Gambling addiction

[Casinos and fixed odds betting terminals are part of the plot to destroy The Family through robbery and gambling addiction/debt.]

Jowell, Tessa   New Labour

See: Debt  The Family

Jon Mendelsohn ex spokesman and lobbyist for the gambling company PartyGaming

[2013 Jan] The High Street misery machines: Betting shops make £1billion a year from picking the pockets of the poor

[2013 Jan] Casino Britain: The deprived town where a staggering £340 for EVERY man, woman and child is pumped into gambling slot machines in a year In 50 poorest areas of UK £5.6billion was spent 4,454 machines last year

[2012]  Native Americans ‘slaughtered, sacrificed, fenced in reservations’ in US  Casinos are legalized robbery. Only weak-minded and weak-spirited would want to spend their time playing in them. There won’t be any casinos in the Republic of Lakotah. We don’t want people to be robbed under a pretext that this kind of business is profitable for a tribe.

[Media June 2004] The licensing of disorder by Melanie Phillips
[Media Oct 2004] Gambling boom that no one wants
[Media Oct 2004] Gambling law shake-up is unveiled
[Media Oct 2004] Hundreds of thousands face gambling addiction
Betraying the values my party stood for By ROY HATTERSLEY

When the Illuminati want to destroy a lineage, they will purposefully try to get a man or woman in that lineage hooked on gambling. That will begin a cycle of evil spirits being passed down for generations. The Illuminati Formula 10. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc. A. Using spiritual principles against a person

Gambling magnate
Adelson, Sheldon

Russell Means