally, which later then works also without torture. Quite irresolutely and obediently, they execute all types of orders, like astral espionage, astral attacks and similar things. There should be over one million Milabs. One finds more details in a very detailed report from Bartley (see appendix).

 One probably feels pity with the Milabs, although one must repulse them energetically if they attack. With corrupt people or the human-despising illuminati, it is already more difficult to feel pity. However, I believe that with all these people we can find torture and force in former lives, that they had no other election, than to change to the dark side. Whoever therefore is corrupt in the current life, without obviously being forced into it, was already separated in former lives from his soul. Healing would be required, but the astral supervision-system of the reptilians doesn't allow this so easily.

 However, the small greys are robots, with the big greys, I am rather certain that the same legalities are valid for them; that means, that also the greys act "heartlessly" from deep injury, and they emotionally became dull.

 There is a book of a clairvoyant (Remote Viewer) of the CIA (forgot the name), who describes a scene on the planet of the greys. He sees from the bird's-eye view how the greys try to save their planet with hectic effort. They fight with climate and energy-problems and huge catastrophes. The clairvoyant also discovers spaceships that are positioned around the planet. Unseen from the victims, these ships generate the climate and energy-problems of the greys.

 Apart of that, that the same is supposed to take place on our planet, I think this history can be true. There is still another reason why I believe that the greys are not evil in principle. About ten years ago I astrally perceived a completely white grey. He alerted me of some things, that involved Karin and me personally. Surprising was that I perceived love and I was moved to tears. Nevertheless, if the greys attack you, you have to fight back, don't try to heal them - it could become a trap.

 Many people like to generalize and gladly formulate universal rules. I would do this if I claimed that also the reptilians and dracs are so profoundly injured, that they have no choice than to be evil. This also sounds spiritually very smart and the bulk of the spiritual people certainly would agree. I can only say "I, however, don't know it”

What to do?
 I once found something in the internet somewhere, where an alien says that no unambiguous call for help is heard from the human race. And they could therefore not intervene. I am not interested here, whether an alien really said this, but the basic idea seems apt to me. Many million people, the illuminati and their helpers, work completely consciously on transforming mankind into slave-conditions. Even essentially more people simply are only corrupt and help so with the deterioration of our situation. Drug-addicted, alcoholics, black-magicians and many religious sects bring their mind in conditions which allow hostile beings to enter our reality. Our main-problem is there: We people don't pull at the same rope. We consume our strengths by directing them against us.

 There are groups, that execute astral sessions, in which they attack hostile beings, fight against hostile plans, dissolve negative energies at miscellaneous places of the earth and similar things. I would be the last person that would not wish success to these groups. However, I was disappointed to notice that the members, whom I met, hardly showed interest in removing their reptilian remote control from their bygone lives from their soul. I found reluctance and aggression. Also the fact brings me to the reflection that these group-sessions always had successful results. We always win - like in the movies.

 You already see what I am up to. I plead that the first liberation-step must be to free oneself from the old reptilian connections. If somebody doesn't have any reference to his bygone lives, that’s only because our enemies prepared this in this way. There is no divine plan that you have to forget your past lives. It is a diabolical plan that holds our soul in a splintered condition, what makes us weak and easily controllable beings.

 In order to be able to solve such old reptilian connections, one needs experience to deal with astral energies. In the other categories, I therefore offer a lot of information and possibilities to learn to deal with astral energies (sorry, that part is in German).

 In the original version of this article of 2006 I described lemurian spirits as possible spiritual helpers. I had collected miscellaneous strange experiences over about 3 months that then ceased again, however. The events don't admit any unambiguous results. Maybe they helped to tone down some storms. Maybe they protected me from some attacks. But I am not certain.

 We had contact with dolphins as long as a native friend had collaborated with us. As she was attacked one day by a dark being, the cooperation and consequently the contact to the dolphins ended. I believe that they are good mental comrades-in-arms, but I leave this topic aside.

 On the other hand one day I had an unexpected contact with a crawfish as I laid relaxed in my plastic pool. Couldn’t believe it - a crawfish! I didn't know what to think of it. I decided to simply perceive what will happen. And the crawfish led me to a place, a small hill a few meters under the water-surface. Slowly, pictures and feelings came together. It was a formerly inhabited place over water. Now, it had sunk, and an unpleasant energy was on it. The crawfish then showed me a dark crawfish that was one to two meters long (3 to 7 feet). I sensed that he guarded the place, or better said he guarded a curse, a magic, that was on the place.

 Today I don’t know anymore how, but I could dissolve the curse. After that the big crawfish floated lifelessly in the water. After that a lot of souls came out from the hill. I saw smithies, carpenters, butchers, all together, as one imagines the inhabitants of a place in the medieval times. Much energy flowed through my body which always happens if soul-parts of other people flow back through my energy-canal to the soul.

 After this event, I could understand, that for example native American Indians have contact with an eagle, who can show them things, over which they fly or show things from the astral-world and similar. Therefore, there are probably many potential helpers in this sense. Beautiful, to know, that even crawfishes are on our side.

 The topic Orgonite I also leave out. It didn't point any effect to Karin and me. I don't say with that, that it doesn't have any effect. I would like to ignore the topic in my web site. There are sufficiently different information-sources.

That I recommend these links, does not mean, that I agree with all the statements of the respective authors.

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