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Andrew continues to operate as a professional musician His Music and shows - free samples and shop etc at

His talks and tours and shop website which contains access to many of his publications on e.g. relativity, free energy, the science conspiracy, the mystery of Stargate Edinburgh etc is at

Andrew's [electric fiddle players'] other new CD releases including The FIDEL OF XORG - Scottish Music has Been INVADED Contains many original tracks from his musical voyage that has taken him across Europe, playing in theatres and shows and festivals - many of the songs, compositions and arrangements are his own - and helped put together in many  styles with a veritable army of talented helpers. This is the kind of music never played on Scottish radio that much or sold to the tourists - the real Celtic roots.
Recent Hackers include the IP's of Global Communications company Lucent Technology - and the Ministry of Communications in Kuwait plus the advice that ‘you can’t tell the people …’

Scientific Research and other writings, poetry and images and sounds can be found at Andrews website  or

His video diary on youtube is at

Andrew  runs a forum at yahoo groups called Posthumanity and Science Group called GrandUnity3000

 Andrew Hennessey 28823   Edinburgh, EH15 3WU Scotland UK
XORG aka Andrew can be contacted at email


 To order the CD incl. Of P&P send a money order for  16 pounds sterling to:

Andrew Hennessey 28823   Edinburgh, EH15 3WU Scotland UK

-Andrew Hennessey has played on the Scottish scene for many years, touring Europe, and the Scottish heartland. his team of musicians bring his compositions and ideas to life - the electric fiddle of ambassador xorg [Andrew] still sings in Scotland today.


Scottish Music has a BUZZ a galaxy of stars has invaded Scotland     

 THE FIDEL OF XORG - tracklist

01. AIR OF PATRICK [trad, arr. Hennessey Lynch]
02. LORD MACPHERSON [Graham, arr Hennessey Lynch]
03. FAERY RING [Hennessey, Solan]
04. LITTLE CASCADES [trad, arr Hennessey,Lynch]
05. SPIRALLING [Dignan]
06. DANCE OF THE TWIN SOULS [Hennessey, Solan]
07. NIGHTWATCH [Hennessey, arr Lynch]
08. HELP ME [bug music, arr Lynch]
09. JOHNNY B GOODE [mautoglade music, arr Black Dogs]
10. IMAGES OF FATE [Dignan]
11. WEATHERTOP [Cruickshank]
12. THE HERON [Hennessey, arr Waylan]
13. LOYALTY [Dignan]
14. CAPTAIN CARSWELL [trad, arr Black Dogs]
15. BEGGAR'S SONG [Hennessey, arr Dignan]
16. SAILING HOME [Hennessey, Solan]
17. BACH MEETS THE BHOYS [Hennessey, Solan]
18. SPRING DANCE [Hennessey, Mason]
19. SUMMER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
20. WINTER SOLSTICE [Hennessey, Mason]
21. CITY OF NEW ORLEANS [Goodman, Cauther Fair]
22. JOCK O' HAZELDEAN [Trad arr Jacouse]

Andrew Hennessey - aka - AMBASSADOR XORG - composes and plays, starfish
electric fiddle, acoustic fiddle, whistle, keyboards, bodhran - with the

joe lynch, sam waylan, neil, petra, john dignan, nicole wallach, manfred
malzahn, tim mason, alan cruickshank, the black dogs,

XORG aka Andrew can be contacted at email