[The Devil's Punch Bowl Tale] Gifting the west coast 7-28-04 thru 8-10-04 



McGinty. Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:02 am    Post subject: Gifting the west coast 7-28-04 thru 8-10-04

McGinty's Wild Vacation.

A few weeks ago I finally got a vacation from northern Idaho. For months I have been patiently waiting to see cbswork. Everytime I was able to go something either popped up with family or timing wasn't right with DB. Here are some of the photos I took on my two week vacation.

Our first day was a long slow boring drive. If you have ever been thru south eastern Washington you know there is nothing out there. Mostly wheat fields and run down towns. Thank goodness I had my laptop with my songs playing to keep me going.

About 6pm we arrived in Portland, OR. Our friend Louise lived there. We had a wonderful dinner at a Lebanesse restuarant. We chatted for a few hours then had to be on our way. I'm glad we met Louise, he is a really great man.

On day two we began gifting from Astoria down to Lincoln City.

Here is Mr. Croft gifting behind the backs of Lewis and Clark. Where their trail ended ours began.

We were placing EP's every 10 miles down HWY 101. Along the way we came across Tilamook Cheese Factory. My family loves their cheese so we had to take a tour. "You have to have fun while gifting"

Look carefully you can see the ladies cutting the cheese.

 Me two fisting fresh homemade Tilamook Ice Cream with the cow.

It was a very beautiful drive down 101. Each time we gifted the fog would begin to clear over the ocean. For dinner we had Fish and Chips at a Ma and Pa's Diner. Damn it was good. The restuarant over looked the bay. After dinner we watched the seals on the beach. Waiting for us were two Lezzie Lizards watching us. They sat there on the beach staring at us. Everytime we looked at them they would give us a disgusted look then turn their heads. After a few minutes of blasting they stopped staring. Leaving the beach I saw one lady again. She eyed me then I winked and waved hi.

Day three we headed inland toward Mount Shasta. I was so glad being on a fast moving freeway. Finally we could get moving. We arrived at Pluto's Cave about 1:00pm. Croft told me stories of the place and some experiences DB had there 10 years ago. When we drove up I saw fast bury shadows moving in the distance. I didn't think much of it at the time. While getting ready to walk to the cave Teresa and husband came walking down the trail. It was perfect timing because we could discuss where we would eat dinner and what time to meet.

We began to walk toward the cave entrance. Along the we we kept hearing clicking sounds in the bushes and behind the trees. At first I thought it was the grasshoppers but it wasn't . Don and Carol picked up on it too, we knew it was some type of presense but not really sure what it was. Later that week the clicking sounds would make sense. As we entered the caves you could smell organic material decomposing, death. It was foul and bitter smelling. Pluto Caves is composed of lava tubes that have sunken in exposing them to the surface. One side had the smell of death while the other went deep under ground. We knew we had to gift the deepest part. Along the walls were gang signs, taggings and satanic symbolism. Mostly kiddy shit up to no good. Finally we reached the deep desending cave. I immediately knew there was some heavy DOR and evil down there. My head begain to hurt like hell and I kept seeing human forms appear then disappear, like being in a huanted house but filled with ghosts everywhere. Cold spots everywhere. Don had me use my roch finder to ensure the gift would be place properly. So far I'm about 95% accurate when sensing them deep under ground. Our next spot was deeper in the cave.

 If you look at the rocks you will see faces staring back at you. These are the faces that come alive at night, when you don't want to be there.
during our last gift Don found an offering to the "spirits' in the cave. I told him not to mess with it but he did. That's then the big entity appeared. Carol saw him, he was over 20 feet tall and had his hand over my whole back. I could feel something draining me fast. I said Don get that gift down quickly we got to go. Boy when we reached the sun it never felt so loving to me. While we were gifting in the cave I kept blasting and keeping the entities at bey. During the last gift they were trying to drain me for payback. Normally caves don't bother me but when there is so much DOR and hate inside you know you are in the wrong place.

Day was kind of a run around for us. Don was contacted by a lady who said she had 500 tb's to gift San Fran. When we checked both places where she was living nobody was found, we kept getting the run around. It was pretty in SF but I was happy to leave as quickly we arrived.

That night we reached DB's home. I could only think about getting a shower removing the smell of the Crofts trailer and the smell of the road from me. Don't get me wrong it's a very nice new pleasant trailor but I need to shower daily. Driving 500 miles a day and not shower don't mix well with my body type.

It felt like old family when we met face to face. Nothing felt auckward just a like seeing old friend agian. Everyone was excited to see everyone.

Tomorrow, The Devils punch bowl gifting tale.

 DB forcing a Grav lev out of hiding with his Solus. This was a series of five shots during two minutes.


cesco Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 4:58 am    Post subject:
Great post Ryan.
Personal pictures are always nice to see and feel, makes it easier to relate to the words i guess.
Look forward to the update.
cbswork Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 8:27 am    Post subject: pics
plus, you can see that when we said there was a fleet of gravs waiting for us, we ARE TELLING THE TRUTH.

And, a determined heart, full of courage, can make those billion-dollar-babies get out of Dodge, so to say.

The truth is far too much fun - one needen't ever lie.

Ryan took a BUNCH of pics, mine are STILL, at the developers...some kind of "mix-up" and "we're sure we'll find your order, Mr. Dorko." Yeah..sure...sure you will.

Ryan's a pretty fearless guy, considering the array of forces that were just hoping and praying we'd be stupid enough to step onto their turf for a day.

And, of course, we were that stupid enough.
Let's go to work!
McGinty Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 11:52 pm    Post subject: The Devai's Punch Bowl.
The Devil's Punch Bowl Tale.

Early Sunday morning DB said we were going to go gifting at a special spot. Don, Carol and I were like cool lets do it. DB made 200 TB's for us to gift with. We were ready to do some work.

The Devils Punch Bowl is a large rock formation that looks like the stones have been turned on their sides. If you remember Star Trek, Captian Kirk fought a lizard like creature on large slanted boulders. This was the area they filmed some of the scenes. The Satanist have been using this site for centuries for rituals and sacrifices. We were going to gift the place right after a full moon, before the last night of sacrifices.

On our way there the survalence was extremely heavy. Every turn we made a new fed was on our tales. They kept trying to use the boxing up technique to keep us under control. On car ahead, several on the side and a few behind, tightly riding eachothers ass so no car can move. Thank goodness DB had the road memorized and we ditched most of the feds.

 This was one of the Feds/Reptillian following us. Notice how his face doesn't look human. His nose looks almost gone.

 On the upper hill is the holding cell for children that will be abused, programed or killed for rituals. This hous is 15 miles from all other houses in the middle of the Mojove Desert. Also that water tank is there for what reason? No other homes around for miles. Its what they use for drinking water at the underground bases.

 This is one of the bilboards at the entrance to the Bowl. Monarch butterflies are used as symbolism for Mkids, fracturing the brains hemisphere, looks like a butterfly. DB can explain this better.

 As you begin walking down the trail this plaque is sitting there. Kind of strange, it's the Eye of Ra symbol. Notice the placement of the Ra symbol, it says "As for me- and my house We will serve-, the Ra symbol, the Lord.
What national park have you ever seen something like that before on a trail. I never have.

 We were hiking down a trail that nobody uses. This is a group of reptiod agents watching us and following us as we decended closer to the heart of the bowl. The first time they turned their head away at the same time I took a photo. Since we were getting deeper and deeper into the hell they wouldn't turn and began staring at us.

 All along the stone walls had faces staring back at you. This boulder was one of the largest and best facial profile I have for the faces. As you can see its a profile of a face looking upward.

Once we reached the dry creek that ran down to the sacrifice area we knew we had limited time before the agents reached us. Every few feet we gifted hiding them everywhere. The closer we got the more entity presense you could feel. Several times Carol and DB got pushed or pulled from unseen beings trying to stop us.

As we decended lower and lower my headache for underground DOR became almost unbearable. You could also feel the waves from the negative vortex each time you passed through one.

We reached a point where Carol could go no further. There was too much negative DOR and beings harrassing her that DB told Don and Carol to head back and wait for us. DB said if we aren't back in a half hour come looking for us. Well that half hour became six hours before we would see them again.
DB and I were pumped ready to bust these satanic bastards up and stop them from using this evil vortex ever again.

 We rested for a second, DB said watch this. He pointed the Solus toward a group of clouds. I took photos every few seconds to show the change of the cloud. As you can see the Gravlev can be seen separating from the other camoflogue clouds. This was a series of five shots taken over two minutes.

DB and I moved as quickly as we could to the center. The DOR created a heavy resistance against us the closer we got. Several times I blasted invisible entities trying to pull DB off ledges. Soon the taunting would also involve me.

 This was a childs balloon laying on the trail. We were two miles away from the trail and theres a kiddie balloon. Strange. It looked as if it had only been there for a month or so. The bowl is in the high desert with constant sun. If this had been there for awhile it would of shown wear. But this was fresh.

 About a half mile away from the other balloon is another ballon on the trail. What are the odds of this? This one had been there for a while, you could see the sun had damaged it.

 Soon after the balloons we began seeing blood trails on the granite. Here you will notice two blood smears.

 Here is another bloody patch at me feet. This was only 100 yards from the sacrificing stones.


 This is the actual area where the rituals take place. I did a scan around the horizon to show you how the bowl is located. Getting to this place was very dangerous. We climbed down cliffs and steep walls. You can see one end is close to the edge of the desert. For me I felt that was the way they were getting in here since you didn't have to climb thru the stones. DB place the final gift in the heart. My legs were giving out and I kept getting my bad knee knocked out of place.

This is when we realized this was no easy trip out of hell. When we left Don and Carol we stupidly left the water with them. We were two miles away and could go back the way we came because it was too steep. The only option we had was to head north toward the car and hope to meet Don and Carol.

For the trip DB wore sandals, soon after we were done gifting one thong broke. Also my body began shutting down, cramping up from not having enough water.

For about a mile we wondered down another dry creek trying to find the trail that circled the bowl. DB walked about a mile with out a shoe. It was 105 that day and the rocks were about 130 degrees plus. We were fuct. No water only a couple pieces of fruit and a long way from everything. I took off my socks and gave DB them to wear in place of a shoe. He was in so much pain he was having a hard time keeping it together. My legs kept cramping up and I kept getting dry heaves. We also still had to contend with entities pushing us around. We were getting weaker so they were playing more with us. While climbing a hill I was pushed from behind into a century plant. These are the plants that only bloom every 100 years and are covered stiked leaved razor sharp. The spike tore up my scalp and I began to bleed. When DB looked at it I had several large holes in my head.

Finally we sat down for a 20 minute rest. We ate our last fruit and where getting ourselves cented for the last part. DB kept saying I have only one hour left in me. If we stop again thats it your going for help. We both had stopped sweating an hour ago. Our skin felt like sand paper, no mousture left. We knew we had to find water quickly or that was it.

After that break the hardest part was climbing a steep cliff. Once we reached the top I could see houses and cars in the distance. I knew we had the head that way. DB conscience was leaving him. He began randomly talking about stuff and seem to be having OBEs. Soon is mind shut off and his body when on auto pilot to keep moving. My legs were going fast. My right knee has been broken and repeatedly tore ligaments during the last 5 years so I was hurting bad. But I kept my self together and kept showing DB we were getting closer to the houses.

Every time we reached a ridged there seemed to be another ahead of us keeping us from reaching safety. On top of that I had to find soft sandy soil for DB's feet. The rocks have begun to blister his feet.

I worked it out and from being a kid following animal trails I followed them toward the houses. Each ridge I paused under the shade of the bushes for five minutes, got DB up and we move onward.

Finally I knew we were at the base of the ridge that lead to the houses. My body gave out then. I couldn't move my legs and everything was locked up. DB's body still had go so I pointed the way for him to go. Thankfully Tink and the angels were helping us. They guided DB perfectly to the houses. Thirty minutes after he left me I could hear the ringing in my ears from him talking about me to a person at home. We he lefft he said " I'll be back for you don't worry."

I rested there at that spot for about an hour. Letting my body reset getting the lactic acid out of me. While I was laying there I heard a gun shot in the distance. I thought OH shit they got DB, 10 minutes later another shot, 5 minutes another shot, total of 3 shots. Thought were running thru my head the group was taken out. Then I heard sirens. Oh shit something was really wrong. I began to stand again. I heard whistling in the distance. I whistled back. Then I saw Don on the ridge. Thank goodness. A minute later I heard a helocopter coming. Oh shit! I don't need this! I ran toward Don.
Then the helo appeared. They kept saying hold still we'll get you. All I was thinking I don't need this friggen bill, I'm in college and don't make money!

Thankfully a man with Don had some water. He thru it down to me. Don first thru a can of soda to me but the can exploded from falling 70 feeting where he was standing above me. Don was so happy so watch the help fly around. He loves flying.

I gave in and waited for the helo. Took about 10 minutes before a guy was set down to help me. After he reached me his radio went dead so he couldn't communicate with the pilot.

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cbswork Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2004 1:00 am    Post subject: Commentary
We are a more than a little dismayed that what we were seeing live, didn't come out in pics. Tink advises a faster shutter speed, to catch the phenom better. That's good advice for everyone, who can manually set their shutters on the cameras, film or digital. I'll be doing that.

Anyways, the EYE OF RA, symbol - so prevalent with the NWO and on everything, including homeland security (SS), speaks volumes. As Ryan noted, the placement before the word THE LORD, indicates exactly which lord they are referring. The monarch symbols in an area that is totally devoid of butterflies - high desert - also is indicative of the whole left and right brain, that when cut in two, resemble a...MONARCH BUTTERFLY AND THE FRACTURING OF THE MIND THAT COMES WITH MIND CONTROL, THE ways and means of reptilians as they control their human charges, ala the CIA, NSA, etc.

The whole area was sickening, like you'd smell on a battlefield, after the mayhem. Of course, all around the altar area we kept finding these blood smears, blood trails, blood pools, the like. Where children died just 12 hours earlier, right where we were standing. (and people wonder why i say KILL THEM ALL...anyways)

Pretty gruesome stuff...

Still, that's why we were there, to end that nonsense. If they cannot get the mojo working, then our hope is that we might be saving lives of children being kidnapped all over Los Angeles, just for these nefarious purposes.

The vortex remains closed to them, even now, and has been RETURNED TO GOD. So to say.

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