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This is Greg Brown's concept which has been found expedient for reviving bodies of water and clarifying them.  Greg's our network's etheric horticulture consultant and his site is http://community-2.webtv.net/Yardworms/VermiGardens/ .  He calls them 'Peace Pipes,' by the way.  Just half-fill any length of empty pipe with orgonite and a single, towerbuster-type of crystal and toss it in polluted water.

I did an acre-sized pond in Uganda with five pipe bombs, 9 inches long and 7/8" diameter and a week later the scummy, opaque and stinky water had turned clear, smelled nice and had no scum at all.

A few weeks later, some Japanese relief workers from the city were seen fishing there.  The size of these things is determined by your own discretion, apparently.   We haven't found that one size is optimal, just that what we've done works.