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"Sewer rats from space."--Don Croft

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy The only time we aimed an orgonite cloudbuster at a good ship and had an unpleasant experience was in Utah, the afternoon of the day when I hid towerbusters all around the main Mormon Temple in the wee hours. That was in May, 2001.  In  an otherwise cloudless sky a little, low cumulus was traveling parallel with us, south along the highway for several hours so I stopped the Zapporium (our camper/home), got out and aimed the CB at it. The cloud quickly disappeaered, then reappeared nearby.  By then, Carol, who was following in the car, stopped, got out and excitedly told me to stop. She said I was really making them mad.  I had briefly seen a shiny, cigar-shaped spaceship rise up nearby in the middle of Salt Lake City, right before I got to the temple to do the deed and this was apparently the one that was following us.

[EW June 25, 2006] HAARP / Bermuda Triangle Connection - Don Croft
Dark lenticulars always hide nasty parasites' antigrav vessels, of course, and we rarely see them any more where we live. Aim a cloudbuster at these and the clouds quickly dissipate, which means the parasites are gone and/or disabled. You can knock them out just by throwing lots of orgone at them but it's fun to use tools. A Succor Punch works fine.

"Each benevolent race and specie's lenticulars have distinct characteristics."---Don Croft

I’ve seen another square alien ship generate cloud myself and we actually have a great clear photo of that where it turned up at Gorebridge. TAKING THE GORE OUT OF GOREBRIDGE by Andrew Hennessey

I was in the front of the boat looking back at the others and scanning the clouds to see the weather changes. I was staring at a cloud and suddenly realized that I was looking at straight lines and 90-degree corners. This was not a cloud. It looked like part of a ship. It was the same color as the clouds, but I’ve never seen a cloud that looked like a parallelogram. I opened my mouth to tell the others to look and as I watched, the clouds around the parallelogram literally boiled up and covered it from view. It was like watching a time lapse movie of cloud movement, only it happened in seconds, in real time. I told the others what I had seen and we agreed that it felt like friendly visitors.  Once we gifted a weatherball up at Flathead Lake, a few hours north of us, and as we drove home, we noticed a dark, triangle-shaped cloud following us. It followed us all the way home and Steve felt like he was being beamed the whole time. I don’t think a triangle-shaped cloud, with definite straight edges, is a normal sky phenomenon Dooney

Stevo and I have been getting attacked almost constantly since the beginning of the year, along with Carol, Don and Hawthorne, and we have been getting in the chat together to help each other. The other night we were chatting and found once again that we were all attacked in the same way on the same day. It seems that TPTW (The Powers That Were) are getting really desperate, and are also having a hard time launching a hard attack on our little group without either a large concerted effort and/or close proximity. They seem to be conserving energy by unimaginatively attacking us all together.
    Lately, it's been ships over the house. A few days before last week's mid-week chat, Stevo and I noticed two strange clouds over us. They were kind of lenticular-shaped, like the Lemurian cloudships, but not fully formed lenticulars. They also had edges that looked just like the rippled clouds produced by HAARP waves. Also, it was very windy that day, and these clouds didn't move or change shape for more than an hour. We boosted the clouds for a while and then continued on with our gardening. A few days later we did the chat and I mentioned the clouds to the group. We looked at the situation, realized we were all getting attacked the same way, and took a closer look at the cloudships. The funny thing was that the clouds didn't really feel "bad" when we saw them in the sky and we first thought they were real Lemurian clouds. In the chat, everyone got the feeling that the cloudships were Chinese Triad-based, which would make them the first Triad spaceships we've ever seen.
    Okay, yeah, science fiction – welcome to my life! Stevo saw that these ships actually have orgonite in their construction to help mask them from our etheric vision. I don't know how they can stand to be in the orgonite environment but the Triad folks are being very sneaky. They also have the help of some immortal beings who can sneak up on us and put energy cords in our chakras. So once we were able to see the ships, the cords and the beings we boosted them out of our space. When we get attacked like this, it's usually much easier to fend off the attacks when we get together in a group. We benefit from each other's energy.
    Two days after this revelatory chat, Stevo and I were out walking the dogs and saw three huge cloudships over us. We sat on a bench in our front pasture and boosted. One by one, we broke up the clouds and the dark ships that were in the center. It was interesting because one second the dark center was there, the next it was gone, like the ship shifted out of this dimension, and the white part of the cloud would just break up and disappear. The last one was the biggest, and as we boosted, the dark part of the cloud suddenly became very angular looking, not at all like a cloud and much more like a ship. It was really weird. I've been seeing this kind of stuff for years now and it still amazes me. The funny thing is, the whole time we were boosting these clouds, an authentic Lemurian lenticular was hanging around off to the side. We could really see the difference between the fake Lemurian clouds and the real one.
Anyway, if you see some lenticulars, check the edges for HAARP waves. If you see ripples, boost those clouds until they are gone. Dooney - See more at: http://www.ethericwarriors.com/forum/general-psychic-intel/beware-of-new-predatory-triad-cloudships#sthash.kWZswl7J.dpuf


Pretty soon more ugly lenticulars appeared and the white out started to be re-established. I had the distinct impression that this new whiteout was being generated from these lenticulars, which I took as a very good sign that all of the HAARPies ground support had been evicerated in the area.
Soon a very, very nasty lenticular mass of crap apeared in the sky, same one Javi mentions above. Javi and I would get an intense pain in our foreheads and behind the eyes just by looking at it, it was that bad.

 I decided to boost it. Javi noticed my boosting and said “you sure like trouble, don’t you” , she didn’t think it was a very good idea. Soon enough, we got some trouble as we started to feel weak and sickly. I realized this was no game, and that I couldn’t back off what I had started. I intensified my boosting and urged Javi to do the same. When I boosted I felt much better, but if I stopped for a minute, I would get a headache and nausea. About 20 minutes later we both got the clear impresion that whatever nasty thing that was inside the lenticular was gone, even though the cloud was still there. We both thought this at the same time. We woke Kelly up and asked him for his opinion, indeed he said that the “entity” was gone, as well as the negative qi vortex, success! It no longer hurt your eyes while looking at the lenticular. Very soon after thi the cloud started melting away with the wind. By the time we got to Calafate, it was a irrecognizable mass, no longer resembling a lenticular. [Feb 2008] Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia