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by Sherman H. Skolnick 05/11/01

A possible split in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other federal agencies, may open up various possiblities as to what really happened as to the bombings in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. And we use the term BOMBINGS in the plural advisedly, because some explosives experts contend fertilizer bombs in a front-of-the-building truck could not have wrecked the building pillars as occurred.

Background President Clinton felt his power slipping away. The 1994 Congressional elections, considered by fellow Democrats as a Clinton-caused disaster, brought in a noisy GOP majority. In the spring of 1995, a small group of highly patriotic flag officers were plotting to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Clinton for giving military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the U.S.; an arrest provided for and authorized under the military code. As titular head of both the U.S. civilian and military Establishment, Clinton, on the other hand, could have arrested the 24 Admirals and Generals for mutiny. If they were not assassinated, they intended to defend themselves with proof, such as Clinton giving, to the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, in the White Houuse and elsewhere, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets. Giving aid and comfort to a sworn enemy of the U.S., the classical definition of treason.

Clinton felt he could nevertheless control the situation, notwithstanding the plot against him. Just prior to the 1994 elections was appointed to investigate Bill and Hillary, a supposed "Independent Counsel", Kenneth W. Starr. But Starr had built-in conflicts of interest, as Clinton was aware. Starr had as a private law client, Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Wang Jun also headed a Red Chinese military-owned company that made and marketed AK-47 submachine guns, intended for shipment to U.S. inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs, for shoot-em-ups with big city police, to destabilize the U.S. government.

Moreover, Starr was reportedly the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government. Starr was thus subject at any time, to Clinton Justice Department punishment.

[Visit our extensive website series, "Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES".]

On Monday, April 17, 1995, a military jet planeload of top military was enroute to Dallas. They had onboard what is not supposed to exist, an American prisoner-of-war, prepared to finger the Pentagon as perpetuated by Clinton, as continuing the POW/Missing in Action cover-up from the Viet Nam war. From sabotage, the plane blew up in the air, killing all onboard, near Alexander City, Alabama. The Pentagon made every effort to cover up what happened. Families of the victims were reportedly not permitted to have any possessions or details. There are strong reasons to believe the plane had a portion of a group of "Seven Days in May" style military officers plotting a coup against the White House. Thereafter, the small group of other flag officers, out of uniform, took up residence in a Paris suburb. A year later, the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, apparently aware of the coup, was assassinated and covered up as a "suicide", a favorite whitewash by the monopoly press. And about the time of Boorda's murder, was assassinated William Colby, former Director of Central Intelligence. He reportedly was assisting the plotters with detailed data. Colby's death was explained by the pressfakers as a "boat accident", although his friends contend it was murder.

Clinton, as President, was fully aware that Oklahoma City had as residents, a large number of Iraqi military officers and their families, some officers of Iraqi Intelligence units, supposed defectors after the Persian Gulf War, 1991, brought into the U.S. by President George Herbert Walker Bush. Iraq, as Clinton knew, was planning a revenge terrorist attack against a federal office building in Oklahoma City, using U.S. dissidents as surrogates, but insulated from the actual Iraqi handlers. The FBI, the CIA, and other in the intelligence community, have pictures and records showing the Iraqi military officers supervising the Murrah Building bombings. [Local Oklahoma TV reporters confirming this in part were fired or otherwise punished.]

Little if at all publicized was that prior to the Timothy McVeigh trial, the head of his defense team, Stephen Jones, filed an extra-ordinary petition in the Federal Appeals court, called Petition for Mandamus. It sought to force the Denver trial judge who was set to hear the McVeigh murder case removed from Oklahoma City, to release certain secret documents possessed by various federal intelligence agencies. Referring to the secret as well as public court records, Jones' Petition pointed out that U.S. intelligence agencies were aware of Iraqi complicity in the Murrah Building bombing. For apparent reasons of "national security", a catch-all whitewash excuse, the federal appeals court rejected the Petition and the McVeigh murder trial, minus the revealing records, proceeded.

A U.S. Secret Service Agent, Witcher, in a position to finger Clinton on other matters, was steered into occupying an office in the Murrah Building. He died in the disaster. [We have one of the few pictures of him.] Clinton, apparently faking remorse, later attended a memorial for the agent. At the time of the bombings, the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Fire-Arms, headquartered in the Murrah Building, was planning an exercise as to how to "sting" or flush out would-be domestic terrorists. Something went wrong with their "sting" operation. The BATF knew not to have their personnel in the Alfred Murrah Building on that Wednesday, April 19, 1995. A local fire official was likewise warned. So was a local judge in a nearby building, warned of an expected bombing that day.

Making a rare appearance on CBS' "Sixty Minutes" Program, Clinton described the tragedy as a "plot to overthrow the government". WIth his power and prestige waning prior to the bombings, Clinton with the complicity of the spy-riddled monopoly press, now urged the public to support and rally around their President. Clinton and the presswhores used the bombings as an excuse to want to punish and round-up U.S. domestic dissidents that were heckling the central government in Washington. [Similarly, when Adolph Hitler came to power, he had the German Parliament burned down and falsely blamed on dissidents, to consolidate his power and have an excuse to round-up opponents to the Nazi Party.]

Right before the scheduled execution of McVeigh, an apparent split has developed in the FBI. There is reason to believe the split is also in other intelligence agencies. The target of the divergence is both current alleged "President" or White House "resident" George W. Bush and former President Clinton. Through his father, George W. Bush is in a position to know, and want to cover up, the complicity of the Iraqi officers on U.S. soil in the Oklahoma City bombings. Also, former President Clinton, somewhere in the future, may well be subject to federal criminal prosecution for treason and the murder of the 168 who died in the Murrah Building bombings. Are other records about to be revealed? Some believe so.

Based on a little-known Federal case in Chicago, 1991, where I was the only spectator and journalist present, I did exclusive stories on how the Elder Bush in the decade of the 1980s, was a PRIVATE business partner of Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein. Together, they shook down the weak sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf for billions and billions of dollars of oil kick-backs. The Persian Gulf War, in its simplest form, was merely two private business partners having a falling out and wanting to punish one another. Through foreign units of his firm, Halliburton, Vice President Richard Cheney has extensive business with Iraq on oil-country machinery and such. Prior to being Vice President, Cheney was CEO of Halliburton. Through Harken Energy, and a massive swindle, George W. Bush has extensive interests in the Persian Gulf and conflicts of interest as to Iraq as a so-called subdued "enemy" of the U.S.


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The following further details in this report might be helpful in understanding the situation

1. As stated, the head of the McVeigh defense team, attorney Stephen Jones, prior to the 1997 McVeigh murder trial, filed a Petition for Mandamus, an extra-ordinary attempted remedy in the U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver. Because of perceived prejudice against a fair trial in Oklahoma, the case had been transferred to Denver U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch. Prior to the beginning of the trial, Jones was attempting to force Judge Matsch to order the release of secret records in the possession of U.S. intelligence agencies, corroborating that U.S. dissidents were secretly surrogates for an Iraqi revenge plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on an Oklahoma City federal office building. That these records, also referred to in secret court records, would show Iraqi complicity, as known in advance by U.S. intelligence agencies, as referred to in Jones' unpublicized Petition of some 185 pages.

The spy-riddled monopoly press did not bring out an important detail. Namely, that Judge Matsch was intimidated into keeping these records secret to protect the Clinton White House cover-up of the multiple bombings of the Murrah Building as well as protecting the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and others of the spy agency Establishment. How? Judge Matsch's daughter was apparently murdered. She somehow fell into a volcano in Hawaii. This apparent murder made the Judge naturally distraught. The apparent murder example also was known to and intimidated the Federal Appeals Judges in Denver who after the McVeigh murder trial, conducted without these highly revealing records, upheld the District Court's guilty verdict of McVeigh. So both the trial judge and the federal appeals Judges in Denver had been coerced into going along with a cover up by murder close to home.

Will trial Judge Matsch and/or the federal appeals judges, all apparently intimidated by the apparent murder, do something at this late date to bring out the true nature of the bombings of a federal office building in Oklahoma City?

2. The apparent split in the FBI by which some three thousand records suddenly showed up also involves the super-secret Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA. Seldom accurately referred to by the pressfakers, FEMA is not authorized OR FUNDED by Congress. According to very well placed sources, FEMA secretly funds their covert operations, planning to run the U.S. FROM ABOVE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, with huge funds garnered from the CIA's dope trafficking into the U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney has promoted the idea that FEMA should take over all anti-terrorist planning of the U.S., thus excluding the FBI, and causing a rift between the FBI and FEMA. Yes, FEMA seeks to run the U.S. from ABOVE the U.S. Constitution and yes, I recognize such a doing is itself unconstitutional.

[The martial law edict, quietly signed several years ago by President Clinton and carried over by alleged "President" or White House "resident" George W. Bush, provides---now get this---that no judge in the U.S. has jurisdiction to consider any challenge to the martial law edict. We are about the only ones publicly stating that several federal judges in the U.S. wear two hats---one as federal judge, and two, generally unknown, as FEMA official. One such judge sits in the Federal Court in Chicago. We pointed all these details out in a several hundred page documented lawsuit, in January, 1991, against FEMA, in Chicago's Federal District Court. Yes, a federal judge on behalf of FEMA dismissed our suit in secret, without any legal formality.]

3. Despite the military coup planned against Clinton as President, referred to in our story, Clinton was never concerned. Why? Because he had reason to know that his rise to and stay in power was orchestrated with the aid of blackmail and murder. We mentioned how supposed "Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr was blackmailed. Clinton benefitted from an epidemic of suspicious if not sabotaged military aircraft crashes and from the strange death of those who knew too much about Clinton and about the military coup plot against him.

One of those who knew too much and was reportedly sympathetic if not supportive of the coup, was General David McCloud, head of he Alaska Military District. He died in a sabotaged plane crash. His military colleagues are aware of the terrible details but refuse to allow a reporter to publicly identify them or take their position public. His relatives tend to agree with our details.

4. Some in the monopoly press, who talk to us off the record and we agree never to identify them as sources, contend such details as in our stories, which they believe to be true but cannot go in print or on the air with them, could well topple the U.S. government. Why? Because the ruling elite, whose faces are seldom seen, are governing us from behind the scenes in contradiction of the U.S. Constitution and laws.

5. Is there a rationale by the ruling elite for the cover up of the true nature of the bombings of the Murrah Building? They fear, supposedly, a full scale war with Iraq which now has chemical and biological weapons as well as some types of nuclear bomb devices. Furthermore, any ruckus with Iraq over the Murrah Building inevitably would involve the current German government Establishment. Why? A German counter-intelligence agent, on behalf of Iraq, supervised the U.S. domestic dissidents in the limited role outside the Murrah Building while others had already planted explosive devices INSIDE the building to go off about the same moment as the ineffective truck fertilizer bomb outside. That agent,known to the American CIA, reportedly was Andreas Strasmeier, whose elders reportedly were pro-Hitler. Little understood German industry has supplied much of the weaponry for Iraq. And, they built a 60-foot-under-the-ground bomb shelter for Saddam Hussein as well as other super-secret buildings, machines, and weaponry for Iraq. All while Germany professes to be pro-West and pro-U.S.

Also, in our stories about the murder of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., we mentioned that German Counter-Intelligence [also tied to Strasmeir] in Frankfurt, had advance knowledge of a foreign team set to murder Foster. [See our website stories, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", Part Four.] And study our website story about how Foster was part of a team, trying to assist the FBI, in arresting international swindler Marc Rich, at the Swiss/French border [Affidavit of former CIA operative Leo Wanta.]

In an honest world, if McVeigh is to be severely punished for his limited role in the bombings, also deserving of major punishment would be William Rockefeller Clinton and his crony, George W. Bush, as well as the Elder Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, for their cover up complicity in the 168 murders on behalf of Iraq.

6. Timothy McVeigh, a purported expert in secret code usage, cryptography, has been communicating in code with author Gore Vidal who was on an extremely short list of those McVeigh wanted to witness his supposed execution. {Study Gore Vidal's book "1876" and how it predicted the strange 2000 election. See our website series on the year 2000 alleged election.] Gore Vidal, a third level cousin of Albert Gore, Jr.,[they are on the outs with each other] reportedly has a witnessed Affidavit from Timothy McVeigh supposedly setting forth "smoking gun" details that could scandalize the American government and Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and Bush's son, George W.

How is it that high-level types are so dedicated to destroying and discrediting the American central government? Isn't this something the British monarchy and aristocracy have been trying to do since at least the War of 1812? And British complicity in the murders of President Abraham Lincoln, President James Garfield, and President William McKinley, all who opposed the British plans to take back this continent and its peoples as subjects of a British colonial rule.

[Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", to which are attached secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records showing billions and billions of dollars, from worldwide illicit dope trafficking and such, to the joint account of the Bush family with the Queen of England at her private bank, owned by the Queen, Coutts Bank London, as authorized under the secret codes of Greenspan.]

More coming. Stay tuned.