Corporate media rubbishing non-corporate medicine
Media Cartel control

[This is mostly a pharma attack on Nutritional Medicine, but any non-pharma medicine is fair game.]

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"The British media has been enjoying a feeding frenzy over a report that suggests "minerals and vitamins can cause cancer and liver damage" (The Times), that people are "poisoning themselves" (Sunday Times), and that their health could be "irreversibly damaged" (Daily Telegraph).
    The report and the ensuing press articles come at an ideal time for the pharmaceutical industry - just when the EU is determining safe levels of vitamins to be sold over-the-counter to consumers.  Safe upper levels will be incorporated into a directive that will restrict the sale of vitamins and other nutrients throughout the EU in two years' time.
    The report, from the UK Food Standards Agency, and the press coverage that followed will between them probably sound the death knell for the nutritional industry in Britain and beyond.  Success in restricting vitamin sales in Europe will be followed by a fresh attempt from the pharmaceutical lobby to reintroduce tighter controls in the USA."--WDDTY May 2003

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