Gypsy Moth Spraying
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The Secretary for Food and Agriculture, Mr. Kawamura appeared at the Berkeley City Council meeting on February 21. He brought a panel of three other medical people with him, a medical doctor, a pesticide expert and a toxicologist. In that discussion that they had, presentation, questions and feedback from the City Council members, Mr. Kawamura announced that this Brown Moth had been in California for at least ten years; it had never been proven to be harmful to agriculture. The pesticide had had no affect in the two-year spraying program to eradicate the Brown Apple Moth in the Santa Cruz area. And, there have been no studies done on the health affects of this pesticide. He also stated that they would begin spraying for at least five years in the entire bay area in August or 2008, and that the Environmental Impact statement would not be finished until the fall of 2008. When City Council members and public citizens making comments brought up many issues—they said that over 600 people had been made ill by the spaying over a two-year period in Santa Cruz. The absenteeism in schools went up 100% the day after the spaying because it made school children ill. Some people had to move out of Santa Cruz; they were too ill to stay there during this spraying program. And, Mr. Kawamura said well that was just information from the Internet and they were mentally ill or they had some kind of stress syndrome, or other issues, but it wasn’t the pesticide. They just have mental problems. One of the City Council members said well, hundreds of thousands of cats died from this spray during the spaying of Santa Cruz; were they mentally ill, too? 
    So, it was quite obvious not only from his testimony in that City Council meeting, but from visits he had made to other cities in the bay area, feedback from the cities and thousands of worried citizens that the only five people who are in favor of this pesticide spaying program are Mr. Kawamura, the Secretary for Food and Agriculture, and the three panelists he brought with him, as well as Governor Schwarzenegger.  Now, we know Governor Schwarzenegger was made governor by Jacob Rothschild at the city of London. And the economy of the State of California is the seventh largest economy in the world, and California has no debt. The city of London bankers are absolutely drooling and slobbering over the tremendous wealth that California has, so he has put in a governor will implement programs that are favorable or desired by the city of London Bankers.
    Number one, the San Francisco Bay area—remember the Apartheid issue in South Africa, and the introduction of AIDS? The San Francisco Bay area is the most activist center in the United States. There are over 1,000 activist organizations here. It is also the most progressive; it is the most liberal and it is the strongest anti-war center in the United States.  And what is the name of this pesticide?  It is called Check Mate, or Check Point.  So, doesn’t that kind of hint at the hidden agenda.
    ...There is another flag. But another very strong flag is that the Secretary for Food and Agriculture said our consultants on this spraying program are from Tasmania, New Zealand and Australia. They are not spaying down there because the moth isn’t a pest in agriculture. So, I was wondering how could they be experts on a spaying program if they don’t even spray down there?
So, what they are doing is attacking our immune systems globally with Depleted Uranium global contamination; they are attacking our fertility; they are increasing death rates and decreasing birth rates, and then locally they are using vaccines to sterilize; they are using pesticides and other chemical agents in combination with other components to interact in an unknown way. I think that most citizens who testified in the City Council meeting and they’ve written newspapers and so forth, are calling this a bio warfare attack on the bay area. I think people clearly understand that is exactly what this is.    Interview: Lauren Moret Population Control []  [See: Leuren Moret]