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[Theodore J. O'Keefe, born in 1949, grew up in Rutherford, New Jersey, and graduated from Regis, a Jesuit high school in Manhattan, New York City. He went on to study at Harvard, where he majored in history. He is a skilled editor, and the author of numerous published articles, essays and reviews on a range of historical and political subjects. To his work he brings a high level of craftsmanship, along with the critical insight of a keen, sensitive and well-trained mind. He is also a man of considerable linguistic aptitude, having studied Latin, classical Greek, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, as well as some Irish and Japanese.1]

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Why Holocaust Revisionism?

The conclusions of the early U.S. Army investigations as to the truth about the wartime German concentration camps have since been corroborated by all subsequent investigators and can be summarized:
1. The harrowing scenes of dead and dying inmates were not the result of a German policy of "extermination," but rather the result of epidemics of typhus and other disease brought about largely by the effects of Allied aerial attacks.
2. Stories of Nazi supercriminals and sadists who turned Jews and others into handbags and lampshades for their private profit or amusement were sick lies or diseased fantasies; indeed, the German authorities consistently punished corruption AND cruelty on the part of camp commanders and guards.
3. On the other hand, the representations of the newly liberated inmates to have been saints and martyrs of Hitlerism were quite often very far fom the truth; indeed, most of the brutalities inflicted on camp detainees were the work of their fellow prisoners, in contravention of German policy and German orders.
4. The alleged homicidal showers and gas chambers had been used either for bathing camp inmates or delousing their clothes; the claim that they had been used to murder Jews or other human beings is a contemptible fabrication. Orthodox, Establishment historians and professional "Nazi hunters" have quietly dropped claims that inmates were gassed at Dachau, Buchenwald, and other camps in Germany. They continue, however, to keep silent regarding the lies about Dachau and Buchenwald, as well as to evade an open discussion of the evidence for homicidal gassing at Auschwitz and the other camps captured by the Soviets. The Liberation of the Camps by Theodore J. O'Keefe