Andrew Hennessey

[Born 1957AD in Edinburgh, Scotland, Andrew was trained as an industrial biologist and worked in several labs including; the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Central Microbiology Lab, National Museum of Antiquities, East of Scotland College of Agriculture, British Geological Survey.
    In 1984 Andrew formed his Theatre group called the Solan Company putting together various original Grailquest projects in many styles with a veritable army of talented helpers.
    As an amateur Scientist he has also developed a Grand Unifying Theory and conceptualised new scientific advances. e.g. artificial general intelligence, a new model for gravity, cosmology and particle physics, a new kind of game theory and a new kind of systems theory. These advanced ideas could technically progress the human race beyond its cul de sac of paradoxes. He was listed on the Dissident Scientists list by the Jean de Climont Associates in 2012.
    As a result of an attempted alien abduction in 1980, he trained as a medium at Albany Street Spiritualist Church in Edinburgh, 1982/3. He has had ongoing investigation of interactions with both good and bad Non-humans, through the nineties and into the millennium, operating the Transformation Studies Group in Edinburgh.  He wrote of his encounters in his book called ‘The turning of the tide; alien intrusion in Scotland’. He complains there of the outrageous reality engineering that Dr J A Hynek describes as ‘High Strangeness’ in his speech to the UN. .
    He has various photographs and scientific analysis to back up the alien truth behind his encounters. He also claims to have investigated evidence of a powerful civilisation not from around here and had his photo taken with an alleged Imperial princess who wished to introduce him to her Mother.    He would contend that there is an incredible ancient, alien and geopolitical reality behind Scotland involving the Anunnaki and the Greys and that ancient and modern folklore supports this idea.
    The greatest reality of his life however, was recently becoming Catholic to become connected to the Angels and Saints who have protected him from a dark tide of spiritual warfare.]

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Letter to Amnesty International by Andrew Hennessey

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records of surreal and malignant close encounters with the greys.
MONKEYS OF EDEN - the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth - by Andrew Hennessey

[2010 pdf] HARVESTING THE DISCONNECTED The Alien agenda for Mankind by Andrew Hennessey


My first 'psychic conversation' with a blue-blood. ---djembemon


alien base in scotland

alien brainprobe in gorebridge  jackie gillies goes to the shops - 2 ufos above the mall again ... folks shuffle about unconsciously as usual ... then goes home to gorebridge and sees this wierd looking thing floating above the Christmas rooftops - maybe about 10 feet across - its about quarter of a mile from the camp area where the alien activity is at its highest ... looks like a scanner unit of some sort - not exactly a practical ship - but whats it scanning ? who is it scanning and what sort of information is it gathering from the houses below ... this is just a sample of everyday Gorebridge - plenty witnesses coming forward - but not one 'big name' UK ufologist willing to talk about this stuff. there are quite a few excellent images alongside the less distinct ones - plenty meat for a conference - not one invitation to present on this.
jackie gillies youtube channel is - filming every day and night
if you google ufos and scotland you will be very lucky to see anything other than Bonnybridge - which stopped being a ufo hotspot soon after the local rechem incinerator plant closed many years ago and its alleged output of biochemically harmfull dioxins stopped.
We sent a master tape to a scottish ufo group and it came back with a uk soap opera called eastenders taped over it.
Aliens in the streets and no-one wants to know
apologies for the sound of the narrative on this one - but you probably don't need to hear me anyway ... just have a look at this stuff thats floating about downtown gorebridge every day :)

the powers of the ancients amongst us - part 2 - the proof    the national museum of scotland just calls these stone balls religious artefacts and will not admit their resemblance to pollen grains - particularly pollen grains of the flora of the scottish landscape e.g. pinus.
its a big secret that stoneage and bronze age beings that lived amongst primitive humanity had the powers of sight and vision to actually see pollen and carve it out - creating voodoo objects with which by magic or sympathetic resonance they could draw the energies of growth and generation from the land.
the national museum wont admit to superhumans amongst mankind - but the illuminati flaunt the facts in our face in the festival square in edinburgh - where you can clearly see the pollen objects depicted by a huge pentagrammed female egg.
this is more proof of the bluebloods amongst us and their superprocessing high capacities that enable them to do the enter the dragon thing with sluggish humankind.
The druids according to dr george olivers masonic encyclopaedia from the 19th century worshipped the reptile god HU - no doubt the HUmen were the slow men of clay the reptilians made such sport of over the millennia