USA Masonic Presidents

[It is said that only two U.S. Presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, were not either Masons or elite members of affiliated bodies.]

Obama  Handshake (Masonic)

Ford, Gerald

Johnson (LBJ), Lyndon  White Freemason Lyndon B. Johnson and Black Freemason A. Philip Randolph
impose Black Pope's Civil Rights Acts of 1964-65 Amalgamating the American Empire via Federal Bayonets

President Franklin Roosevelt and the Masonic Lodge.

Truman, Harry  

Earliest portrait of Washington, painted in 1772 by Charles Willson Peale, shows Washington in uniform as colonel of the Virginia Regiment
George Washington (b. 1732 - d. 1799) Hand (hidden)

Hand (hidden) James A. Garfield (b. 1831 - d. 1881). Freemason and 20th President of the United States. (Assassinated)

Hand (hidden) Andrew Johnson (b. 1808 - d. 1875) 32 Freemason and 17th President of the United States. Johnson pardoned 3 of the 8 men charged in the Lincoln assassination
Initiated May 5th, 1851 in the Greeneville Lodge No.119, Greeneville, Tennessee. First U.S. President to be impeached. His close association with Freemasonry was one of the factors that led to his impeachment trial.  [source]

Hand (hidden) Rutherford B. Hayes (b. 1822 - d. 1893) Freemason and 19th President of the United States. Only president whose election was decided by a congressional commission.  [source]

Hand (hidden) Franklin Pierce (b. 1804 - d. 1869) 14th President of the United States Photo circa. 1855 Possible Freemason. (unconfirmed)  [source]

Rutherford B. Hayes