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Harrison Stabbing & Masonic Symbolism
(c) 2000 NewsHawk(r) Inc.
On the Semiotics of Number

When seeking to ascertain if dates in "media events" such as George
Harrison's near-assassination are MAGICAL dates, i.e. dates chosen by
Brotherhoods for some public RITE or to drive fear into the public OR the
near-victim of an untimely death - it is wise to remember that a variety
of CALENDARS are used for a variety of purposes. In the Anglo-American
"Atlantic" states, freemasons and satanic families are as ubiquitous as
the churches they hide behind, so the calendar to keep in mind, other than
our present (civic) GREGORIAN calendar which is relatively recent (1752),
is not so much the JULIAN calendar that preceded it, but the OLD ROMAN
calendar before that.

(1) Julian dates (abbreviated JD) are simply a continuous count of days
and fractions since noon Universal Time on January 1, 4713 BCE.

(2) The method of reckoning years after the (official) birthyear of Christ
was not introduced until the 6th century.

(3) The changeover from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar
occurred in October 1582 and was instituted by Pope Gregory XIII. However,
England and its colonies did not shift to the Gregorian calendar - our
present calendar -  until September 1752, and probably only begrudgingly,
given how much the Roman church (and Christianity) was despised.

(4) The ROMAN CALENDAR preceded the Julian calendar. Then, the year
officially began on March 1 and only ten months totaled 304 days: Martius,
Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November,
and December, followed by an unnamed and unnumbered winter period.
February and January in that order were added in about 750 BCE; then in
450 BCE February was placed where it presently is. Still, the correct
number of days was lacking, and the Egyptian solution of adding
intercalary days did not solve the dilemma. Finally, in 45 BCE Julius
Caesar reformed the calendar.

(5) In present times, the Julian calendar is still widely used as time
variables for astronomical software. By many professionals who deal in
numbers and dating, the Gregorian calendar is seen as a civic calendar,
i.e. for daily affairs.

Thus, in computing dates that may or may not be used as sigils in the
media by satanists and/or freemasons, it is important to remember that
they MAY be using an old calendar, in particular the (pagan) ROMAN
calendar, when the year began in March.

Thus, in the following article December should be looked at as the 10th

December 30 = 10/30 = 1/3 = 13
1999 = 666
19 years since Lennon's assassination = 1 moon node

[Lennon's assassination: December 8, 1980 = 10/8 = 18 OR 08/80]

The numbers indicate that George Harrison's assault was a purposeful hit,
as he no doubt perceived. Whether or not it was a satanic and/or
freemasonic hit cannot be determined by the numbers or knife alone, though
knowing more about his assailant's background might clarify even this.

Satanic sigils are used by many groups and ex-CIA or -Special Forces
contractors to subconsciously scare the public. While this does not
necessarily implicate either freemasons or satanists, it DOES indicate
that the assailant was not just a "lone nut" but trained by freemasons
and/or satanists and sent by conspirators on a "job."

The knife indicates satanic (which would not preclude Special Forces)
training, so the assailant was probably not a freemason. The death was not
ritualized as it was with Michael Rothschild or JonBenet Ramsey, so the
assailant was probably a throw-away purchased from a cult.

Those who do the work of becoming conversant with satanic or pagan
semiotics eventually realize that Brotherhoods since the Babylonians seek
to leave their trail through history so that future Brothers of their
ancient orders will marvel at the extent of their power. This "trail of
tears" of ritual murders, hits, etc. now crows its passage through news

Sigils mark the urinary trail of packs of wild dog destroyers and coyote
scavengers who tout themselves as great Brotherhoods. It is important to
leave our own historical trail of having tracked and made public their
devious, devilish methods. By doing so, we both free ourselves from their
influence and serve the future.


Harrison Stabbing & Masonic Symbolism
(c) 2000 NewsHawk(r) Inc.

On December 30, less than two days before the beginning of the year
2000, former Beatles member George Harrison was attacked and stabbed
in his home outside London. Harrison would very likely have been
killed if his wife Olivia hadn't smashed a lamp on the attacker's

Considering what happened to Harrison's former bandmate John Lennon on
the streets of New York almost exactly 19 years before, and
considering the Beatles' key, pivotal role in the mass social
experimentation carried out by Britain's Tavistock Institute in
conjunction with covert intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA and
Britain's MI5/MI6, we'd say there is a strong likelihood that
Harrison, like Lennon, was NOT the victim of some random act of
senseless violence.

In fact, Lennon was murdered shortly after he gave an interview to
Playboy magazine in which he blew the lid off the fact that the
Beatles were part of massive experimentation in social
control/engineering unleashed by Tavistock and intelligence agencies,
as was the deliberate introduction of drugs like LSD into the
burgeoning "counterculture" scene during the 1960s and 1970s. The
Playboy interview was published not long after Lennon's death.

We'd say it's a good possibility Harrison was targeted to be bumped
off by some of the same forces responsible for rubbing out Lennon,
using MK-Ultra/Manchurian Candidate-type mind-controlled assassin Mark
David Chapman.

Perhaps Harrison had likewise done something to incur the wrath of his
former "programmers"; or perhaps it's just "company" procedure to
terminate operatives of whatever designation at someone point in time,
lest they somehow become an unnecessary security risk.

Perhaps George Harrison had been designated as some sort of
"sacrificial victim" by the demented, obsessed, criminally insane,
ritualistically-oriented "Illuminati" power brokers operating behind
the scenes of so many events in the world. Perhaps there was some
connection between this attempted "sacrifice" and the end of the 20th
century/beginning of the new millennium (even though that REALLY
begins next year!).

The Beatles' movie "HELP!" kept coming to mind. A sacrifice to Kali, perhaps?

Right off the bat, we wondered if perhaps the near-fatal assault on
Harrison was linked to elements of the covert government, and there
were some indications this may have been the case.

Few pop bands had as much impact on the latter half of the 20th
century than the Beatles. How ironic, then, that less than 48 hours
before what was generally considered the end of this century Harrison
was nearly killed in a rather ritualistic fashion--by a knife.

The number "33", a very significant number in Masonry, seems to pop up
with more than random frequency as having been a factor--somehow or
other --in many events or incidents which have ritualistic, cult-like
aspects. To name but one such recent event, there was a WEALTH of 33s
which figured in the crash of Flight 990 (33x10).

Sure enough, we find some 33s showing up in the Harrison stabbing incident.

The attacker Michael Abram is 33 years old.

And even more freaky, the attack was said to have occurred at THREE-THIRTY in
the morning (London time).

The DATE of the attack was 12.30.99. In numerology, the numbers of this date
tally up to SIX, which is THREE plus THREE.

Some similarities have emerged between the knife attack upon Harrison
and the New York City street shooting of Harrison's ex-bandmate John
Lennon in December 1980.

As with Chapman, the mind-controlled assassin who killed John Lennon,
the person who wielded a 7-inch knife against Harrison and his wife
Olivia Wednesday night in their home near London, a Michael Abram, is
shaping up as some kind of fanatical lunatic who had only fairly
recently become "obsessed" with the Beatles, according to Abram's
mother Lynda. She also said that her son "hates" the Beatles and
believes them to "witches."

What she describes about her son's "beliefs" regarding the Beatles
sounds to us like Michael Abram was subjected to Manchurian
Candidate/MK-Ultra/Monarch/Montauk style belief-system conditioning;
inculcated in the target subject by such means as drug- or
EM/RF-assisted hypnotic trance induction or the like, as part of an
overall mind control program. There are other anomalous and peculiar
aspects to the entire incident--some of which George Harrison has
already commented upon publicly. Harrison said the man "was certainly
not intent on burglary."

The attacker in fact seemed quite proficient at wielding a knife,
stabbing Harrison four times--the most serious wound was only an inch
from Harrison's heart.

For another example, one of the more inexplicable aspects is how the
attacker, now charged with two counts of attempted murder, was able to
penetrate what Harrison's neighbors describe as "Fort Knox"-like
security at the Harrison residence. Police have repeatedly noted their
amazement that Abram was able to penetrate the extensive, elaborate
security in place around Harrison's house.

Obviously this was in some way or other an "inside" job.

And furthermore, we'd really like to know whether slasher Abram was
carrying a copy of J.D. Salinger's "Catcher In the Rye," as were both
Lennon's murderer Chapman and would-be Reagan assassin John
Hinckley--NOT to mention the MK-Ultra mind-controlled assassin "Jerry"
played by Mel Gibson in the surprisingly revealing movie "Conspiracy

Salinger, a quite accomplished and well-respected author whose book
"Catcher In The Rye" is required reading for a great many high school
students in the U.S., had extensive ties to the CIA throughout most of
his adult and professional life including his stint as a university

We're very relieved to hear that neither of the Harrisons were
seriously injured in the stabbing assault.