Nelson Mandela

Pictured right. Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo). Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC's terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. ("Joe Slovo," Jewish Chronicle, Jan. 13, 1995).
    Slovo had been the " planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the 1983 car bomb that killed 19 people and injured many others... Slovo, who had traveled to the Soviet Union many times, was awarded a Soviet medal on his 60th birthday...Slovo is a dedicated Communist, a Marxist Leninist without morality of any kind, for whom only victory counts, whatever the human cost, whatever the bloodshed...Slovo disputes little of his image as 'the Communist mastermind' behind the ANC's armed struggle. For him the fears of South Africa's whites are both a measure of the ANC's growing strength and a crucial factor in hastening what he believes will be its ultimate victory. 'Revolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,' Slovo said." ("Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid," L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela's ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing.

Mandela's prison number seems to have morphed from 4664 to 46664

a photo of Ronnie Kasrilswith two other good buddies: Joe Slovo - another White Communist. For decades, Joe Slovo (on the left) was the White man who led the South African Communist Party. He was said to have the rank of Colonel in the KGB. He directed all the Liberation Wars in Southern Africa at one time. When the ANC came to power they made him the Minister of Housing. He died shortly afterwards of cancer. The fellow on the right is Jacob Zuma who went on to become South Africa's Vice President under Mbeki but whom Mbeki fired recently.

46664 Bangle Bit of a giveaway.  Danny K, Lionel Richie and Leanne Liebenberg

Knights of Malta

Handshake  Nelson Mandela shares a Masonic handshake with South African Communist Party leader Oliver Tambo.

Vulcan Salute

Rotary symbol (& society)

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