Saucers of the Illuminati

a book by Jim Keith

Saucers of The Illuminati - by Jim Keith

UFOs at the Edge of Reality

Conspiracy expert Keith's final book on UFOs and the highly secret group that manufactures them and uses them for their own purposes: the control and manipulation of the population of planet Earth.

Seeking the truth behind stories of alien invasion, secret underground bases, and the secret plans of the New World Order, "Saucers of the Illuminati" offers ground breaking research, uncovering clues to the nature of UFOs and to forces even more sinister: the secret cabal behind planetary control! Includes mind control, saucer abductions, the MJ-12 documents, cattle mutilations, government anti-gravity testing, the Sirius Connection, science fiction author Philip K. Dick and his efforts to expose the Illuminati, plus more from veteran conspiracy and UFO author Jim Keith.

 Table of Contents


1. A Process of Decoding
2. The Human Factor
3. The Mind Manipulators
4. Infiltration
5. MJ-12
6. A Symbolic Odyssey
7. Increase of Resolution
8. Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati
9. The Sirius Connection
10. Demons and Adepts
11. Occult Espionage
12. The Year of Light