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[2006] Lord Kitchener: The Truth At Last By T Stokes “Myself and my C.O. went on board the Hampshire, I was told to keep watch outside while he went into Kitcheners cabin, I put my ear to the door, and heard the C.O say, I am going to leave you my pistol with one bullet, I will wait outside and you will do the honourable thing” We heard a shot, the C.O went in and retrieved the pistol, and we hurriedly left the ship”  He also claimed the sinking of the Hampshire with the loss of 643 men was a British cover up operation, as Kitchener had been directly approached for peace discussions.

Lord Kitchener and Stalin were both trained by Gurdjieff as Martinist Freemasons. Stalin went on to rule a third of the world and Kitchener colonised the world through his special brand of Freemasonry – incestuous paedophilia and sadistic “order out of chaos”.  Britain was the training ground for immigrant revolutionaries to destroy their own foreign countries. This saved the colonising British army from doing it. Misinformation was always on the breakfast menu for the City of London and Metropolitan Police who regularly sabotaged each other’s interrogations giving foreign terrorists any and every advantage. Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett

Gurdjieff  had already initiated Stalin into Martinist Freemasonry, so he was an occult contact between Hitler and Stalin. Crowley, who later murdered his own son, assumed he was Hitler and even published that he had replaced Hitler for several years (although this probably says more about occultists than history).
    Occultists generally want to be somebody else, as typified by middle-aged overweight women with brown curly hair, unable to get a joke. Being a medium is the only way they can get attention.  Gurdjieff taught people how to listen to themselves. The problem was, he taught masochists, who listened to themselves and became sadists. He said that people lived their lives in a form of waking sleep. There has been no better summary of the British upper class. Gurdjieff succeeded in meeting with Stalin, Hitler, Lord Kitchener and Karl Ernst Haushofer and initiated all of them, although the Hitler initiation is the least documented. These people were all sadistic killers and when the media got hold of Gurdjieff, they made a movie about him, Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979). Poor, he used to dive on birds in the market square, paint them in bright colours and sell the painted birds to tourists. This gave him enough money to travel and espouse his 'wisdom' to others. How could the British media portray Kitchener's teacher as also being Stalin, Hitler and Haushofer s teacher? Easy. They left it out of history. Kitchener advanced Freemasonry in the orient and founded three Lodges in India, becoming Grand Master at Punjab, Egypt and Sudan. He also spread Freemasonry in Japan, Australia and New Zealand after the Boer War. The element of homosexual murderous paedophile has not left the Freemasons in these regions. New Zealand is controlled by murderous Freemasons to this day and they control the police and the judiciary, who give them blind cover, often at a great expense to the tax­payer. Here, Freemasonry specialises in providing cover for paedophiles as though it was one of their statutes, and Kitchener even commented about meeting a paedophile in Rotorua.
.....While in India, Kitchener made many trips to Tibet, where he met Karl Haushofer, a Freemason, member of the Berlin Golden Dawn, inventor of Lebensraum and father of Albrecht Haushofer who became the Duke of Kent's lover and the father of his son, the second Duke of Kent. Kent is the old name for Egypt, as is 'kempt' and 'Ken'. Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett

Kitchener was such a homo he kept storks that would stand between him and any female. They were trained to peck if a woman approached. He was a complete homosexual, a total sadist, an accomplished mass murderer, and a rampant paedophile, often murdering the children afterwards, or sodomising the child while shooting the parents, then killing the child once he was done. Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett

Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett