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Overt behaviour by Ruth Minshull

Covert Hostility (1.1) by Ruth Minshull


"Ruth Minshull was a writer of Scientology also. She produced a number of books that were very well received, even sold with the approval of the Founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Since his demise these books have stopped being promoted by the Church. However they are a great introduction to the world of scientology and how it can be applied in everyday life.
    According to the "Pilot"
    "Sometime around 1980, give or take a year or two, they pulled her stuff out of the Scientology bookstores. This was at the time of the great purges and power struggles in the Church.
    The pretended reason was that her books contained out-tech. In practice, it was only that some things had changed a bit and the books were slightly out of date. They certainly don't pull Hubbard's books out of the bookstores even though the processes are no longer current.
    Really they were just eliminating another opinion leader who might make trouble. She was, after all, the only other author of technical Scientology books that was still being sold in the org bookstores at that time and people might have listened if she complained about some of the things that were going on.
    The 3 later books seem to be things that were innocuous enough to keep her from getting in trouble while trying to make some money as a writer."
Ruth Minshull keeps a low profile these days. She is still alive and very well living in Ann Arbor." [ref]

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"People will let themselves be led by someone who is in the next level up on the scale. Therefore, all of the gullible souls in the Fear band can be easily influenced and pushed into action by the 1.5 (anger fixation)."--Ruth Minshull (How to choose your people p119)

Meet No Sympathy. He’s cold, blunt, uncaring, unfeeling. You aren’t going to like him. A man without a conscience, he appears to be totally emotionless. He’s the person for whom most of our explicit swear words were coined. ...When people get upset by his actions (and many do), the 1.2 is genuinely surprised. Such emotions are unreal to him. His aloof rigidity is the result of tightly holding down a violent charge of Anger. He’s using so much effort to suppress Anger that he shuts off all emotions—high and low.--Ruth Minshull

What is success, after all, but doing what you really want to do? Miracles for Breakfast by Ruth Minshull

When someone considers himself to be totally governed by influences outside himself, he sits in Apathy. How To Choose Your People by Ruth Minshull