Jim Keith

Exposing the Nazi International (Dec. 14, 2012)

IN YOUR HEAD: EXPERIMENTS INTO REMOTE MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY by Jim Keith (An excerpt from his book Mind Control - World Control.)


[1996] Jim Keith on the Oklahoma Bombing incident


[1999] Princess Diana Was Pregnant by JIM KEITH

DOMESTIC TERRORISM - BY AIR! This is another magazine article I wrote as Jim Keith. This was the cover story for an issue of Fate Magazine in April, 1996. This is not the version that appeared in print. This was my first version, which Jim rejected, thinking it was too "conspiratorial" for Fate. I wrote another version, much toned down, with the New World Order material removed and replaced with more "conventional" UFO stuff. That was the version that appeared in Fate. Oddly enough, after the article appeared Jim was called by the editor to thank him for the piece, and on the phone the editor commented that he wished it had been more conspiratorial, as he had hoped to take the mag in a new direction! ---Jerry Smith

SINISTER FORCES IN OUR SKIES: THE UFO / BLACK HELICOPTER CONNECTION  I met the late Jim Keith (author of Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order and a dozen other non-fiction books) in high school in 1966. Between that time and his untimely death in 1999 he and I worked on scores of projects together, from zines to weekly papers, from short stories to novels. We had plans to become a Tom Clancy-like fiction factory, but discovered our "fortunes" in writing non-fiction - much to our surprise. After the publication of Black Helicopters Jim found himself in demand with magazine publishers. He quickly learned that he didnít like writing non-fiction articles - but didnít mind cashing the checks! So he had me write a number of articles under his name (and split the pay). He would tell me what he wanted the article to say and from those instructions I would prepare drafts until he was happy with the piece. He then gave the piece its final gloss and submitted it. This one was written for the magazine UFO Universe.  Jerry Smith


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The Depopulation Bomb by Jim Keith

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