Nelson Mandela

Mandela's prison number seems to have morphed from 4664 to 46664

There was a "The 4664 Concert"

Katie says: "I did a Nelson Mandela gig called 4664 which raised the awareness of Aids, and I was asked by Queen the band, who are my heroes, to sing one of their songs Too Much Love Will Kill You, with them

Following the inaugural 4664 concert held in South Africa last November, it has been announced Spain will host a follow-up in August.

so weird that it is now 46664 and he must back that change:

"46664 is Nelson Mandela’s campaign to help raise Global awareness of AIDS/HIV. 46664 launched last Autumn by Mandela in London aims to highlight the emergency of AIDS/HIV through unique live events and music related initiatives."

46664 Bangle Bit of a giveaway.  Danny K, Lionel Richie and Leanne Liebenberg