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[2011] The Truth About John Lennon’s Murder T Stokes  Mail surveillance of music promoters Brian Epstein and Joe Meeks revealed that the company Epstein had set up with Nat Weiss to promote the Beatles in the States – marketing everything from Beatles chewing gum and comics to bathroom mats, towels and wallpaper – was taking a phenomenal 90% of the profits while the Beatles took just 10%.  This sparked the start of arguments in the band over what they called Jewish control. Insiders say the replacement of the talented drummer Pete Best with Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) was to get a Jew inside the group. Certainly Epstein knew everything discussed by the group, and their growing disgruntlement over the small percentage they earned.

Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake  Apple Computers should never have been able to keep their name, since Apple Records had already trademarked both the word and the image years earlier. Apple Records should have won the lawsuit in a slamdunk, with Apple Computers forced to change their name and logo.  Why didn't they? Because both were founded, owned, and run by US/British Intelligence. Apple isn't a trademark of either company, it is a trademark of Intelligence, and both companies are simply subsidiaries of Intelligence.

The Beatles and Classical Conditioning by Paul Drockton

The Illuminati "Beatlemania" Illusion by Paul Drockton

Marxist Minstrels - The Beatles

The Beatles Were Titaniced in 1966!!

They're COMPLETELY ANTI-CHRIST. I mean, I am anti-Christ as well, but they're so anti-Christ they shock me which isn't an easy thing. - Derek Taylor, Press Officer for the Beatles

"They are almost frightening-looking young men," she continues, "even more modern than modern. The funny thing is that when they smile - not often - they look perfectly wholesome and nice. But the rest of the time they look wicked and dreadful and distinctly evil, in an 18th-century sort of way. You almost expect them to leap out of pictures and chant magic spells."....In summer 1963 the magazine produced "Big New Beat", the first of several pop supplements "about the Northern Raves". The Beatles were on the cover, standing amid the rubble of Euston Road. Inside were group shots and candid close-ups with large type comments: "They have a knack of looking as if they'd just landed on this planet. They're otherworldly, that's what they are."--- [2009] The magazine explosion

Shortly before Lennon's death at the hands of what beyond the faintest glimmer of a shadow a doubt was a mind-controlled, "Manchurian Candidate" type assassin deployed by Tavistock/CIA/MI6, Mark Chapman to terminate a "loose cannon", Lennon had the audacity to massively and blatantly "out" the aforementioned consortium in a Playboy interview -- in which he made note of LSD's completely unforeseen liberating impact upon human society and civilization--pretty much thumbing his nose at the whole bunch and their whole trip; AND indicating as well that he was aware of the extent to which he and other pop musicians had been set up--to be used as dupes in massive social manipulation schemes. Why Bush & the CIA Had John Lennon Killed -- The Beatles, the Montauk Project, the Tavistock Institute and Mass Social Control by John Quinn

Joe Atwill returns to the show to discuss the Dionysian rock festivals of the 1960's, the Beatles and the British Invasion. We talk about how the rock festival fad was part of a mass mind control experiment. We also discuss the Fab Four's ties to Freemasonry and the likelihood that the entire British popular music scene of that era was a psy-op targeting the American people.


The Firmament (Flat Earth)

ancient mosaic that shows a remarkable similarity to the Fabricated Four.

A.A./Golden Dawn 'grade signs'


Hand sign (666)   Satanic Hand sign

Eye (single)

1966 Sanpaku eye

Sanpaku eye

[2010] What's Wrong with the Beatles? Alot. Occult Symbols on Beatles Album Covers

r o s e m a r y - the connection between mia farrow, sharon tate, charlie manson and the beatles

Hypnotism and the Beatles by David Noebel