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[One of those Illuminate run outfits, similar to the other Charities, exposed nicely by Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson who was one of it's founders.]

Merck, other Pharma Companies Funding Activist Groups behind the EPA Petition to Regulate Silver by Tony Isaacs

Greenpeace International Founder Dies in Car Crash

Greenpeace, which has called Watson a violent extremist and an eco-terrorist, will no longer comment on his activities, despite the fact that Watson was one of the founders of Greenpeace in 1972 and the first officer on its early campaigns against whaling and the clubbing and skinning of baby harp seals on the Canadian ice floes.
    In 1977 Watson was voted off the Greenpeace board of directors for being generally troublesome, arrogant and difficult to work with, for opposing the incoming president Patrick Moore (who has since gone to work for the nuclear and forestry industries, as Watson loves to point out), and for refusing to apologise for an incident on the Newfoundland pack ice. Watson grabbed a club away from a sealer and threw his pelts and the club into the sea, which was deemed a violation of Greenpeace's non-violent principles, bad publicity and an impediment to the organisation's ability to raise money. Later that year Watson founded Sea Shepherd and the two organisations, despite their shared goals, have been locked into a bitter sibling rivalry ever since.
    'I once called them the Avon ladies of the environmental movement, and they didn't like that, but the real problem is that Greenpeace has turned into a gigantic self-perpetuating bureaucracy,' Watson says. 'They spend millions of dollars every year on advertising and direct-mail campaigns simply to raise more money. People feel good about giving money to Greenpeace. But holding up protest signs, taking pictures and "bearing witness" while whales are getting killed in front of you doesn't achieve anything at all, which is why I abandoned those tactics more than 30 years ago.' [2009 April] Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd eco-warrior fighting to stop whaling and seal hunts

Greenpeace went down to Antarctica too. Its volunteers held up their signs and took pictures as whales were slaughtered all around them. When the Sea Shepherds finally arrived, the whaling stopped because the Japanese were too busy defending themselves or running away. For all their bungling, Watson and crew did succeed in saving the lives of some 500 whales. The Japanese went home with only half of the 1,000 whales they had assigned themselves. [2009 April] Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd eco-warrior fighting to stop whaling and seal hunts

[2015 Controlled opposition] ''Greenpeace have not seen sufficient evidence to justify further investigation into whether this is a real problem. As far as we are concerned, chemtrails are an urban myth - a conspiracy theory with no conspiracy.''