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Sobibor Strangeness – A small compendium

by Thomas Kues

Of the three so called Aktion Reinhardt “extermination camps” Sobibor near Wlodawa is the one least researched by revisionists. So far there has not been published any book length revisionist study on this camp. As for exterminationist scholarship, the most in-depth study is provided by Jules Schelvis’ Sobibor. A History of a Nazi Death Camp (revised edition 2007). Since about a year ago, I have been looking into the historiography of the camp as well as the accounts left by former inmates. Below I will list some of the most interesting contradictions that I have encountered within the orthodox Sobibor narrative.

The above are only some of the problems and paradoxes to be found in the orthodox historiography of the Sobibor “death camp” – a historiography almost exclusively based on witness testimony. It is, at least to me, evident that there is need for a thorough, scientific investigation into the camp’s history. It is also evident that such research will not be carried out by the mainstream historians, but rather by skeptics and revisionists.

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