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 "Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal   "Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion.' ~ Henry Makow  Ph.D.   
'Why do the Jews hate Christians so much? It is because the children of the flesh will always hate the children of the spirit'.---- Edward Hendrie

[Zionist front. Pseudo-Spirituality. Main Luciferian 1 2 3 4 (Satanic 5 6) Religion (itself Satanic) the force behind Zionism, some clues being Jehovah, Old Testament, Moses, Kabbalah, Talmud, Edward Hendrie (Catholicism, Communism), Hate quotes, Lies, Rabbi quote banners, Anti Jesus Christ and Christianity, Organ Harvesting, Wailing wall, Canaanites, Pharisees, Exodus, Chabad, Circumcision, Kapparot, Ashkenazi Jews, Holocaust hoax/racket, Child sodomy, Anti-Semitism, Blood Passover, Kol Nidre prayer, Oroboros, Hexagram, Anton LaVeyProtocols, Porn, Communism, and Freemasonry along with the Psychopathic behaviour of Israel, Palestine, White phosphorus, Apartheid, 911, USS Liberty, etc, Blood diamonds, Hollywood, Media, UK government, & USA government.  One thing is for sure, it is no way related to true Christianity as they say themselves, it is the exact opposite.]

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 "Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion.' ~ Henry Makow  Ph.D.   
"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." ~ Harold Rosenthal
“Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).
'Talmudism is Communism.' ~ Edward Hendrie  
"The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism.....the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of Fascism will triumph Judaism." ~  Rabbi Harry Waton

Red Army rape


 "American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ are an authentic document or a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do control the world."  ~  Gilad Atzmon

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Israel control of UK government  Israel control of USA government Israel control of Australian government 
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Yeshivas in Israel teach intense hatred for Christianity. Orthodox Jews spit when they pass a Christian cemetery and young students spit on the crosses of priests in public to show their contempt. Welcome to interfaith dialogue. American Church Leaders Challenge Israel and Congress

Anti Jesus Christ and Christianity   Israeli MP Ben-Ari publicly tears Christian New Testament to pieces


A Kabbalah explantion of the Priestly Blessing with Adonai inscribed.
These hands, as in the Priestly Blessing, are divided into twenty-eight sections, each containing a Hebrew letter. Twenty-eight, in Hebrew numbers, spells the word Koach = strength. At the bottom of the hand, the two letters on each hand combine to form יהוה, the name of God.

Fiasco, Lupe   Hands triangle

of the Chief Rabbi Solomon
Kohn who "Kohn Meshullam" also called in Furth. "Accident ", the Nazi (onisten) also held their party rallies in Furth


Yitzchak Ginsburgh   Hand sign (Satanic

666 hand sign Israel's chief Ashkenazi rabbi Yona Metzger speaks to members of the Polish capital's Jewish community at the Nozyk synagogue in Warsaw on February 21, 2008 [source]

Handshake Pope John Paul II meets with Israel's Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, at the papal retreat in Rome. As is customary of members of the Grand Lodge of Jerusalem, the rabbi disguises the Masonic hand grip with his left hand. This is called the "cover grip." (Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, 3d Ed., p. 216)

Jewish Nazis by E. Michael Jones.

The Believer, a film written and directed by Henry Bean about Danny Balint an orthodox Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance film festival. It's based loosely on the life of Daniel Burros, a neo-Nazi who committed suicide in the mid-‘60s after the New York Times exposed him as a Jew. According to Bean: "The Nazis weren’t upset. They were saying just sit down; we can talk about this. But Burros went up to his room, put on a Wagner record and shot himself. He killed himself within an hour of the story coming out."

Bean saw Burros as typifying a particular kind of Jew. "He was a rabbi manque. Antisemitism is a form of practicing Judaism. He’s sort of a rabbi after all. A Jew by day, a Nazi by night. . . . He was desperately hiding something and compulsively trying to bring it out at the same time. People are drawn to contradiction. He undergoes a conversion, but not back to the Torah." By telling the story of the Jewish Nazi, Bean concluded, "I began to understand what Judaism was."

When Danny Balint gets a call from a New York Times reporter, he gives an eloquent articulation of anti-Semitism. Judaism "is a sickness. . . . The real Jew is a nomad and a wanderer. He has no roots and no attachments. He universalizes everything. All he can do is buy and sell and manipulate markets. It’s all mental. Marx, Freud, Einstein: what have they given us? Communism, infantile sexuality and the atom bomb. They want nothing but nothingness, nothing without end."

The main issue in The Believer is theological. Danny Balint penetrates to the heart of the Jewish religion by understanding that the Jew worships Nothingness. If Hitler is the chief Nihilist of the 20th century, then he is the chief rabbi of the religion that worships "nothing but nothingness, nothing without end." He attained that position by default when the Catholic Church stopped working for the conversion of the Jews.

Penetrating and controversial cultural commentary by E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine.