OIL BE SEEING YOU Are Aliens Manufacturing Crude Oil for our use??

by Andrew Hennessey

Sagacious greens, corporate scientists, government analysts, academic petrologists and geologists, and industrialists within the petrochemical industry, and petrodollar economists all give us dire warnings that at some nearby date – somewhat past the predicted earth movements and geological upheavals around 2010-2016 our global oil reserves are going to run out.

Of course with all or most of human infrastructure destroyed, frozen, flooded or flattened by violent geological disruption and or climatic ice age that fact is hardly going to matter.

Other such facets of the human establishment such as Philosopher of Science Stephen Hawkings predict free energy bearing grand unity and busy robotics after that fairly safe `watershed' date too.

In the meantime it is business as usual for the Petrodollar economy, which is the backbone of a paradigm of atomic fission and combustion and consumption on planet earth.
With many people identifying the lack of social and technological continuity and end based growth and evolution within social charades that date back thousands of years, more and more people are arriving at the idea that somehow the planets surface is some sort of socially phoney farm.
It is a farm however whose central driving force and philosophy are the powers of disintegration and entropy within matter and within people and within spirits and souls. [e.g. N Kerner, Hennessey] – this world arguably is a place of desolation and desertification of more than just the greenery. A Satanic dominion of hellfire and combustion indeed.

The point in question is the Internal Combustion Engine being also symbolic of another tool that breaks things down and combusts them and produces waste products, rather like our mortal biology.

I'm reminded of the joke by Irish Comedian Dave Allen about a sermon by an extreme Protestant Minister in Church … `there WILL be a wailing and gnashing of teeth !!!! …. I don't have any teeth !!!! … `Teeth WULL be provided ..'

Whatever games of death, entropy and disintegration takes place amongst the socially incredible charades on the planets surface we have long known of interstellar communities in and under this world too, and as we can see from many European painted images and art from the middle ages and renaissance – these people and their craft have always featured.

We have been collectively using oil for over a hundred years.

Most Oil forms from the fermentation of decayed and pressurised primeval swamps over millions of years under the Earth.

In our minds we seem to visualise a relatively huge sea of black which recently we have been told is running out at some point – as in it isn't infinite etc

We are all agreed though in terms of governance, obviously, that wherever we are currently getting our oil from there's plenty left just now except we maybe have to put the investment and taxes up.

So the status quo has it that published scientific papers and journals and surveys guarantee there is a reasonably large amount left to keep us going for a few years yet. Which is all perfectly reasonable.

 The thing about science though is its phoney. It has been caught renaming and rediscovering essential paradoxes and also burying references to important physical laws and proofs. [e.g. the law of emergence and schifflers horns mathematical proof of universal chaos – both paradigm busting realities]

If you go looking for a European Electromagnetic Survey from Satellite data and Institute analysis which maps out the electromagnetic landmarks and anomalies in western Europe and you find the UK, you will see amongst the beautiful and colorful graphics of EM waves and hotspots a carefully crafted penis over the city of London.
We know therefore that our human knowledge base is subject to works of blatant
fiction and falsification.

 I also do not believe any 'scientific' reports about the abundance of oil or any empirical data pertaining to it.

Scientific and economic ‘research’ and ‘analysis’ pertaining to oil can only be equalled in its facile malignance by the cartoons made out of particle physics.

The conspiracy to falsify oil data at the very least is in the economic self-interest of the oil cartels and their ability to short and speculate on the stock markets.

 Yet reality never seems to arrive for the oil industry, whether taking up the monopoly of free energy applications or in dealing with natural problems that there are no real theories to model with. E.g. Velikovsky presents in his work Worlds In Collision evidence for geological upheavals in earths past.

 Yet the science of chaos theory is not part of the mainstream even though it was first really developed at the Santa Fe Institute from the early 1990’s.

The planet Earth is not some static, ossified, frozen structure… it is more physically dynamic and organic than just some static rocks.

With tectonic plate movements, upheavals, undermining movements of molten magma, axis tilting and gravitational torque, eclipse driven tidal ripples of the earth's magma and crust and other moving geological strata – its totally incredible that any ocean of oil we depend on has not already gone down some newly emerged plughole in its rockbed overnight.

We are all currently  assuming that our oil infrastructure and investments have the cartoon like qualities of being immune from real time geology.

Which they obviously do. No doubt.

 My geological argument for the disappearance of an oilfield overnight is a sound one ... it is very strange that this has never ever happened in the last 100 years.

In fact with the huge increase in seismic activity in the last 15 years due to impending crustal displacement and axis tilt its absolutely incredible that not ONE oilfield has disappeared down a newly emerged plughole.

An oilfield after all is like a zit … when it gets squeezed like that where does it all go ??

Its just not natural that NO oilfield has suddenly disappeared.

To me its incredible that all the oil reserves are still available from where they were originally drilled and also its incredible that any charted oceans of oil we have depended on have not in any instance disappeared down a plughole overnight. That isn't natural.

IF it is the case that ONE oilfield has disappeared overnight say in the last 50 years the question would need to be asked as to who or what is supplying the oil from the place formerly known as an oilfield. The ET’s would have to have set up their free energy machinery to manufacture the molecular crude oil with using advanced energy to matter and matter to matter techniques.

But the show must go on … so many resources and souls to desolate that there has to be some sort of continuity – so I put it to you that in some cases, some oilfields are no longer delivering and that it is alien energy to matter, or matter to matter technology that is manufacturing the crude oil for our human use … whilst they continue to work on us in their artificially distressing status quo.

 As some channelled sources proclaim there is an impending alien harvest and so the planetary soul herd needs its exterior physical and spiritual reference points and commensurate amount of distress associated with them so that those entrapped can feel properly disassociated in all the quality distress time left before the geological changes.

The distressingly poor low tech and degraded status quo has to be maintained for now therefore.

 They are probably creating the broken down soul dust food they mention in the first 20 minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’, or the soul bits for hybrids mentioned in research by e.g. Collier or Streiber or Jacobs.

IF aliens were producing molecular crude oil with their technology that would be a reason for its abundance and continuity and stasis around its locality of extraction.

The reason they would do so is to retain the suppression and usury and economic slavery that they use to milk our woes in their farming and matrix process.

I maintain in any case that the planets surface is a millennial old social charade full of artificially engineered social distresses in everything from domestic to industrial environments.

Issues of; money, wealth, war and usury are of secondary importance to the true purpose of the alien farming and social charade on the planets surface.

The true purpose of planet Earth is to farm its inmates by the generation of socially distressing processes, circus and sub-routines.

 That’s why I recommend becoming Catholic.