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[Globalization is the cancerous spread of Corporatism (aka Fascism) around the world, ie Corporate profits from robbery, and from death and disease---" corporate 'health care' creates sickness, disability and death, and profits from it" (aka Allopathy).  Good examples being  the GM conspiracy and third world vaccination (see: Genocide) along with other toxic drugs such as AZT).
    India was forced to buy seeds due to a drought 1 (see:

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John Perkins

[2008] GLOBALIZATION AND POVERTY: Interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva By Gary Null

[2004] Corporate Globalisation By Vandana Shiva More than 25,000 peasants in India have taken their lives since 1997 when the practice of seed saving was transformed under globalisation pressures and multinational seed corporations started to take control of the seed supply. Seed saving gives farmers life. Seed monopolies rob farmers of life.

[2007] Economic globalisation has become a war against nature and poor by Vandana Shiva

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

he US, whose health care system is monopolised by corporations, has the worst infant mortality rate compared to 23 other wealthy countries whose health care system is still partly in public hands. US health care corporations are powerful lobbyists and generous financial benefactors to politicians on Capitol Hill. The US has 5% of the world's population and it spends 45% of the world's health dollars. Despite this, Americans' life expectancies are the lowest of 23 other wealthy nations' and lower than some Third World countries like Costa RicaBut not for long," I speculated. "Globalisation is exporting this model to the rest of the world." He seemed agitated, but I had to finish. "This can only mean that corporate health care creates sickness, disability and death, and profits from it," I said. "You can't say that," he hissed. "Yes I can," I answered. "No you can't," he repeated more grimly.  "Why not?". "Because..." He hesitated, searching for the right words. "It's classified."  ----Eve Hilary meeting spook on plane trip (The Rise of the New Global Activist by Eve Hillary, Nexus Oct-Nov 2004).

Many labels are fabricated not by news media but by officialdom. U.S. governmental and corporate leaders talk about “our global leadership,” “national security,” “free markets,” and “globalization” when what they mean is “All Power to the Transnationals.” The media uncritically and dutifully accept these official views, transmitting them to wider publics without any noticeable critical comment regarding the actual content of the policy. Face-value transmission has characterized the press’s performance in almost every area of domestic and foreign policy.
If we are to believe the media, stuff just happens. Consider “globalization,” a pet label that the press presents as a natural and inevitable development. In fact, globalization is a deliberate contrivance of multinational interests to undermine democratic sovereignty throughout the world. International “free trade” agreements set up international trade councils that are elected by no one, are accountable to no one, operate in secrecy without conflict of interest restrictions, and with the power to overrule just about all labor, consumer, and environmental laws, and all public services and regulations in all signatory nations. What we actually are experiencing with GATT, NAFTA, FTAA, GATS, and the WTO is deglobalization, an ever greater concentration of politico-economic power in the hands of an international investor class, a global coup d'etat that divests the peoples of the world of any trace of protective democratic input. [2001] Monopoly Media Manipulation by Dr. Michael Parenti

In keeping with the liberal paradigm, the media never asks why things happen the way they do. Social problems are rarely associated with the politico-economic forces that create them. So we are taught to truncate our own critical thinking. Imagine if we attempted something different. Suppose we report, as is seldom reported, that the harshly exploitative labor conditions existing in so many countries generally has the backing of their respective military forces. Suppose further that we cross another line and note that these rightwing military forces are fully supported by the U.S. national security state. Then suppose we cross that most serious line of all and instead of just deploring this fact we also ask why successive U.S. administrations have involved themselves in such unsavory pursuits throughout the world. Suppose we conclude that the whole phenomenon is consistent with a dedication to making the world safe for free-market corporate capitalism, as measured by the kinds of countries that are helped and the kinds that are attacked. Such an analysis almost certainly would not be printed anywhere except in a few select radical publications. We crossed too many lines. [2001] Monopoly Media Manipulation by Dr. Michael Parenti

"THE GLOBALIZATION of POVERTY and the NEW WORLD ORDER" by Michel Chossudovsky


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