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Gifting with Orgone

By Don Bradley
February 11, 2003  

At some point in your experience with orgone, you'll discover the miraculous healing and balancing effects of working with orgone energy devices, commonly known as HHGs (Holy Hand Grenades) and TBs (Tower Busters.) This is an entirely natural outcome. You know what it has done for you, your family, and friends. You've watched it take "old sourpusses" and turn them into thoughtful angels, conscious of their ugliness. You've watched the ugliness around your home and neighborhood shift into something higher and nobler. You've seen your plants, pets, and water become simply alive after having these things about.

And, at some point, you'll want to share this gift with others.

Truly, it is a gift. It's the gift of life, taken away from us by those forces in religion, metaphysics, and government who don't want you to be, all you can be. Orgone devices don't give life, they retrieve life stolen from you.

That life was stolen through subliminal, hypnotic suggestions imbedded in radio, television, and through the very air itself, courtesy of these "towers." It was stolen from us by the flouride put in our drinking water, the processed sugars put in our foods, and by the lies and distortions placed in our minds, by the false history books, taught by false teachers.

When the gift of orgone came into your life, things began to appear as they really are. The beautiful, as well as ugly. As the weeks pass and your environment adjusts to the restored and balanced frequencies of what it should normally be, the sheer magnitude and volume of the assault upon the human condition becomes very apparent. And then, something happens inside you.

You know what you need to do.

You know that in order for you to do be truly free, you must also free those around you. Your sense of right and wrong - buried from years of self-interest or for other reasons - is now your daily guidepost. That guide within you - your conscience - is shouting from deep within your heart to take the gift given you, and give it to others.

With that in mind...



Place a full sized Croft HHG on the water main going to your house. Do this first. Not only are you orgonizing your water, but the water of your neighborhood. Orgone dilutes of negative energetic effect of the poison, flouride, though not the chemical aspects of it. By gifting your water main, you are sending healing energy, via the water itself, out to your area, because orgonized water is conductive and spreads, even against the flow of water itself. In fact, gifting water itself would be a whole chapter, all by itself. If you are on a well system, place an HHG over the main pipe coming out of your pump that feeds your house. Whatever the situation, get your water orgonized. One pint-sized HHG or larger will be sufficient to handle any volume your residence may use.

Place HHGs under your beds, over your fridge, on your water heater, and in your gardens, spaced 15 feet apart, the ionizing limit of orgone, in a standard pint/half-pint configuration. For Scalar energy, the range is much further, a few miles in fact. But for the plants in your area, most hhgs have a limited range and this can easily be seen (this was demonstrated to Don Croft in December of 2002, by taking him to a small field where I had placed a single, half-pint hhg near a large series of planted Oleander bushes. Where the hhg was placed, everything within 15 feet of it was double size, double stalks, and radiant - beyond that, same old, same old. This is the ionizing effect of orgone, on plants.)

Put HHGs at each corner of your property, even if its just an apartment. Doing this creates a grid zone of energetic energy, that will help stave off the negative effects of cell phone microwave transmissions and also, as has been demonstrated to me on countless occasions, forces paranormal entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, astral demonic types, and black magicians outside the grid. The base of trees are especially wonderful places to put hhgs - given what a tall tree does for its neighborhood - giving it a boost of energy will help it "de-smog" the pollutants it breathes in.

Put small hhgs or tbs over your TV and computer monitors, right on top. Any source of ELF/VLF energy needs its very own orgone device. That hhg will work harder than any other in your home, dissipating the negative effects of these common household items, that we all use daily. No one person can advise you on the amount of HHGs or TBs to place in your home, as every situation is naturally different.

The theme thus far is...get your home environment in order first. You can't give, if you are under the gun, so clear out the old stuff so you can be who you should be, without extra-dimensional or outside interference. In some places, like New York or Los Angeles, many are needed in a home - say twenty - to get the same effects and protection as six would get you in, say, Colorado or Montana. Your heart will tell you when your are there. Listen to it.

When your home is done, now place at least TWO HHGs in your automobiles. One under the front seat, one in the trunk; if you have a truck, one under the seat, another TB in the rear bumper - you'll figure out how to get one in there that will stay there. You'll be a travelling field of orgone, bringing freedom wherever you go. It will also stop predators who are sitting outside your home grid from hurting you as you leave to go about your daily life. As many orgone aware people can attest - and they have countless times - car accidents, astral spooks, and cops looking for a victim, have all gone bazocko in the presence of orgone, allowing you to safely travel with you and yours. This is important. Very often, maliciously focused persons and government agencies are just sitting around the corner, waiting for you to leave. This being the case, some good energy can only help out and it has on several occasions to many of us since our introduction into this wonderful technology.

Next on our list would be your immediate environs. Where you work, where you shop, the gas station(s) you frequent - any place that is part of your routine should have hhgs and tbs already there and waiting for you when you arrive. I've gifted restaurants I go to, shopping centers, gas stations, parks, friend's homes (even without their knowledge, if I have to be around there) - anywhere that is your daily routine, should have orgone in place. The amount of devices is, again, up to the dictates of where you live and what your heart tells you. Sometimes, a single gift does it all. Other times, you need a whole bag, just to "set things a'right." Bag them all and as Tiospaye1 often says, "let God sort them out."

Having faithfully done the above, its time to grid your hometown, the place you live and move and have your being. Start from the streets directly adjacent to your home. Go up one street and down the next, for miles in each direction. Get the parks, every ivy bush, trees, ditches - everywhere you can put a gift, do it. You are center to the hub of a great and ever expanding grid-wheel and see to it that this grid grows in size each month or whenever practicable. Many have done this with great success and report excellent results from the community - better attitudes, a vibrant and healthy plant and aviary life, and a far better atmosphere all around than was ever there before.

What you are doing is freeing the world around you. By this process, you are disabling underground bases, cell towers and their negative effects, black magicians, and satanists who live in your area. You are freeing the many from the dogma of the church and are forcing law enforcement to rethink what they have allowed themselves to become. Parents become better parents, children better adjusted and normalized. The years ahead no doubt will reveal much; as yet, the data is too new and baselines are just now being established. On the whole, all fronts and aspects of life show a much improved increase in vitality and radiance.

If gifting known baddies (places that are well known spots of negativity) bothers you, then take a different tact. Just keep making the grid bigger. Start with your town and gift every street possible or at least every other street. Then the adjacent towns and cities, and so forth. Within three to five months, you'll have freed either thousands or millions, depending upon where you live.

Going After Targets


Sticking rotting, dead bodies into the soil is generally perceived by the more advanced cultures as something to be avoided. Cemetaries quickly become manmade vortexes used by astral and etheric entities as entryways into our world. Souls are often trapped there, caught by the vortex while passing through or by their own ignorance, because the etheric web around their well preserved heart hasn't dissolved yet. Either way, the thing to do is gift these places with a vengeance. Several things will happen. The negative vortex will start to slow its CCW spin and eventually stop. Souls trapped, will be freed. Soured ground, over time, will return to its normal state, though we do not know as yet how long that will take. Dorks who like to do satanic rituals at the more infamouse graveyards, will find their mojo "no longer worky."

Masonic, Mormon, and Esoteric Order Temples

My, these places deserve everything that is coming to them. Ritual abuse, child murder and kidnapping, black magic incantations - the works. These places are also mini-manmade vortexes, but on a lesser scale. Very often, these sites are chosen for their place within the greater Major and Minor arcana Grid, for the express purpose of hijacking our planet for dark purposes. Every city, township, and locale across the globe has them, and this is not by accident. Over gift these places. Take them down. Time to end the dark influence in our lives and it must start with these esoteric orders.

If the location or organization claims to serve humanity, they will want to be gifted. If their motives are not on the up and up, then they need it to see the light, so to say, that they so often brag about bringing to the world. Grid gifting, gets them all. Up one street and down the next. You'll be glad you did.

Law Enforcement (Cop Shops)

Need I say more? Who do you think the politicians will be using to slam down on the people first, before they deploy the National Guard? What group of armed men are given lists by the FBI for harrassment to known dissidents and truth-seekers? Who will often empty their guns into an un-armed man, then cry aloud, "it was self-defense! He made a furtive movement!? Who do you see in the news beating the hell out defenseless teenage girls with oak and steel nightsticks? Who covers the CIA's butt in the field, when one of their drug couriers goes off the reservation? Who harrasses orgone gifters, as they bring freedom to the world? Who needs to be necklaced with a dozen of TBs at each cop shop?

Urban Areas (no plants or ivy around)

These are the toughest to gift, because the natural thing to do is to get the TB or HHG in the ground or in water. In heavy industrial areas or inner cities, plant life literally doesn't exist there, for your gifts of love. One solution that we've taken to doing is tossing them on the roofs of small business - drug stores, dry cleaners, pet shops, whatever. Sure, the next time someone repairs their roof or gets up there for some reason, they may discover it and treat it like trash. But, it does get orgone in places that otherwise wouldn't, and until its found, those babies are working it 24/7, 365 days a year! And, operating under the principle that there is no such thing as a wasted gift, even if your hhg or tb is trashed, it then goes to a city dump, where it work its little heart out, helping mother Earth clean up our ongoing mess.


The only thing worse than a nuke or a cemetary, is a battlefield. You don't have to be energy sensitive to sense and feel the horror that is a battlefield, whether its Gettysburg (a very nasty energy site, brrr) or something that happened thousands of years ago in Greece or Carthage. Very often, there are still souls trapped there - for centuries - who cannot escape, still fighting the battle, unable to leave. The ground is soured, the aura of death extends literally for miles beyond the actual site (visit Fredericksburg at Marie's Heights, if you want to understand this completely) and surely, each of these deserves your best bag of orgone. You'll heal the ground, stop the vortex, close the portal, and free souls ALL IN THE SAME DAY. Those of you on the East Coast of America have plenty to do in this regard. This goes for any historical site where humans slaughter humans for any reason. GET THEM ALL, let god sort them out.


Wards for the dying, birthing houses for the masses, and money machines for the AMA. That about describes what a hospital is. Once in awhile, they'll fix your broken hand or drain your ear. The aura around hospitals are...well...usually dark grey and brown, with heavy bands of even darker grey, when viewed clairvoyantly.

Reservoirs, streams, lakes and waterways of any kind.

The wonder of gifting water cannot be overstated. Time and again, orgone aware folks have witnessed amazing results by gifting these places. For freshwater, make them well, make them strong, get them in as deep as possible and at as many points as is practicable. Try and get them in and around the shores of these places, as well. We are still gathering data on water gifting and the years ahead will reveal much. For Salt water, its been decided that glass, thus far, is the best container and the reason for this is salt chlorides, which as any surfer can tell you, eat everything and quickly - except glass. Resin is permeable, and salt water telegraphs itself right through the cracks and crannies, no matter how tiny and goes straight to work, eating your metal composition. Salt water can take a normal hhg and turn it to mush in less than thirty days. There are directions for building devices just for the ocean on the Croft Forum board, referenced at the end of this article.

Another great place to put orgone devices is in the storm drains. Take the same tact as you would when area gifting above ground, by gridding. Up one street and down the next, popping them in the drains. Often these will do more than just vitalize the sewage, but works towards healing your area using both water and Mother Earth at the same time. The gifts will ultimately move around, hither and yon, taking their goodness with them, upsetting underground parasites and getting near all those nasty and ancient tunnels without the gifter ever getting wet with stankage. Should they then move out to sea, so much the better. When gifting storm drains, it would be a good idea to give your TBs an extra coating of resin, to help it last longer in all the solvents, sewage, and eventually, salt water. The longer they stay whole, the longer they stay working.


Hell on earth. That's what a prison is. 85% of all inmates are incarcerated for non-violent, non-victim crimes, thanks to the Bush Crime Syndicate in power since 1963. The numbers don't lie. For Prisons, given that they are under such tight security, its best to make Super HHGs and necklace the location at a safe and practical distance to the gifter. Trespassing on state and government land, might well land you in one of these, so be wise, be safe, and gift with POWER, instead of placement.

Microwave and so-called "cell phone" towers

Well, these nasty little gifts from NATO countries to its citizens, are a top priority for gifting. Often, they are hidden as palm trees, douglas firs, or just big, huge ugly flat-panel towers. They are not what they appear to be. These arrays are also hidden in Shell, Texaco, and Exxon gas station signs, church steeples, tacked onto office buildings, on the sides of schools! They have nothing to do with cell coverage and everything to do with obliterating your ability to function normally as a human being. Orgone aware people GIFT THESE FIRST and never look back. Like water gifting, gifting the towers is one of the greatest acts of freedom and kindness you can do for your fellow human being.

Nuclear Power Plants

The dingy orange and brown aura of these places, often purposely placed on grid points (well established by researchers), as well as their CCW vortex, require POWER gifting to undo. We've gifted many such sites with satisfactory results. Super HHGs, well placed, as well as a good smattering of hhgs and tbs in the LAARP "necklace" fashion, will insure that the negative effects of such human stupidity will be offset as much as can be done. Again, caution is as advised. Trespassing on Federal land is a bigtime no no, on Fascist Earth, so gift these places wisely. Federal installations are under constant tight survellience - video and satellite. Be smart, don't be obvious, and don't trespass around nukes. Just make your HHGs as powerful as you can get them and leave the rest to nature.

Haunted Houses and the like

You've read the books, seen the shows all over the TV, and you should know that a few, well-placed HHGs will undo the imprature established by the horror, that made the place haunted in the first instance. Murders, evil-doings, lost souls, bad times, Asylums, Old prisons no longer in use - all of these have to be gifted.

Underground tunnels and bases

Very often, many cities have ancient labyrinths still in use and expanded for the express purpose of moving people and material around without the public's awareness. Your tax dollars at work, without your knowledge or consent. Nuclear facilities - targets of environmental groups - are frequently found in these places, to power underground bases without the usual, tell-tale signature of tapping into the mainstream power grid. If these can be found, the DOR effects of these places can be offset in the very same fashion as above ground nukes. Gift when found - proceed with caution, as always.

Daycare Centers and Schools

How many times to we have to read yet another horror story about a daycare center involved in satanic ritual abuse? The reports number in the tens of thousands. Schools, from kindergarten through Post Graduate, deserve the same freeing source of goodness as any place, and especially the K through 12. Gift all schools. You'll be doing the kids a big favor. Remember schools have gardeners who constantly piddle around doing the gardening thing. Just tossing them in a bush, may not have them left there for very long. This often being the case, in less you can find lots of ivy around, its best to go after hours, take a small hand spade, and dig them in deep. Being under a few inches of earth will in no way stop your gifts from doing all they can do - in fact, its been well established that burying hhgs and tbs increases their range. Fact.

Bars, distilleries, and Sex shops

No description needed. Gift every one you find. The ghouls and blood-sucking astral entities will not be able to suck the energy off the patrons as they've been doing for thousands of years, once gifted. Who knows? Maybe thousands of alcoholics will finally lose their taste for the green demon of booze, once their favorite watering hole no longer has the old vibe? Anything can happen.

Forests, Parks, and places of nature

If not you, who? If not now, when? Nature deserves as much attention as any city. Moreso, some would say. The forest lands of today are not what they used to be, even as little as twenty years ago. The flora and fauna of this planet need their world returned to them and what better way to give Mother Nature a boost than to gift her frequently with orgone? Having carpeted a few forests, the response witnessed has been truly wonderful - fresher water, more abudant wildlife, and a very visible and grateful aviary population. If you find that you may be driving through a forest one day, bring a BIG bag of TBs and toss them every mile on your trip through.

Neighbors and Friends

Making your neighbors aware of the benefits of orgone should be a natural - unless of course, you are surrounded by dunderheads! That can easily be solved by gifting them anyways! A little orgone in your neighbor's oleander bush or ivy usually has a great way of making them act...almost human again. Hell, you might even learn their name and start waving to them, like people USED TO DO.

High Voltage Power Lines

The ugly, negative etheric energy (brown) that radiates a foot off these lines, kills the life-force of the Earth underneath them. Gift these Hi-tension wires whenever found. The electrical system of our world has not brought progress, it has taken us down a dark road and for so long now, no one alive remembers how vibrant the world used to be. This must end now.

Freeway and Highway system

Very often, the state and federal planners designed the highway system along specific points and for specific reasons. If you happen to live in an extremely large city and rightfully feel overwhelmed at taking on such a huge task as grid gifting, do we what started doing - which is - start gifting along the highways and freeways that criss-cross through your town. Use the already in place grid of these systems and put them every half mile. In a very short time, you'll have completely gridded your city with orgone. It will make a world of difference.

Out and About

Make sure you keep a personal orgone device on your person - pendant, TB, or some such thing, so that you become your very own field of orgone, no matter the circumstance. This will assure you that clear, uncluttered energy is with you, healing, serving, and cleansing wherever life's path may lead you. It will also aid in protecting you against foul play.

Over gifting

There is no such thing as over-gifting. The reason this is so, is because TPTB constantly search for these orgone creations and try to remove them. Gifts are found, taken home, thrown away, or kicked into the street and lost. That's life. In high profile target areas, a great many are needed, in case some of them are found as described. In high-density cities like Los Angeles or New York, sometimes gifts need to be placed a few hundred feet apart, instead of miles. Your heart will tell you.


Gifting should be fun and in fact, its exhilerating! Bringing such freedom to total strangers in areas you may or may not go to is a total blast. The smile that appears on your face lasts a very long time. Still, gift safely. Don't break laws that will land in you a place where the man can do whatever he wants to you - and he will, given half a chance. Don't trespass on Federal land, cuz nowadayz, they'll call you a terrorist and throw away the key...after they torture you. Don't toss TBs from your car with a cop sitting behind you or you'll discover your area's littering laws firsthand. And today, in America at least, if they can bust you for one thing, it gives them an automatic right to search your car or even seize it, depending upon your state. Don't give them a reason to ruin your life, because the simple fact of the matter is, they will look for ANY reason, at ANY time, to stop your gifts to humanity.

No, boys and girls, cops - federal, military, or local - are not the nice sweethearts who love their country's citizens. They follow orders. They will gleefully ruin your life, if you give them any excuse whatsoever. Gift safely. Gift wisely. And many times, gift S I L E N T L Y.


In reality, anyplace is a good place to gift. If the idea of gifting some location occurs to you, follow that nudge and do it. Don't make excuses Not To Be. The more visible the hand of oppression in your world, the more necessary that fist needs the freeing gift of orgone. There is a reason you are reading this article - perchance The Life has picked you to help out. Its time to take advantage of that opportunity and here is one important thing you can do that actually goes beyond whining and moaning about the sad state of affairs in our world.

Gifting is action oriented. No one can tell you how wonderful it is, until you try it for yourself. With very little money, a dedicated person can take their community and restore its sanity, offset any dark influences, and change the course of history on a local level, with positive, outward repercussions that will travel over the world. But that does not describe the majority of men and women.

If you are a spineless do-nothing, who prefers to attack, slander, and hand-wring your daily life away, gifting even your own family and street may seem like too much of a bother to you. There are several orgone aware people who have tons of time making up excuses and reasons why they can't find twenty dollars for a gallon of resin, which easily makes 48 TBs - more than enough to cover an area miles in circumference.

Many orgone aware people are also extremely poor. Several vendors on this forum have made it very clear that if that accurately describes your situation, the TBs you need are often shipped to you at no charge. Time and again, men and women have offered hhgs and TBs to people for mere pennies on the dollar, to help out any SINCERE person who finds themselves in such predicaments.

Gift, don't gift, its all up to you. Never before have so many depended upon so few and in a world crisis as now presents itself. Are you ready to do some good today? Throw down and stand tall for freedom?

We hope so.