HAARP / Bermuda Triangle Connection

Don Croft
HAARP  Bermuda Triangle Connection - June 25, 2006 06:42
[I tried posting this on Saturday--it's Sunday now--but the hacker swarm prevented Carol and I from getting much done on the web, then. I'll ask Jeff if he had the same trouble, yesterday. In case you don't know, a hacker swarm after a major gifting effort is a fine confirmation that we've done significant damage to the World Odor's infrastructure ;-) and fortunately they can't keep that level of interference up for very long, especially when you blast the snot out of them. If getting around on the web is a big chore during those times, just do it later on and it will probably be fine. I picture little hacker hospitals full of MKid  casualties, by then. ~Don]

Yesterday, Jeff, Paul, Carol and I gifted the coast from Key Largo up to North Miamiand we were beset with every conceivable hardship along the way. This is the first gifting sortie which we were actually prevented from finishing by HAARP. Before, we managed to keep the seas behind us or off to the side but we slogged through five and a half hours of head seas, at slow speed, as HAARP, apparently from Grand Bahamas Island this time, turned the wind unseasonably around to the east, northeast , then north.

Logistics of our ocean gifting, by now, requires hours and hours of driving with the boat on a trailer and in the morning, when we set out, we'd banked on the wind remaining in the southeast or south, which is characteristic of this time of year. Carol and I left Jeff and his son, Paul, to gift from the south end of KeyLargo up to the south end of KeyBiscayne, which is the southern sea limit of metro Miami. Carol and I traded places with them at the yacht basin there and started gifting where they left off, on up north toward Boca Raton, forty miles away.

Our sea-gifting process requires two in the boat: one to drive and one to toss out orgonite at half mile, quarter mile or mile intervals along the route. We dowse the distance between tosses before we set out. One or another of those handles navigation and the GPS (the satellite navigation tool) tells us distance and speed. We're usually in sight of land. The other one drives the boat.

On their way to pick us up at the end of the second leg, Jeff and Paul encountered endless traffic delays and Carol and I simply couldn't endure the constant pounding, so we had put in just north of Miami (Haulover Inlet) and then gifted along the intracoastal waterway toward the north. We've been gifting along the coast and the waterways, mostly, and this 'double-whammy ' parallel aspect has apparently produced a lot of healthy orgone in the atmosphere in the region. I think it's particularly helpful along the urban areas. You might see some astonishing imrpovements in your atmosphere just by gifting a river, stream, lake or canal for ten miles or so.

We saw no sylphs yesterday; Miami and Ft Lauderdale don't have any persistent gifters, though there are quite a few orgonite cloudbusters there. Most of the death towers in those cities are still operating.

We saw very few fish in the fishfinder (sonar) at sea, which is typical of any area that's still energetically depressed. Sylph activity seems to relate directly to thoroughly gifted water aqnd/or to a mostly-busted local death tower network. Cloudbusters won't likely bring Sylphs back on their own. As many of us are discovering, the 'moment' tha tthe energy balance has shifted in the atmosphere by sufficient orgonite distribution can be determined by the sudden and frequent appearance of Sylphs. Once they start showing up, they keep showing up and if you wonder whether your area is adequately gifted, here's a good way to measure it, then push on beyond 'adequate' to gorgeous, like here ;-).

The southeast anchor point of the Bermuda Triangle is just south of Miami, apparently--in the vicinity of or at the vortex where Coral Castle was built. Carol flashed on the notion that as soon as we can completely ring South Florida with orgonite the Bermuda Triangle will be seized from the Old Pirates completely and gifting around Miami seems to be essential right now, which is why we were all so severely hammered, yesterday. Just like a three-legged stool, taking one point of the triangle from the World Odor will cause their parasitic efforts in the Triangle to fail, finally.

Carol's knee wound, which happened two weeks ago near Tampa when some feds knocked her down with scalar weapons, and my back wound, which happened a week later, the same way, when we went to the big nuke plant to monitor the result of our ocean gifts, there, were strangely undisturbed by the constant smashing we experienced along the coast, thankfully.

By now, my back had been corded (we detached the cord and punished the parasites already) and Carol saw the cord leading to Grand Bahama Island, diretly east of us, about fifty miles, and to Virginia Key, just south of Miami Beach, where we found a couple of big weatherballs and a HAARP tower. On a hunch, she turned on the HAARP ('Weather') Channel and we saw a counterclockwise, rotating storm system, centered over Grand Bahamas Island and sending rainstorms at us from the north. The newsreader/prostitutes didn't remark on the rotation of that storm center but it looks just like any early HAARPicane creation attempt and we feel that one reason they were so mad at us, yesterday, was that they were perhaps going to send another HAARPicane at South Florida, perhaps this time at Miami from the Bahamas.

Remember when hurricanes were born as tropical storms over by Africa, meandered along the equator and up through the Caribbean before turning into real hurricanes? Two weeks ago the 'season's' first HAARPicane was formed just southwest of Tampa in the Gulf of Mexico an the HAARP Channel menagerie were about to have a group orgasm of prediction about the destruction that was about to be visited on TAmpa--sort of like an average, satanic human sacrifice ritual in plain view ;-). That HAARPicane impaled itself on our new line of orgonite in the Gulf, there. It dissipated harmlessly off to the northeast and no further comment was made on the HAARP Channel. We call that media/HAARP phenomenon 'HAARPus interruptus.'

AFter we dropped Jeff and Paul off, yesterday, and were driving with the trailer up through South Miami we encountered a sudden rainstorm and CArol felt scalar effects in that moment, which she says feels like a fever in the head. She saw the characteristic crossing lines of force overhead and I swtiched on the gaussmeter and saw an incredibly high reading for a moment, then. They apparently pulse this HAARP scalar energy. That thunderhead continued to grow after we passed through it and there were dark lenticulars at the top by the time Jeff and Paul picked us up, hours later. Dark lenticulars always hide nasty parasites' antigrav vessels, of course, and we rarely see them any more where we live. Aim a cloudbuster at these and the clouds quickly dissipate, which means the parasites are gone and/or disabled. You can knock them out just by throwing lots of orgone at them but it's fun to use tools. A Succor Punch works fine.

Carol feels that the isolated storm over South Miami was in synch with the Grand Bahamas HaARP array(s) and was used to help bring the wind around in an attempt to stop our coastal gifting effort. [last night, we were both physically disabled for a little while by a scalar assault when we were lying in bed, watching a movie. Carol saw the lines of force coming from Virginia Key and Grand Bahama Island; we nailed the attackers and put orgonite all around the bed on the floor, then we began to recover. That really hurt and we felt pretty impressed ;-) ~Don]

We intend to get over to Grand Bahamas as soon as possible and disable all of the HAARP facilities there. Jeff and Pauol were able to put some orgonite near the weatherballs on Virginia Key, which Carol saw psychically belong to NOAA--National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She saw 'NOAA' and asked me what it stands for in that case. The sign on the locked gate at the facility indicates that it's a sewage treatment plant, which also probably indicates a pretty big nuke cooling pond. We've seen lots of nuke cooling ponds masquerading as sewage treatment settling ponds but you know it's not for sewage because there's no odor and the water is usually clean and clear.

We'll thoroughly gift that island shortly, including some earthpipes. Weaterballs are an essential component of fast HAARP assaults, apparently, and the new ones are put close to the ground and behind cover, when possible--sometimes painted green but almost always white, so when you see them, NAIL them! We'll gift all around that Key pretty soon, when we do the entire bay between Miami and Miami Beach. That will neutralize the weatherballs and HAARP towers there. Fisher Island is between that key and Miami Beach. If I'm not mistaken, Fisher Island belongs to the Bush family, so we'll gift all around that one, too ;-)

Yuck. I wouldn't be surprised to find body parts of small children around that island if the Bush family and their cohorts are busy there. When do you suppose the PJ folks will finally wake up to the fact that their ersatz leaders mostly belong in prisons and potters' fields?

It would take a month of full time gifting to neutralize all of the death towers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Jeff has done all of the major HAARP facilities in those cities over the past couple of years, though the sewer rats have put up more and have even tried to hide a few new weatherballs. He heavily gifted the 'HAARPicane Direction Center,' which is ostensibly a Coast Guard facility, but they found and removed a lot of the orgonite. Carol and I put more there and we'll all make sure it stays down in coming months. There are a half dozen weatherballs there and about twenty HAARP towers. It's right by the Miami Zoo. We put a couple of earthpipes down at the periphery in May and will put more in the near future--enough to stop all their underground fun.

Watergifting has produced lots and lots of confirmations since we got here. I wish it weren't so costly to get it done on this scale--downpayment and monthly payments for the boat, thousands of dollars worth of resin and thousands more for fuel. We could have saved enough money to put down on a house if we hadn't felt a need to do this but that can come later on. We had saved a little, though, and before our livlihood was successfully attacked again, in May, we put that down on a little, eight-year old coup convertible for Carol. She's been wanting that model for most of her adult life and I think it's the coolest sports car on the road ;-) and terrific for tossing orgonite from and for viewing Sylphs. Goes fast around corners, too. Maybe we'll make a buck with the book.

If we can get through an entire HAARP season and demonstrate consistency in destroying the HAARPicanes they throw at South Floridathe evidence will be sufficient that watergifting has excellent, short term and sustained payoff. The improved quality of the sea and the new abundance of fish, not to mention the return of coral growth to the dead reef along the Florida Keys, all of which can be directly attributed to our gifting, is another payoff, of course. If the persistent red tide problem disappears on the Gulf Coast of South Florida, that's another payoff and it's obvious that nobody but us has done anything about that problem. We didn't see any pleasure boats in the Gulf on our long gifting run there but when you go out to sea, here, you have to dodge sport and commercial fishermen. Breathing the acid air over that water makes you cough but of course most folks don't know that simple zappers prevent any pathogen-derived illness from getting started.

Here's a case where the public record aspect of Etheric Warriors is invaluable. Someone else is apparently about to claim sole credit for this network's continuing reversal of the American Southwest's deserts, by the way. I wont' mention the guy's name, which you're going to recognize if/when he makes his move, probably on Rense's show, but when he does, you won't be surprised. I don't think he can pull it off because another major desert (Kalahari) is being similarly reversed by orgonite in a part of the world where this fellow hasn't been, thanks mostly to Georg Ritschl. Also, there are a lot of people who have directly seen the way orgonite reverses droughts and restores water tables. In this case, the fellow's protege had a lapse in judgement and bragged to Andy and me in email. I bet he's in hot water by now, or will be ;-)

I've been tooting Steve Baron's horn because he's not interested in taking credit for the phenomenal improvements he and his crew have been making in the Toronto metro area and in Lake Ontario. If some newage-sewage monger comes out of the woodwork, there, and attempts to claim credit for what these generous, tireless Canadians have been doing I'll do what I can to expose the charlatan. Nothing irritates me more than that sort of parasite.

Speaking of water gifting, Steve contrived a massive cloudbuster and hired a boat to take it to the middle of Lake Ontario and drop it--that was in the fall of 04 and I don't think he even posted about it. He and the crew encountered trouble with some zealous World Odor cops who wanted to prevent them from doing the deed but the orgone warriors prevailed.

We saw some sylphs almost forming just before we ducked into Haulover Inlet yesterday. I think that when we finish the job, pretty soon, there will be plenty of Sylphs there.

Rickenbacher Causeway goes out to Key Biscayne from South Miami. North of there, Biscayne Bay hasn't been gifted; south of there is the much larger part of Biscayne Bay and we thoroughly gifted that. Driving over the drawbridge in the middle of the causeway, we could see a clear distinction between the quality of the gifted water, compared to the part of the bay that hasn't yet been gifted and the difference is amazing: obviously brighter-colored, clearer water to the south. We'll look from that vantage point again after we gift Biscayne Bay to the north and I'll report about it--that's the water between Miami and Miami Beach, which is on a long peninsula or island, if you consider Haulover Inlet something other than simply a dredged ditch to let boats in and out. Martin Mull composed a little tune called, 'Am I in Heaven, or Am I in Miami?' and by the time we're done, let's see if Miami won't be a little more heavenly ;-)

Let's see what happens, too, after we put some severe hurt on the human/alien parasite World Odor cabal that's responsible for turning the Bermuda Triangle into a horror show ;-)