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Count St Germain is a common feature to all of these organizations. When our friend, who 'grew up' in that Illuminati guru stable, along with Drunvalo, Maitreya, Braden, Twyman, Houston, and the rest, was inducted into Scottish Rite's 33d degree (he told Carol and I) in the middle 90s, Ct St Germain materialized in the sealed temple during the ritual, nodded his approval, then dematerialized. All of the high level SR masons, such as presidents, kings, top clergy, top generals, etc., are 33d degree and wear that ruby masonic ring. I've seen our friend's ring, which he no longer wears, of course. My grandfather, a very successful corporation president in Kansas City, was a mover and shaker in Harry Truman's lodge after WWII and he only had the onyx ring of SR's 32d degree. Truman was 33d. The 33d guys draw their power from the rituals conducted by the 32d degree guys, who are far more numerous. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft