John Sack(d.2004)

[He revealed the death of 60-80,000 German's in Polish camps after the war, mostly run by Jews like Salomon Morel.]


Behind An Eye for An Eye. Revenge, Hate and History by John Sack

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[1993] The Commandant

An Eye for An Eye by John Sack

See: Salomon Morel  Swietochlowice camp

[2001] Behind An Eye for An Eye. Revenge, Hate and History by John Sack Lola had told me the people in her prison were German soldiers. And yes, twenty of them were German soldiers, men who worked as painters, carpenters, and such. But there were a thousand other prisoners there, and they were German civilians: German men, German women, German children.
   One prisoner was a fourteen-year-old boy. He had been out in Gleiwitz wearing his boy scout pants. A man cried out, “You’re wearing black pants! You’re a fascist!,” and he chased the boy and tackled him at the Church of Saint Peter and Paul, and then took him to Lola’s prison. Now, the boy was completely innocent. So were most of the people in Lola’s prison. They weren’t Gestapo. They weren’t SS. They weren’t even Nazis. Out of a thousand prisoners, just twenty were ever even accused of it.
    All in all, sixty to eighty thousand Germans died. Some were killed by Jews, some by Catholics, and many by typhus, dysentery, and starvation, but sixty to eighty thousand died in the custody of the Office of State Security. Now, someone, a German, once told me that this was another holocaust. Well, I’m sure it seemed like a holocaust to the Germans.
    We all know about Auschwitz. But I have to tell you, the Germans in Lola’s prison were worse off than Lola had been at Auschwitz. Lola at Auschwitz wasn’t locked in a room night and day. She wasn’t tortured night after night. She herself told me: “Thank God, nobody tried to rape us. The Germans weren’t allowed to.” But all of that happened to German girls at Lola’s prison in Gleiwitz.
   In the Office of State Security, the lower ranks were Polish Catholics, but most of the leaders were Polish Jews. The chief of the Office in Warsaw was a Jew. (When I was in Poland he wasn’t alive, but I met some of his family.) The department directors, all or almost all of them, were Jews.
   In Silesia, the province where Lola was commandant, the director of the Office of State Security was a Jew. I met him in Copenhagen, a little bald-headed man. The director of prisons was also a Jew. I met his whole family in Tel Aviv. The secretary of state security was a Jew. I met him time and again at his home in New Jersey. And in the Office of State Security in Silesia in February 1945, of the officers – not the enlisted men, not the guards, but the lieutenants, captains and such – one-fourth were Catholics, and three-fourths were Jews.



Lola Potok. One month after escaping from Auschwitz, she wore a Luger and commanded a prison for 1,000 Germans. At first vicious, later she risked her life to save the Germans she hated.



Shlomo Morel. "I am a Jew," he told his German prisoners. "I was at Auschwitz and swore that I’d pay you Nazis back." He then beat the Germans to death with clubs, crowbars, stools and the Germans’ own crutches.



Adam Krawecki. Liberated from Auschwitz, he beat the Germans until they "confessed," then sent them to Shlomo’s concentration camp. "Our judges, I’m sure, will show mercy," he once told a German priest.




Barek Eisenstein (with his wife).  "My blood is boiling," he thundered, becoming the first man from Auschwitz in the uniformed organization: the Office of State Security. To his surprise, three-fourths of the officers there were Jews.




Shlomo Singer (with his wife).  A man who couldn't hurt a beetle, he still joined the Office of State Security. Then, at the risk of his life, he told the Jews who tortured the Germans, "This isn’t right. You must stop it."



Chaim Studniberg. The Director of Prisons for Silesia, he copied the SS’s evil eye and the SS’s twisted lip and, for the 5,000,000 Germans of Silesia, longed for the same solution that Hitler had had for the Jews.



Pinek Maka. At age 23, he was Secretary of State Security for Silesia. He told the Red Cross, which wanted to inspect his Silesian camps, "You didn’t help the Jews, and I won’t oblige you. Go to hell."




Jacob Berman.  A doctor of philosophy, a man who wore tailored suits fit for Wall Street, he was the chief of the Office of State Security. In his custody from 60,000 to 80,000 Germans died.


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