An Eye for An Eye

a book by John Sack

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John Sack: An Eye for an Eye. The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust
Not for sixty years has a book been so brutally (and, in the end, unsuccessfully) suppressed as An Eye for an Eye. One major newspaper, one major magazine, and three major publishers paid $40,000 for it but were scared off. One printed 6,ooo books, then pulped them.
Two dozen publishers read An Eye for an Eye and praised it. "Shocking," "Startling," "Astonishing," "Mesmerizing," "Extraordinary," they wrote to author John Sack. "I was riveted," "I was bowled over," "I love it," they wrote, but all two dozen rejected it. Finally, BasicBooks published An Eye for an Eye. It "sparked a furious controversy," said Newsweek. It became a best-seller in Europe but was so shunned in America that it also became, in the words of New York, "The Book They Dare Not Review."
Since then, both 60 Minutes and The New York Times have corroborated what Sack wrote: that at the end of World War II, thousands of Jews sought revenge for the Holocaust. They set up 1,255 concentration camps for German civilians -- German men, women, children and babies. There they beat, whipped, tortured and murdered the Germans.
"The events are vivid, the language is powerful, the conclusions appear just. The book should be read and become part of the all too gruesome document the world calls history," the New York Daily News.